DLSU Centennial Bazaar Day 3-5

Monday, June 20, 2011

 Brought Cea's laptop last Wednesday para hindi mabore...

Alam kong hindi open wifi nila so I brought my own internet, hahaha:

My stall! :) <3

One of the best sellers for this bazaar:

At dahil mainit din, dala ko nadin electric fan sa room ko:
 Kulang nalang may pillow din ako and sleeping bed hehe..

Fellow blogger, my suki, and one of my fave online show producers (Keeping it Fab FTW!) Gelo Arucan!

I love eating! :D Haha! Someone commented in my last DLSU Centennial Bazaar post that she always looks forward to my food posts whenever I'm in a bazaar, haha!

Cheese Quesadillas (with hot sauce, syempre!)

Another round of overloaded nachos!

Big Chill Mango-Banana because super init!

YEY whenever the stall is flocked with La Salle kids! :)

Nadine kept me company last Thursday afternoon! She's a freshman in DLSU! It was great to talk with a fellow Candy Girl, and my long time suki during Candy Fair days! :)

Night time crowd...

Maluwag natong sa side namin...DLSU was jam-packed!

Ava came to the rescue! Hehe! She saved me from boredom, and helped me again SELL! :)

Ava's P10 bill hehehe:

Milk tea for dinner! Bubbatea addicts!!!

Ava is already an expert in manning my stall, heehee:

With our bazaarista friend during the St. Scho bazaar: BEAM of ARTWINE! :)

They helped me man the stall when I needed people to be there, and they're both super great to talk with. I learned so much from these girls! Love ya Ava and Beam! :)

 Ava took this picture of me and my stall...First pic ko with my tindahan! Hehe!

My DLSU suki Megann was also there! :) 

With pretty Vern this time, the girl who helped me get a stall here in DLSU! :) Thank you!!!

I realized I don't have photo with Ef! :/ She organized the bazaar, galing!

Food area! Mas crowded pa to earlier that day!

RIOT! Concert area! My sisters can't imagine how they had events and concerts here before!


Went to a meeting with Melai for KIDS Foundation, so mom handled my stall from morning till around 2pm.

Even after lunch, I told my mom I was still hungry, so she got me this:

=) <3

At the end of the whole bazaar last Friday afternoon (sakit sa puso, I want to stay in DLSU longer! Hehe!)...Dad picked us up and I had to bring everything home na. =/ Slept a bit to rest, but I woke up and we were in Makati already to pick up Ate para sa aming La Union field trip. Thinking that I was still asleep, I overheard mom telling my dad: "Sinamahan ko si Gia at sinabi niya "Wag mo ako iwan mom, nalulunkot ako."". I remembered telling her this pero hindi ko akalain na yun yung reason why she accompanied me for the rest of the afternoon kahit usapan pwede na siya umuwi after my meeting. :,) She even bought me ice cream! 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and my DLSU and Bazaar friends! It was a fun and productive week...I can't wait for the next! :)

Some photos are from Ava. :)


  1. You have an amazing, super supportive family. Bless you all. The bazaar sure looked so much fun! :D

  2. Ang fun naman magman ng stall mo! Never naubusan ng buyers! LOL Congrats on a successful bazaar! :-)

  3. I hope I can attend one of your bazaars next time sis, aside from those sa Candy Fair! :D

  4. aww sweet talaga ni mommy dearest mo :) More DLSU bazaars, please! had fun, beb!

  5. Abbie: Thank you so much! :) I always thank God I have great support system through my ever-loyal family <3

    Michelle: Hihihi thank you so much! Magandang kickoff in Anagon Collection's comeback, nakakalakas ng loob :)

    Krissy: I really hope so too! Machachallenge ka magbenta! :D Hehehe! Expert na si Ava, kahit sa mga ibang buyers na di matancha / may attitude! :D) Hahaha!

  6. awww, your mom's so sweet. =)

  7. Super! :) I owe her a lot! :) <3 nafeefeel nya pag may hindi ok!!! Scary, pero nakakatouch din :)

  8. Parang sirang plaka na ako pero uulitin ko ulit. Thank you! I super duper had fun! :)) I should have stayed longer. Para na-meet ko rin sana yung ibang bloggers na fino-follow ko. :|

    My blockmates were wearing the accessories they bought the next day at kailangan talagang i-flash sa mukha ko na suot nila. Tapos kinukulit pa rin nila ako kung ano ginagawa ko sa booth mo. HAHA. :))

    'Till the next bazaar! <3

  9. ayyy super cute naman your friendsss!!! thank you thank you! and mas thank you din sa pag sama sakin, saya ng chikahan and chill lang :) sa uulitin a :) parang little sis narin kita :)


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