PFW: For Me + Bullies Night

Sunday, May 15, 2011

When I entered the For Me PFW venue after Forever 21 show, I feel that I just entered some classy event from decades ago.

I love the feel of the place, the dim red lights (though it's harder to take photos, hehe), the flowers and elegante doors on stage, some cocktails were served to us guests, and the while-waiting music that will make Satine proud. :) 

Seatmate for the show! With Tatie! :)

Then the beautiful models strut the runway, starting with the tune of Patrick Nuo's Beautiful.:) Good vibes!

And since I don't have decent photos because of my old cam (hay :P), I borrowed some pics from For Me's Facebook. :) Check out the pretty clothes from For Me Holiday 2011 Collection. :)

I saw lots of emerald tones that night. :)

The beautiful and elegant Ms. Charlene Gonzalez opened and capped the show. :)

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After the 2  fashion shows, I ran to Greenbelt to meet my Bullies for a really late dinner / bonding time. They're already finished with their food! Hay! I ordered these:
Yummmy!!! :)
We were in Dilingers, a new discovery for me! :) Super great food na ang mura (my meal costs P180+ lang!)

My loves and support group: Ana and Tamems. :)


We called it a night! Haha!

Me: "Wala tayong picture nun ininom natin to"
Tamems: "We are cool like that!"

Afterwards, said hi to Marj "sa fountain sa may gitna", na parang tagpuan ng mag syota lang, hahaha! :D

Tamems is already driving her own car!!! :) We slept over her place that night. :)

Starbucks in the morning before they headed for work! :/

It isn't a secret anymore that I am not in my BEST shape now...Especially emotionally. I think my over thinker self is sooo bad because I dig in too much which causes me STRESS and sadness more often than usual...But it's a good thing also when it comes to dissecting things that I wouldn't realize if I am not too "reflecty". I learned a lot. I hope I can find something out of all this "sad-sadan" phase I am having right now. This also brought me back in the arms of my How I Met barkada, hehehe, and to quote the great Ted Mosby: 

"Now kids, when your friends have great news, you're happy for them. For, like, a millisecond. Then you start to think about yourself."

I am sincerely happy for all the good things coming to my dearest friends, but then I realized... what's really going on in my life? I am in that phase where I am trying to find my own meaning and worth.

...Still, over a cup of coffee and with the company of my bestest and LIFELONG friends will do the trick. :)



  1. i LOVE the concept of the show!

  2. Ako din Liezyl! :) Trip ko mga ganyan hehe ;))

  3. Love all the clothes. And Ms. Charlene Gonzales looks stunning as ever.


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