PFW: Forever 21

Saturday, May 14, 2011

One weird fact about me: Hindi pa ako nakakanood ni isang PFW show! 

Nakakahiya! Haha! Last season, I had my very first Philippine Fashion Week experience, but I have to be backstage the whole time as an assistant stylist for Pax in the Ipanema show. So last Thursday, I realized na first time ako manunood ng show...And bonggang Forever 21 pa ang inattendan ko! Super thank you Pax for inviting me!

When I reached SMX, direcho akech sa CR to change from my shorts into my gray skirt at ang hirap lang icommute nito lalo pag sasakay ng jeep (haha). When I went out, I bumped into Randz, a blogger I met during the SOFA's one day styling class I attended weeks ago!

Great to meet you again, Randz! :) Ganda ng background natin, hahay! :D

How cool is not using your phone and meeting people you're supposed to text palang "asan ka"? Haha! Bumped into Tatie, and her friends!

Inside, I was kilig to have a sighting of one of my favorite bloggers, Divine Lee! :)

D and V! <3 Akkk, starstruck ako!

F21 Ambassadors...Or likod nila, hahaha :D =P 
"Guess Who?" nalang ang drama, hahaha!

Seatmates! :)
Pax, Rita (writer for Fashion Depot), and Tatie!

With one of the most insightful girls I met through the WWW--Aie
I love you teh! :) Thank you for the talk, and for your advice. :)

Love our colors! With pretty bloggers Aie and Vern!

And so the show starts! :)
Guess lang kung sinong mga kaharap ko? :D Hahaha! *starstruck mode again*

Cute lang ng smile ni mowdel, hehehe, lande.

If only di mahirap pag nag CR (haha), I'll wear jumpsuits more often! ;)

Ume-effort si Aie sa pag pic, hehehe:

Favorite segment: Girls + Color Blocking

....And then they were all dancing!

Congrats Forever 21! Kudos to the styling team, I love how they put together the pretty clothes!

After the show, I saw:

THE Chai Muncal! :) I love this cute and talented girl!

The cute bloggers Jonessa and Nicole! :)

Another SOFA Capsule classmate: KISTY!! The sweetest. :)

My look that night:

Alanganin Colors
Hat - Anagon Collection
Blush Top - Gift
Gray Skirt - Thrifted
Black Opaque Stockings - Department Store
Booties - H&M
GIANT Bag (haha) - SM
Basic Black Belt - my dad's ;)

I love "alanganin colors"! :) Wore my blush top and gray skirt together, and just accessorized with blacks. I love my blush top for the Peter Pan collar, and narealize ko nalang I watched Forever 21 in an outfit I just connected to my hero, who doesn't want to grow up! Hah! :D

To being cool kids and forever young! ;-)


  1. wooot ganda ng f21 show! sayang i wasn't able to watch it! :)) and bongga ng kaharap mo ha :P

  2. I am so jealous you got to watch the F21 show! :( I love their pieces. And I love your outfits too! :)

  3. cheers! forever young! was that daryl and andre chang in front of you? i sooo love them! your outfit is so cute too :)

  4. awww, buti ka pa! ako PFW virgin pa rin, pardon the word. haha!


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