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One of my close friends...

photos from 2010 singapore trip

One of my close friends, Alli, is celebrating her birthday today! :) So I spent last night looking through my old Multiply albums for collage materials because I love making my dearest friends feel special on their day (in my own little way):

Then I found out that from album to album to the next, palaging pictures namin ni Alli! I realized na ang dami narin naming napagdaanan, and nashare na experiences!

I am just happy to have a friend in Alli because beyond the good and bad times we had, is someone who made me feel understood whenever I tell her my kwentos. She wouldn't judge, and instead, she'll compassionately listen to me, tell me that what I'm going through is normal ("I've been there"), give me sound pieces of advice, and just be a friend who will never leave me hanging.

It's my turn to tell you that "I've been there", and let me tell you that this whole quarter life shiznit is just a state of mind. You a…

Strawberries for STRIP Virgins!

Ok, please note that my blog remains true to its wholesomeness in nature, ano daw? Hahaha. This title is actually meant for attending the event of STRIP: Ministy of Waxing...the launching of their new strawberry wax yesterday. Which was held in a....ZOO!!!
I was there too-early for the call time in Ark Avilon Zoo as blogged here. I sat by the entrance muna, where I was greeted by this not-so-friendly reptile, hehehe:

Assorted interesting animals lined up the wall by the entrance entertained me while I was mobile net-ing and waiting for Honey:

Why do birds suddenly appeeaaar....

When Honey arrived, we checked out the souvenir store before going around the zoo:

Grabe ang gaganda ng benta nila, pak na pak sa mga fumafashown! Check out this Feather Necklace...Na take note, 200 petot lang! Naku, dadagsain na ng bloggers ang Ark Avilon Zoo sa Pasig near Tiendesitas! Hahaha!

Kahit shirts nila, bet na bet ko!

Ang cute, gusto ko nun mga tiger paraphernalia, in preparation ba of UAAP fan-girling! Hehe…