One of my close friends...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

photos from 2010 singapore trip

One of my close friends, Alli, is celebrating her birthday today! :) So I spent last night looking through my old Multiply albums for collage materials because I love making my dearest friends feel special on their day (in my own little way):

Then I found out that from album to album to the next, palaging pictures namin ni Alli! I realized na ang dami narin naming napagdaanan, and nashare na experiences!

I am just happy to have a friend in Alli because beyond the good and bad times we had, is someone who made me feel understood whenever I tell her my kwentos. She wouldn't judge, and instead, she'll compassionately listen to me, tell me that what I'm going through is normal ("I've been there"), give me sound pieces of advice, and just be a friend who will never leave me hanging.

It's my turn to tell you that "I've been there", and let me tell you that this whole quarter life shiznit is just a state of mind. You are doing well, Alli, and I hope you know how proud I am of where you are now. I know this isn't the end of it, I'm pretty sure you'll go places with you being so hardworking, natural sa pag mememorize, very clear sa pag instruct/speak in front of other people, and you being so OC and neat ever since high school! You're a gem in your company! Plus, with all the efforts you've been putting now in improving yourself, I know that you'll soon get what you deserve. I am always here for you and I love you!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Strawberries for STRIP Virgins!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ok, please note that my blog remains true to its wholesomeness in nature, ano daw? Hahaha. This title is actually meant for attending the event of STRIP: Ministy of Waxing...the launching of their new strawberry wax yesterday. Which was held in a....ZOO!!!

I was there too-early for the call time in Ark Avilon Zoo as blogged here. I sat by the entrance muna, where I was greeted by this not-so-friendly reptile, hehehe:

Assorted interesting animals lined up the wall by the entrance entertained me while I was mobile net-ing and waiting for Honey:

Why do birds suddenly appeeaaar....

When Honey arrived, we checked out the souvenir store before going around the zoo:

Grabe ang gaganda ng benta nila, pak na pak sa mga fumafashown! Check out this Feather Necklace...Na take note, 200 petot lang! Naku, dadagsain na ng bloggers ang Ark Avilon Zoo sa Pasig near Tiendesitas! Hahaha!

Kahit shirts nila, bet na bet ko!

Ang cute, gusto ko nun mga tiger paraphernalia, in preparation ba of UAAP fan-girling! Hehehe!

Binilhan ako ni Honey ng tiger bracelet bago kami umuwi, thank you Mommy!!! Hahaha! :D

Napaka cute namang Claw Pencil Case, bibili ako nito pag nag back-to-school nako!

So siguro mga 30 minutes din kami sa souvenir shop (haha, adik), before we entered the real attraction of this place:

WOW! White Tiger <3 Kahawig lang ni Kimba the White Lion, hehe:

Animal prints, jungleia ang peg ng outfitey ni Honey! :) Hehe!

T-I-G-E-R-S-Rah! T-I-G-E-R-S-Rah! Tigers ROAR! Santo Tomaaaas FIGHT! Hahaha! Irita si Tigger sakin, hehehe:

Scurry birdy! :D Hehehe!

Wow it's a bear!

Birds of the same feathers...Hehehe...Why so serious birdies!

Hedwig!??? Pigwidgeon ata to e...Hehehe (galing ng moves ng head niya! :D)

Giant turtle! :D Race tayo!

Trivias all over the zoo, cool:


Honey told me na mala piranha daw tong mga to, takot akech baka tumalon, hehe:

Went up!

Natatawa lang ako sa reflection ko dito, di matatago ang amazement sa reptilian na to hehe:

Nameet ko din ang popu na si Jenny. Antoook na antoook nga lang siya for photo ops, may raket pa daw siya mamaya, hehehe:

After going around the mini-zoo with interesting and unique animals...We went inside the function room for the event, where we had...YEY...lunch courtesy of Fridays! :D

Ang-aga-lang drinks! :D Woot!

The program started...And the hosts were....
...the boys of Boys Night Out! :D Cool! And they remembered us from the interview!!!

