You can't stop the waves...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain wouldn't stop me, my Ate, and my cousin Ayet in our spontaneous road trip to La Union last Friday night. Straight from my DLSU bazaar, we three little birds na makakati ang paa met in our tita's house in Guadalupe, then rode a killer ordinary bus in EDSA going to the Cubao bus terminal. Muntik na kami ma-late sa bagal ng bus!

When we got inside our pink FLORIDA bus (Ayet bought the tickets there in advance), we settled a bit and I wished may wifi yun bus since 5 hours ang ineexpect na travel time, pero wala. Slept most of the time, since hindi ako napatabi kay ate and Ayet, and since night trip narin siya. I wanted to gather ENERGY after the one-week bazaar..para surfing USA na the next day! :P

Woke up in the middle of the ride when the bus stopped...Ahhh...First stopover! I wanna go down, but window seat ako, at nahiya ako gisingin yung katabi kong malaking mama. Ang LAMIG lang talaga and I left my jacket! :D

Some had dinner, so I just dozed off, or updated my twitter (aksayahin ang load!)...there were times when I was sooo deep in my sleep, hume-headbang nako sa window ko. :P Sakit!

Few more hours, when the driver woke us up (cool). Arrived earlier than expected in our "hotel": Little Surfmaid!

The three of us slept in a double bed dahil naubusan na kami ng rooms. But dahil sa pagod, hindi na namin napansin yun:

Cute shape ng door! :D

Woke up earlier than the two! So I went out and checked the clear windows in the hallway...Then I saw this view! The sea made me sooo ecstatic and excited! I can live here.

Finally! Breakfast in our hotel's quaint restau...Of course we had SURFER's CHOICE breakfast haha!
 Mura noh??!

Our backdrop while eating <3

Syempre si caffeine blood me also ordered brewed coffee, na P50 lang!
 Fancy! Love it! Tiny tea cup and pot na all white ceramics <3

I've been open about my eating problems the past weeks, but in La Union--KAIN galore ang tema ko. :) I thank God for good times like these, gumaganda system and vibes ko :) <3

I had tortang talong---My Favorite! :)

Sunny-side up! Bagyo daw sa Maynila non! :D

All rey-dehh for the great outdoors! Woot!

 We walked around going to the surfing site. Then we spotted this sosyal hotel!

Surf boards and instructors everywhere! Pwede walk-in guyz!

Ayet was looking for a rashguard in the few shops of the resorts, when I saw this CUTEEEE in one of the stores! :) <3 The surfing dog!

Kung makahiga! :D

Photo from Cea's friend Clang :)

Ang cool lang--Old school surfers!

Gusto ko ng pic dito, pero naunahan na ako ni Ate nung sinabi niyang baduy yun mga nagpapapic dito, hehehe:

I want! :P Jason Castro lang ang tema ko nito, with dreadlocks and all, hihi!
Sooomewhere over the rainbooow...

The call-time for our surf lessons got delayed because the instructors wanted to set the perfect time na may waves na, as they texted and coordinated with Ate. With time to spare, we decided to go inside the sosyal hotel and ... Eat again!

Take loads of pa-awesome photos...

And chill with our melon shakes!

Ate treated us with...buffalo wings...

And jalapeno cheese sticks for me!!! :))

Funny that we spotted THE surfer chic Lorrainne Lapus having photo shoot in the resort with some other girls who look like swimmers or surfers din. 

The hotel also has a cool pool..

With a "bar" area :D

Nakakakilabot hehe:

When we went out, we lounged sa sands and paaraw ng onti:

People watched! Saw these guys used a kuchon as their surfboard, hahaha kalurks!
 Actually nainggit ako, gusto ko din matry, hehehe!

 I can live here....

No photos of surfing day 1! :P

We ate again after our first try of surfing!!! :D

Panalo yun tacos ni Ate! So-so lang yun pansit ko, hehe. :P

We were stuck in one of the tents, because the rain got heavier nun late afternoon na...Buti tapos na kami mag surf! But then marami paring nagsusurf that time--hanep lang! Larger waves ba!

Ang lamig!!!

