Globe T@tt Awards 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ok, so nahila ako from Celeteque event to the Globe Tatt Awards in The Peninsula Manila last night. I was hesitating pa at first dahil medyo underdressed ang peg ko for such a fancy venue and event. But wala naman daw dresscode sabi ni Melai, so gow nako jan! 

Naisip ko din hindi naman to fashion event, and ang aawardan will range from stylismo, tech junkie, indie bands, Youtube sensations, artists, advocates, thought mover, word slayer, etcetera....So kanwari nalang isa akong indie band groupie in my white sneakers or something. Hehehe. Seriously, medyo nacurious din ako kung sinong mananalo from the different categories. :)

With Melai, CR pic! :)

Chai Muncal ang peg ko niyan! ;-) Hehehe! :) Hi Chai! <3

White Top - Oxygen
Alice Necklace - SM
Skirt - Cotton On
Gray Stockings - SM
White Sneakers - Advan
Bag - Cheers101

While hanging out sa CR, biglang pasok ni Ms. Divine Lee! My favorite!
I super love her talaga. First time to semi-talk with her, nakakatuwa siya! Nun nagsosorry pa si Melai dahil inaayos pa niya setting ng camera niya, sabi ni Ms. Divine "KERI!" :D Ang cute niya!

Divine after checking out the picture: "Bongga! Hindi mukhang sa CR!"
Hahaha, love her!!!

Upon entering the Rigodon Hall, saw Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao! Totoo nga, mukha siyang doll!

Ang cool ng event, napaka hipster! :D

Oooh idol Saab was there! :) <3 Love her din!

Hello Rigodon, we meet again! :)

The hosts: Divine Lee and Tim Yap

I love the inspiring speech of Maria Ressa on the powerful social media and online world.

I was able to catch the performances of Paramita...

Maria Aragon!... 

And Youtube sensation: Arjohn! Artista na siya!
Watch how he was discovered through this Youtube vid! :D

The Stylismo award goes to.... Laureen Uy!...Awarded by Ms. Cecile Van Straten aka Chuvaness--my favorite! :)

Congrats to the winners of the first ever Globe Tatt Awards!

Winners of the Globe T@tt Awards:

Wordslayer - Loi Reyes Landicho of
Video Slinger - Mike Bustos of
Thought-Mover - Bianca Gonzales of
The Artiste - Jin Joson of
The Advocate Award - Elizabeth Angsioco of
Indie Rocker - Up Dharma Down of
Stylismo - Laureen Uy of
Ball Breaker - Lea Salonga
Tech Junkie - Mark Macanas of
THE ONE Award - Filipino Freethinkers of

Fashionistas Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, and Camille Co graced the event:

With Arjohn! :) <3 Go kid! You will go places!

With my girls Pax, Sarah, Ava, and Keigh. :)
Ako na ang naka dirty sneakers sa Manila Pen, hahaha!

The group! Thank you Catch for the photo!
Aie, Pax, Keigh, Sarah, Tracy, Ava, Melai, Nicole, Jonver, and Catch. :)

Not regretting attending this event, I love the food (assorted truffle chocolates and the maki rolls are the best!), and of course, I love my blog friends! :-) Sayang eat and run lang ako nun haha...But I still had a great time! Thank you GLOBE!

Thank you Frank Ruaya for the clear beautiful pictures! Sayang di tayo nagkita!!! :(


  1. I must agree, medyo Chai-ish nga yung damit. :))

  2. SYEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT MAMATAY AKO SA INGGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ang bongga ng event na ito!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Claire: hehehe yehey! Hope i pulled it off!:))))

    Honeeeeeeyyyy miss na kita ng bomgga!!!!!:/

  4. i was wondering at first... ganda ng pics...when did ana get to shoot these?? haha, then i saw the credit at the bottom! :P hey, let's see each other soon ha and talk about you know... :)

  5. I'm so jealous that you could attend these awesome events. That looks really fun


  6. Sarah: Hahaha habang sumusubo ng popcorn nakapag pic pa ng mga ganito e noh hahaha :D yehey yes pls soon! text me!!!

    Maria: Yehey thank you sis, buti naman havey seyetch iteng outfitey kech ;p hehehe!

    Jean: Thank you so much sis. :) I owe this a lot to my readers and my blogger friends :)

  7. Ana, hindi ko pinagtuunan masyado ng pansin 'yung Globe Tatt Awards mas na-notice ko 'yung outfit mo, lol :D. Very cute.

  8. Lin: awww natouch naman ako! Thank you so much!!!:-)

  9. Gustong-gusto ko talaga 'yung top mo. Hahahaha. Medyo napapabayaan ko na ang blog ko sa sobrang busy sa work. Hindi tuloy ako makapag-post chuvaaaa.

  10. Lin: Hope to see you blog more! :))


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