The "stripping game" led by these three hotties! (benta yun Bob Marley hair, hehe)

Girls get to "pick" a "hair" from this stud:

While the guys get their shot with the ladies!

...Without using their hands?! Hahaha!

I was Tonytoni's "beneficiary" haha--my prize! Yey!

Honey got her turn too, hehehehe teh kamusta sa pag hawak sa mus-kels?? Hahaha!

She won an upper lip waxing GC! Haha!

After the funny game, STRIP Marketing Manager Ms. Tab Abad talked about waxing and STRIP...

Of course, I took notes! Haha (geek):

1) Strip started in 2002 in Singapore (and on its 3rd year in the Philippines)...making them the Ministry of Waxing--Institusyon ba!

2) Everything is customized and exclusive in STRIP. They don't just use products bought in drugstores, STRIP formulates their own wax.

3) Reason for getting a wax in STRIP #1: Hygiene - Hair can be a breeding ground for infections. STRIP's waxperts never "double dip"--every waxing experience is guaranteed clean. Plus each customer get their own wax pack (spatulas, cotton pads, wet wipes, and latex gloves). You also take home a hygiene pack after getting a Brazilian. 

4) Reason for getting a wax in STRIP #2: Quality - No side effects, no bumps, irritations or "chicken skin", because STRIP's waxperts are boot camped to remove hair with utmost care. 

5) Reason for getting a wax in STRIP #3: Speed - they only take 15 minutes to wax! 

I have yet to try out their services to give my "testi" (parang Friendster) on the STRIP waxing experience. I am interested because they assured 1-3 pain factor (out of 10). As Ms. Abad said "We don't know what pain is at strip." The youngest customer they had for the Brazilian was a 10-year-old girl! Kung kaya niya, ay kakayanin ko din yan!

"With the STRIP waxing experience, everything is life changing, not only physical, but also psychological." - Ms. Tab Abad

 STRIP's Chocolate and Strawberry Wax!

Fact : Strawberry Wax was developed specially for first time Brazilian virgins, it packs in the healing powers of chamomile and aloe vera to calm and soothe even the most tender skin. And because it can be spread so thinly on the skin, it dries quickly and evenly. This means virgin hairs can be removed without the discomfort caused by traditional brittle wax.

...Uy dumating talaga sila for the event! :D Hehehe...

Edible treats! :D

Aaaand, akalain niyo nga naman, I also won the "Early Bird" prize! :D Haha!
photo from honey

It's a Brazilian Virgin Kit! =D
Brazilian Virgin Kit
STRIP has produced a handy Brazilian Virgin Kit for easy after-wax care and maintenance. Each kit contains a trial-sized bottle of:
  • X’ed out cream, 5ml  - X’ed out cream for ingrown hair
  • Ice Cream, 5ml - Ice Cream to soothe irritated skin
  • Strawberry body scrub, 5ml
  • Strawberry moisturizing body butter, 5ml
  • 1 peace ampoule for soothing hair follicle and retarding hair growth

Met Jeman of Orange Magazine and Elaine Carag of Chalk Magazine! :)

The Boys Night Out with Jenny--na may nakita sa ceiling, hehehe:

Ended the event with unlimited rounds of photo booth! Haha! 

Our turn!
Posted the other pictures HERE, including ang fave kong "galak pic" with Honey! :D Haha!

Before leaving the happy party (hehe), I made sure to ask Honey for a photo with this:

Tuwang tuwa talaga ako, hahaha!

Me to Honey: Ikaw gusto mo din ng pic dito?
Honey: Ay hindi na!
Me: Ah so hindi na talaga, parang sinabi mo nadin, hindi ok nako, sayong sayo na yan! 

Ang sabaw namin the whole time! I'm a happy kid. =)

Thanks to the Ministry of Waxing: STRIP! It was a fun field trip in a zoo, na mas matured nga lang because I also learned more about waxing. I usually wax my legs on my own (said goodbye to razor eons ago)...But I'd like to try their services for UA, and...who knows, maybe a Brazilian? :D Hah! Watch out! ;D

Visit STRIP!