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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Have you been to

I am actually contemplating on playing this game, and who knows, be called a "gamer" nadin someday, haha. I really want to get into "playing" again, the last time I got addicted to online games was back during Cafe World's golden glory, haha.

The plus points with playing the Watsons Beauty Hunt though is that:

1) All you have to do is match the products that you find in the shelf with the correct product name in the shopping list. Easy breezy, just like shopping! Hehe!
2) No purchase required to play the game and enter the e-raffle.
3) If you don’t find all of the products within 60 seconds, don’t fret, you can play again. The more number of times you complete the game by finding all the products within 60 seconds, the more chances of winning.
4) If you win in the daily electronic raffle, you will receive a Watsons Beauty Loot Bag.
5) If you didn't win in any of the daily raffle, your entries earned since the start of the promo will be qualified at the final draw but not to be included in the succeeding Daily Draws. Five lucky winners will receive three thousand pesos (Php 3,000) worth of Watsons gift certificate!!!

The game also promotes the participating Watsons brands such as Deo-nat, Hair Treats, Spa Essentials, One Naturales, Natures Organics, and of course...CYLEINA, my favorite! :) Hehe!

Currently using the Grapeseed soap, after finishing a small (45g) Cyleina Black Pearl. I love this soap for its cooling properties, especially after a long day of going out and about metro manila (via commute!), ang sarap idaan sa ligo ang lahat ng stress, dumi at pagod with this classic Cyleina soap. I think bonus nalang na it can lighten pimple scars and dark spots too (performs best when used continually)! 

What I love about using Cyleina soaps is knowing na they're all organic, and super mabula gamitin...Although madali siyang maubos because it doesn't use soap hardeners daw (Which I think is a good thing din, because I always love to try another yummy Cyleina variant anyway!). I always recommend the soap to my family, so after my dad...even my ate is now a Cyleina convert--she always asks for a new variant from my stash! 

Before I had to order P1K worth of stocks online from Cyleina's Leigh Garcia-Hortaleza para kahit maubusan ako, may nakaimbak lang sa closet ko. Good to know that my favorite soap is now available in WATSONS! :)


PS: You can read the whole GV List here. :) 

PPS: I'm sure my blog friends are now having lunch and enjoying each other's company in Greenhills, huhu. Will be sleeping over in my Lola's house in Tanauan tonight, so I can't afford narin to go to the get-together, but I sure hope to have a repeat again soonest! :) Have fun guys, miss you all! :)

 CONGRATS TO MICHELLE for winning my commenter of the month. I love her consistent comments, and I know she's really reading my blog! This one struck me most, hanggang ngayon naaalala ko siya:

Seryoso, from an outside, third party unrelated point of view, you have such a blessed life.
Why choose to be sad when you have so much to be happy about? :-)

Thank you for making me feel blessed and seeing me in this different perspective--na nabblock yun view ko because of all my trials and issues. Thank you! Please do email me at with your name and address!

I received so many lovely comments the past month, thank you so much friends for being "there" for me!

And since I've talked about my love for CYLEINA narin, my July Commenter will get these:

Spread the love! :)


  1. hi!just found your blog and i love it! i enjoy reading product reviews because i always end up spending for beauty products that don't really work. and it's a good thing na "pinay" ka rin..i can totally relate! hehe..great post! and i hope you visit my site when you get a chance! kisses!

  2. by the way, i'm your newest follower! cheers!

  3. I wanna try Cyleina na tuloy.. I wanna have perfect skin since I feel like my skin's so dull especially now na I'm always under the sun. Ka-stress! :) Take care Ms. Ana!

  4. Yayy!!! I love your blog talaga kasi! Thanks rin for opening up to us! :D

  5. i hope you can make a review about the cyleina kojic soap ^_^

  6. We missed you too, sis!

    And I agree, well-deserved nga si Michelle! I also remember that comment, it really struck me rin :)

    Love yah sis! Harry Potter month! ♥

  7. *jaw drops* a looot of cyleina soaps!! haha! currently using the black pearl at mahal ko na siya. <3 hahaha! i also have the tomato soap for when i am about to have breakouts. =P tried these when you blogged about them dun sa giveaway month mo pa. was curious then got to finally buy. great catch!

    continue having GVs! =)

  8. Thank you guys!!! I miss you all, and thank you thank you so much for all the love you're giving me...Sasabihin ko nanaman na I feel so undeserving pero self-loathing nanaman yan...So I'd rather say na THANK YOU and I AM BLESSED. I love you guys! :)

  9. haven't tried the black pearl soap. but i've tried a couple which i've loved before. just the hassle of running out of stocks then i have to reorder. then i've used a diff soap na while waiting. haha.. glad it's now on watsons. :)


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