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Friday, June 10, 2011

"A wise man once sat in an audience and cracked a joke, everybody laughs like crazy. After a moment he cracked the same joke again, less people laughed this time. He cracked the same joke over and over again. When there was no laughter in the crowd, he smiled and said: "You can't laugh over the same joke over and over again, then why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again?" "

I hate counting days..

...but I can't help it!!! Ako yung tipong, wow one month na tong emo-mode ko a, or wow 2 days nakong masaya. :P I don't know how I get by, and I am actually feeling better already (although the praning-sky in me keeps on telling me, wag kang kampante day!). Here are some "happenings" the past days that kept me on my toes:

Spoiled by Watsons:
Went on a shopping spree on a rainy Wednesday morning in Watsons Mega Mall for their bloggers event. Have you joined my Price is Right Watsons Contest

On my way there, I actually had a 30-minute stop-over in Metropolis Alabang because my flats incidentally got soaked in a puddle (gusto ko lang mag mura, ano). Bought a pair of Advan cheap plastic boots in white, para feeling tres chic. Hehe. I loved it! I went out of Metropolis braver, and stepped on puddles ng yabang-mode (haha).

My feeling Plueys:
I had to remove it though when I reached Megamall for Watsons. :P Ang weird ng feeling na ikaw lang naka-botas sa mall, hehe.

After Watsons, the team invited me for lunch, and even treated me to Kenny Rogers (sweet!). They also offered a ride hanggang Makati so I don't need to ride a cab from Ortigas all the way to La Salle (my supposed next destination).

The traffic was really bad though, maybe because of the biglaang-bagyo. I was stuck in Waltermart Makati's taxi stand na surprisingly walang dumadaang cabs, plus I was down with the flu, hopeless, and soaked...I was on the verge of tears, when my Daddykins came to the rescue!!! :) <3

I dropped off ALL my heavy bags in dad's car, including the clogs I wore that morning (excess baggage kung excess baggage!). Then off I went to La Salle, where I was already 1 hour late for the fashion show for my accessories. :/ Clarisse of DLSU was sooo kind though, so I was still able to hand her my items. :) Met with Krissy in DLSU Mcdo, where we settled first. Then I ate the biggest-sized fries and iced tea without tasting them--I knew I was stress-eating again! Idaan sa kain! Haha!

Went to the bonggang SM Accessories event that night, which I blogged about in Fashion Compass! :) 

Honestly, in between all the not-so-funny bloopers and hassles, I was supposed to be distracted from my "loneliness and depression", but the duo kept on nagging me every chance they've got (Liz Gilbert mode, hehe). Like during my quiet yet looong rainy ride to Makati, or when I was sitting still (and sniffing from colds) in Mcdo to calm my nerves. Kainiz lang because then I have to "call a friend" (in my case, text all possible friendsss) just to have people to talk with, or para mabigyan lang ako ng piece of advice. Matuktukan ba ang ulo, haha!

Instead of comforting words though, I got this from one of them =P - "Baket porket umuulan at traffic malulungkot ka na?"

Medyo masakit basahin, pero I know the intention of this friend isn't bad, but for me to just, you know, suck it all in. She wants me to be stronger, and not let any external things easily ruin my day.

Take it from Barney Stinson:

Infairview naman, I've been waking up fairly brighter day by day, which is good news. I also get out of bed ng almost 12 noon na, which is also "me during the better days"--so ibig sabihin good sign din to (hehe). More improvements everyday! All a matter of perspective!

Leaving you with words from Anagon at 23 years old. Read this in a blog entry written the day I turned 23 :) Ang talino kong bata, bat ako tumatanda ng paurong? Hahaha!

Blog Entry23 Lessons =)Jan 21, '09 4:07 AM
for everyone

I can’t believe I am already 23.
Hindi na pedeng ipilit na parang “twenTEENth”..
At lalong hindi na napagkakamalang “studyante po!” pag nag cocommute. Haha!

In 23 years, though not getting younger, I am proud to say that I have learned a lot, and I am assured that myvalues are hardcore-embedded in my system (1). I have learned “wei wu wei” [hakuna matata/que sera sera/Let it Be] (2), I have lesser fear of the unknown and tragic "Ms. Change"(3). I have learned that the best person to beat and compete with is your self..and your own standards(4-5). In 23 years, I have learned to “bulletproof my soul”(6), to dare to fail(7), to love everyone around me(8), to put HIM in the center of everything(9), and to be comfortable with the company of my-self.(10)

In 23 years, I have proven Karma (good and bad) (11), and that while I was younger I feel the need to be in a big group…but through time, I appreciate “few true friends” (12). I learned that I don’t need company to go to what/where I want (even with trivial things like watching a new movie) (13). I believed in hard work and practicemore than talent. (14) I learned from Oprah that “You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at one time” (15). I have learned forgiveness (16), acceptance (17), and patience (18). I have learned to keep trying (19) and exploring—not only places, but also opportunities. (20)

Twenty three years mean no more identity crisis (I hope! :D) (21), I value my family and friends more (22), and most of all, I have learned that, though time is fleeting and change is constant….continue to move forward and never get stuck  (23)

To my 23rd year! :D


What if the mightiest word is love,
Love beyond marital, filial, national.
Love that casts a widening pool of light. 
Love with no need to preempt grievance.In today's sharp sparkle, this winter air,
Anything can be made, any sentence begun.
On the brink, on the brim, on the cusp 
Praise song for walking forward in that light.

-"Praise Song for the Day" byElizabeth Alexander,
at Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration


  1. aww beb, you'll always be twenteen-five for me!:) and for me, you're wise and i believe we all go through a stage where we feel really sad. I get that too sometimes, but God is there to hear out cries. If you need to let it out..gora lang!:) And I bet you'll feel better! Love the entry pala about SM!! haha medyo same tayo ng words! haha bongga kasi nila!:D

  2. Thank you so much Beb :) Hay life and all its complexities :) Im just happy that realizations are always part of these moments...Parang nakakatalino lang every time you have to go through the worst case scenarios of life ;) hehe! :) Thankyou and see you soon!

  3. ana chooper kyooot mo sa last pic! waahhhh!!!

  4. Hihihi thank you so much! :) I was happy then :) Gotta bring back that happy aura :)

  5. Seryoso, from an outside, third party unrelated point of view, you have such a blessed life. Why choose to be sad when you have so much to be happy about? :-)

  6. Aww Michelle thank you so much for telling me this :) It makes me feel seriously nagsisisi with my attitude. I will change, in time, I can feel it. Thank you so much Michelle for appreciating my blog entries <3 :)

  7. love this! And I totally agree with Oprah! =) Yes we can but not all at once!


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