Monday, July 04, 2011

Sorry for the lack of interesting title, haha. Just some updates...

Friday, mom and I went to Festival Mall to wait for dad--and then finally go to Tanauan to see my lola. While waiting, mom said "Ikaw na bahala sa pagkain ko a!" 
Me: "Sure!"
Mom: "Dapat ang sagot mo 'Ano pa nga ba!?'" 

Mom will never live without her Coke! Haha!

Saturday, the whole family went back to Tanauan, with our overnight bags! Stayed there till late Sunday:

Everyday prayers and songs for my Lola Mameng...

I love this photo of hippie Lola and Ate :) <3

With Cea, bought some Oishi goodies for the wake, nablockbuster sa mga cousins!

Our cute pamangkin Jack Jack handing candies! <3 Adorb!

Spent lots of time eating AND playing with the kids in the family! :D

Art Class:

Stuffed Toys:
Purple Unicorn! <3 Well...Pony lang siya hehe!

Music time! :D

The Gonzales cousins decided to sleepover in our cousin Limuel and Luvi's house instead, a few minutes drive from my lola's residence na jam-packed with visitors kahit gabi...
Late Saturday night: Guess anong pinapanood namin? 


 Our cousin na nag wowork na sa Singapore--we miss you! Pinakeelamanan na namin gamit mo hahahaha! :D

Ate using my Nivea Creme (haha endorse!)

Sunday highlight: I was assigned to make the photo slide for my Lola Mameng which I made last Friday when we got home from Tanauan...

I love it when they asked na for my USB for the presentation kanina...

My family looking through the photos I arranged. :,) <3

In those minutes, I realized that my family had a good laugh over all the great times we had. We realized that we kept on repeating and repeating the slides! Sigh, good memories! My favorite was when we point and laugh at the kamukha ng mga titos or titas na pamangkins, stopping/freezing sa isang picture para i-point out yun clone, haha! And siyempre, yung different fashion and styles we went through! Benta! I love my family! :,) A lot of the Gonzaleses residing abroad will go home within this week, so the funeral will be moved on Saturday. 

Missing Lola Mameng at the end of all these.


  1. Condolences Ana! Your lola is in a happy place! don't worry

  2. Thank you Randz, I really appreciate it :)

  3. I just found your blog and it's pretty cool that it is a beauty-cosmetics-fashion-random all rolled into one! =)

    Anyway, when me my family eat in a restaurant (fast food or fine dining), they don't ask what I want cause it always -- and I mean ALWAYS -- be CHICKEN. If your mom can't live without coke, I can't live without chicken. Hahaha.

    FAMILY TIME! One of the best moments in our lives is spent with our family especially with a bunch of kids. :)

    Sorry about your lola but I know she's a lot better now. :)

  4. i'm sorry for your loss. pero i bet your lola's happy that the family really celebrated her life. :)

  5. Condolence, Ate Ana! Ang cute ng pictures nyo :) kakatuwa yung captions! :) hehe

  6. Sounds like you gave your lola a great send-off! :-)

  7. know how it feels to lose a beloved,,
    your lola must have been smiling up there, seeing you lots enjoying each other's companies. and clinging on to the power of family love amidst what happened..


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