Summer 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Me, from early March:

Pale from the sun-less Holidays, I can't wait to hit the outdoors and enjoy the summer sun! :) Here's a recap of my amazing and drama-filled (but definitely memorable) Summer 2011!

First Destination: DOS PALMAS Palawan

It was early March when my friend and I packed our bags to kick-off the sizzling season!

Set to go out and bask under the sun, I had with me my two buddies:

With SPF 50, I use Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Protection Collagen Protect to immediately form protective shield for UVA/B protection for my skin. Right after usage, it already takes effect (without the sticky residue!), plus it also has moisturizing components...Which I think is great since even our skin gets dehydrated!

Meanwhile, I rely on the "face version" called Nivea Sun Immediate Sun Protection Collagen Protect Face. I couldn't believe that my face can be quite sensitive to products, so I really invest on reliable brands like Nivea. It has the same components as the "body version", but in different percentage of concentration.

Highlights of Dos Palmas Fun Under the Sun Activities:

1) Swim with the fishes!
It was my first scuba diving experience, and I can't believe I made it! Haha! I was scared during the first attempts to sink deeper the unknown ocean...But after a few deep breaths and mind-conditioning, I was already exploring the water world that is so breathtakingly beautiful!

2) No photo in action, but I also tried kayaking!
Aching arms and sun exposure for hours didn't stopped us from rowin' the boat to wherever it takes us! Lots of laugh trips in between, of course!

3) Lounge in an isolated island and apply the Art of Doing Nothing...

4) Lounge some more...

...And after reapplying more sunscreen....

5) ...We lounged even more!

Dos Palmas was definitely a breather from city's fast-paced life. It was cool that you don't need itineraries to have fun in this place. :)

Heads up! Our view for hours and hours of lying around the beautiful resort...

No need to hide when under the sun...

 Reapplication of sunscreen does the trick!

Other summer adventures: my two May Boracay trips!

Chilling on a paraw...

Fearless while holding a scary bat...

Adventurous ATV!

...And building more memories with the whole barkada!

So, this is me, dated June 2011 (aka the aftermath):
(teehee for the cute dog ;))
Do you think I got dark after all the sun exposures and beach bound adventures? :)

I know it's already June, and rain clouds already surprise us every chance she can...But I can't help it! I have one more summer destination I am lusting over:

I want to stay and play and eat in Misibis Bay!--"A Luxury Island Playground!"

Started Summer 2011 with the grandeur of Dos Palmas Palawan, dreaming of ending it with the breathtaking beauty of Misibis Bay Cagraray Island in Albay, Bicol:

Seriously, who wouldn't want to experience this!?

They had me at "exclusivity-and-not-mainstream vibe"!

3Es: Extravagant, Extraordinary, and Enchanting. 

...Even at night!

I can just imagine myself sleeping here, hehe:

Dining here...

And hey, they even have a Whaleshark Interaction Tour! :D
Shouldn't THIS be part of your travel bucket list too? :)
Misibis Bay will perfectly cap the hottest season!

Tell me about your summer, and how you fearlessly conquered it!
Be more fearless under the sun, click here! :)

Oh, and have you been to the Misibis Bay? Tell me your stories about your tropical paradise experience! I really wanna know! :)



  1. During the summer, we went to Alaska to escape the heat and roamed the west coast of the United States! :-)

  2. Wow that's super cooool Michelle! :) <3 Im sure your summer 2011 was a blast too! :)

  3. WOW! makes me wanna go to Misibis!!!!! Would it be pricey? hee. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Check this link out Nina! :D Rate and activities na pwede gawin! :D

  5. It's such a lovely place!
    I wouldn't have the guts to touch a bat though :|


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