When we got back in our room, I inspected my "injuries" haha:

Slept in the "extra kuchon" that night, while surfing again...the internet. Hehe corny. Love the hotel we stayed in because of the wifi--affordable pa ng rates now because 50% off! :D

Sunday morning.... Clear skies. :)
 Akala ko uwian na nito! Gusto ko crumayola!

While waiting for breakfast, checked out the surfboards for sale...Mahal ko yung pink and teal! <3

Mahal din ang presyo!

After breakfast (Surfers' Choice padin, hehe), we went outside where I had great convo with Ayet:

Decided to check out of Little Surfmaid inn by 12pm, but we stayed in La Union longer for another round of surfing! Huling hirit! Buti nalang Ate's friend from college arrived and nakilagay muna kami ng bags in her room. Jean is a hardcore surfer who goes there at least once every two months. She's the one who recommended our surfing instructors :)

Jump shot! Jean, Ate, and Ayet!

Pola-love! :)

Chilling with Ayet with a bottle of Minute Maid hehe! :D

Watched our instructors teach the new batch of students:

Naaawkwardan ako gawin tong obligatory hand pose, haha:

Saw a group of Korean guys na naka all-black, haha. Meron din nakahoodie pa mag surfing, or checkered polo na parang mag ma-malling lang. Ibang klase!

Ridin' solo!
1) Pwedeng nakasuot ng contact lens habang nag susurfing. (Tried and tested, dapat marunong ka lang pumikit pag pabagsak ka na, hehe)
2) Rates: P400 for one hour with surf board and personal instructor. P200 lang if board rental lang!
3) Wear rashguard and shorts na tama ang fit sayo, kundi tataas siya talaga, unless daring ka!

Surfer Sisters!

Happy Ayet!

Stoked Ate!

Read more on our surfing HERE! :))

Walang kamatayang PANSIT CANTON after! Hehe!

At around past 5, we waited here for a jeep going to the bus terminal...

I wasn't ready to leave. =/
We will be back, San Juan! I'll miss the laidback lifestyle here. =S 

We had a short Jollibee stopover before hopping inside the 3/4s filled bus (allowing me to occupy a lane all to myself). Umaalog na bus + Rain + Ice Cream + Alang Jackey = Ang lamig lang!

As for the blog title,  Jon Kabat-Zinn once said: “You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

In a state where I am starting to learn how to go with the flow (wei wu wei), it was actually great to literally experience riding the waves and learn from it. To be patient while waiting for the perfect wave. To stand even when you're toppled down by forces you can't control. With wobbly knees and aching shoulders-- To try and try again even when you're all bruised and wounded. Because I want to. And I am enjoying every moment of it.

Surfing is a sport of the soul. Let go, and let nature take its own course with your own life, and just give it a ride.


  1. Naiinggit ako, mag susurf din ako sana mag ondoy uli :P Magkano naman ang rates nila kuyang nag tuturo? Mahal ba? I really wanna try!!
    Ang cool naman yung ate mo, hindi mo parang ate. Ay ang labo. Hahaha Parang magka age lang kayo, young looking ang ate! And i've noticed na mukhang nag lolomo din sya Meron ba syang site or something? Pareho kaming may Instax! 210 yata yung kanya sakin 100 :))

  2. Hahaha sa ondoy! Wag naman ganung mode nakakatakot! :D P400 lang may board and instructor na! :) 1hr! :))

    Wala site si ate, pero yup nag lolomo kami before, ngayon nalang uli!!! :) Medyo mahal din! :P

  3. Ang mura ng food! Sulit na sulit nga talaga ang road trip. How I wish I knew how to surf too. Nakaka-inspire ang mga pictures ninyo.

  4. thank you rose!: ) kayang kaya mo rin to for sure!!!

  5. Ang fun naman nun!!! Gusto ko rin ng impromptu surfing trip kahit na takot ako magsurf!! :-)

  6. Gusto ko rin mag s-surf! I'll make sure subukan ko yan bago ako mamatay. Haha.

  7. I love the guitars and the old school surfers =p :-) FUNNN!!! After ni Falcon, gusto ko din, haha

  8. Michelle: Masaya yun! Sana nga maulit pa ako soonest!: P

    Fasyonista: Hahahaha Mae tama, bucket list na ito! :)

    Happycache: Hahahaha ako din sana maulit after nitong si falcon na kj hehehe :D thanks for dropping by the blog! :) <3


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