Happy List (7-13-2011)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1) A new toy (iTouch!) when I got home last night from Manels event!

2) Studio 6 earlier today, for ANC's Shop Talk guesting, featuring Anagon Collection! :)

3) My ever supportive mudra, who will always be there for me!!!

4) New friend: Ms. Joyce of Almost Gourmet, a co-guest:

5) Bizu Celebration with Mom post-show:

Mom and her coke again, haha:

...Ako naman kape, hehe:

6) Super yummy Mixed Ravioli!

7) Happy Mommy!

We also headed to SM, where I shared to her my gift card. We got these:

8) My Nicole Richie-esque Necklace <3 (When I saw this, sinoli ko kaagad yun brown tassel belt hehe)

 Some nice stockings for future events:

Mom got a new funky reading glasses:

9) And we got a "terno" mother-daughter barrette :) Hehe!

10) Went home and saw THIS.... most probably my "Tweet of the Week" Hahaha :P
Jeric Fortuna
Oh captain, my captain! ;P

Can't wait for tomorrow! Blessings are overflowing, so I spread my hands wider--receiving these gifts from God while praising Him for everything! :)
All for You :)


  1. so beautiful naman sa 5th picture! demure ang banat, i love it! =P sooo happy you're feeling happy these days! more [very much well deserved] blessings to come your way pa sana Ana! =)

  2. congrats on the feature dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Ang sweet mo talaga sa family mo. :) Nakakatuwa din dahil very supportive sila sa'yo. :) Congrats sa ANC feature!

    P.S. Nagutom ako sa pagkain!

  4. sweet happy list! yey for the itouch!!:D and love the nicole richie inspired necklace:D

  5. yay! you bought a lot of stuff, the foods are making me hungry.. hehe! BTW i nominated you for an award! check this out

  6. Thank you guys! :) :) I thank God for all these!!!

  7. Hey! Where SM did you buy the Nicole Richie inspired necklace? Thanks!

  8. how much is the necklace? sooo pretty! keep the awesome posts coming! :)

  9. I was gonna write the same comment as Ghoent. :)) No really.

  10. Thank you Blabbermouth! P350 only--such a steal! :)

    Claire: Thank you thank you so much...Praying everyday .. :) <3


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