ANC's Shop Talk Featuring Anagon Collection :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I was surprised when I got a call last weekend from Ms. Aiza that I'll be guesting in ANC's Shop Talk. I was super excited! Narealize ko, first time ko to and for Anagon Collection to be featured on mainstream TV. Before, I had "guestings" but for school shows lang, and the rest online or print features na. Una kong naisip though, wait, may ANC ba kami? Hahaha!

With mom in the Studio 6 dressing room/make up room:

My mom ever-supportive and always there! 
Sabi ko, baka maging "Mommy Divine" ka na niyan a! ;D Hahaha.

Me and my kape, pang tanggal nerbyos? Hahaha--hindi naman nakakapalpitate yun vendo coffee! :P

 My turn! :)

Chikahan with Shop Talk's hair and makeup artist :) Bait niya, and face powder niya Chanel! Hahaha! I want!

Went inside the studio...

First up was Ms. Joyce of Almost Gourmet:

Shop Talk is a program of the ABSCBN News Channel (ANC) which airs from Monday to Friday  from 3:30pm to 4:00pm. Replays are at 11:30pm and 4:30am, and is hosted by Ms.Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo.

My 12 Minutes of Fame :)
What a nerve-wracking experience! I also did a demo on how to make a simple wired ring. I know there were parts na nablanko ako hahaha, nadistract ata ako sa mukha ko sa screen, nyahahaha! But in the end, all is well. :)

Post-Show: Teaching Rocio, the host's daughter, how to make a name out of wire, hehe!

She's so cute and smart!

Ms. Ria trying on the necklaces! :)

She liked my new tassels necklace, so I gave it to her! :) Yey for instant endorser, heehee!

Rocio and her Name Keychain :) She's super happy she told me "I love you! You're so talented!" Hahaha. Mga bata talaga, the best! Hehehe!

Before leaving! :)

Can't get over this experience. :) I know ang daaaami ko pang kakaining bigas, but still, I am thankful for every blessings that come my way--especially with Anagon Collection. 

Alli my friend told me before the show that I can do this and there's nothing to be nervous about kasi kung may mas nakakaalam about Anagon Collection, ako na yun. "Blood, sweat and tears mo yan!" Chickie told me she'll pray for me, and since she's at work, her boyfriend watched the show for her. I also got well-wishes from my blog friends through Twitter! My dad asked what channel will this air, as if naman may TV siya sa work haha. Mom was there all the way, and even told me how to deal with prank texters (got some pagkalabas palang ng ABS...prinoject nga pala number ko during the show :P). I am blessed with great family and friends. And I will forever be grateful for all the love. Aanhin pa to kung wala sila.

Thank you Shop Talk for featuring Anagon Colletion! :)


  1. Congrats to your feature Ana! :) YOu're on the right track! ;) Really happy you're back in multiply. I want din my own name keychain! So kyooot!

  2. congrats! am supposed to sleep but when u told me bout this i chose to watch! super love the make-up flawless ka sis on screen! love you! pa-autograph, lol!

    btw, update me sa DM ko ha, thanks!

  3. Wow, that name keychain is cute! Level up ka na talaga. Next you'll be featured in Lifestyle shows na.:) Congrats, Ana.

  4. Salamat Maye, Charles, and Rose! :) I realized before my dream was to be known not for anything else but for my parents and family and my barkada to be proud of me, na pagnakita nila ako sa TV, they'll say "That's my girl!" :D Hehehe! :) Thank you guys, praying for the best and more blessings! :)

  5. wow congrats ana!u deserve it!

  6. Thank you thank you Amanda! That's too sweet! :) <3 Thanks!!

  7. Congrats Ana!!!! You deserved all the blessings that you're receiving right now...Continue to be an inspiration to everybody...Labor of love mo ang Anagon collection....malay mo saan ka dalhin nyan and lets pray for that! God bless!

    An avid blog follower, Salvergina :)

  8. Congrats on your feature! Super bongga! :)


  9. congrats anaaaaa! will try to catch this episode! =)


  11. Congrats, Ana! Ü Tama, you deserve it. I'm super happy for you [and your business].

  12. Congratulations, Ms. Ana >:D<

    Super deserving ka po for the TV feature. :D

  13. Congrats Anagon! :) You've come a long way! Imagine mo sa classroom lang dati haha.

  14. BOW! :) I agree with the kid! You are really talented! :D

  15. Congratulations, Ana!!! :) Well-deserved!!! :)

  16. OMG! is that rocio from tang??:D wow!! small world and super congrats, beb!! well deserved! Super star! may makeup pa! pak na pak!

  17. Post mo naman yung link! Gusto ko mapanood! :) Congrats, Ana!


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