Ombre Hair by Azta Urban Salon!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally had my dream hair makeover awhile ago! :) 

Headed to Azta Urban Salon in Alabang Town Center (ATC) to finally sport the Ombre Hair I've been thinking about since my last Azta experience. Super nervous ako kanina when I got there at 12 noon (opening nila pag weekdays, 10am pag weekends)...But alam ko namang I am in good hands, so gow!

Showed them my ombre-pegs in my iTouch ... Sir Jot Quero my hairstylist recommended the L'Oreal ash tone for the lighter shade of the lower half of my hair.
photo from

Sir Jot parting my hair...Yung sa taas will remain dark lang. Iba ang style nila ng ombre here, hindi lang tips yung ibbleach:

A great team: Sir Jot and Ms. Norie took really good care of me for the whole 7-hour procedure! :D

They gave me free drinks! I had milk tea, and then chose to have water nalang afterwards...

Some recommended post-care products. Must get conditioner too. For my hair, mga 3x siya binleach to achieve the light-tone results!

First bleach:
Orangey hair!

After a few more hours....

Charan!!!! Hahaha!
Meet the missing Chang sister, hahaha! Hello Ate Daryl! ;P

preview magazine's daryl chang | photo by frank ruaya

 Don't worry, hindi yan ang "finished product"! :D That was the bleached bleached bleached hair, hehehe...The upper part was kept up para dark padin siya. :) 

Again, I stayed there from 12noon till around 7pm...The 7 hours included the following procedures: shampoo, haircut, bleach (3x) and banlaw (3x), then the dye part of the lower hair, then retouch nalang ng roots for the upper partition...Shampoo, and then finally the last blowdry. Very mabusisi! But super worth it!

Thank you Azta Urban Salon for making the whole experience comfortable for me! :)

And finally:
Yey! Call me Rogue! Hahaha!

I met the parentals right after, and I was expecting them na mag react with this whole new look because they are usually very conservative when it comes to these things (parang sa tattoo!), but I guess things change talaga and surprisingly.. keber lang sila! I was even fishing kay mom kung may macocomment siyang nega by saying "hindi pa ako sanay!" bla bla, but then she said: "Pero ikaw namili niyan?" 
Me: "Oo"
Mom: "O e yun naman pala e!"

I love it that my parents respect my weird choices! :) Some people were shocked in my FB page when I posted the "blonde" pictures (bleached) that I had to delete muna the album. Now I know what Raleene meant when she chopped her long locks long time ago: It's just hair! :P Now I'd like to know what you think of this transformation! :)

With the great team that made my hair makeover possible: Ms. Norie as the assistant, and hair stylist extraordinaire: Sir Jot Quero of Azta Alabang Town Center! They are the best, guys! :)

 Ang masasabi ko lang: Yehey ombre nako!!! :D

Donning a half-pony will give me instant new look too! :D


Special thanks to Azta Urban Salon, Azta Alabang Town Center, L'Oreal, Ms. Meg, Sir Jot, Ms. Norie, and The Plump Pinays for making this sponsored hair makeover possible!

Do visit Azta Urban Salon to avail their 40% off L'Oreal hair color promo!


  1. Hahaha! What do you thin, idol? Bagay ba? :) Thankyou! And yes finallyyyy!!! Nagawa ko din siya, masasabi ko na sa future na "ay nagpaganyan din ako before!" hehehe!

  2. kalurkey n fashion ka na tlga..ibang level!!

  3. Nariese: Nacoconscious parin ako now, but dapat makasanayan ko na siya! :P Cant wait to showcase the new look sa event ko this thurs haha :P Nakakakaba kaya ;P

  4. A simple cut or change of hair color really makes a big difference. Bagay sayo Ms. Ana, bagets na bagets! :D

  5. Thank you Joyce! :) Super appreciate the good feedback re the "diff hair" hihi :) <3 I really hope mapanindigan ko siya! :) <3

  6. I feel for you.

    When I bleached my hair, everyone was like "whoa" at first pero when i dyed it to red, green, blue and violet, wala na sila paki. Hahaha

    I love the new 'do :D

  7. I love it!! super nakakapanibago pero good change, beb!!

  8. Aivan: I cant believe i havent followed your blog...super cool mo! :) Love your hair colors, hope ganyan din ako ka-daring! :) pero oa nga yung iba...I mean *ahem* it's just hair! hahaha syemrpe may K nako magsabi nun now that I've donned the ombre look, woot!

    Ava: Thank you beb! Hope in a good good way talaga yung change! :) <333 :)

  9. Hi Ana :) you look great! I love your haircut too! And wow!! I didn't know they have a branch in ATC! Mas malapit sakin!haha Thanks for the info ;)

  10. loving the new hair Ana! ^^ bagay sau ang lighter shades, ^^ keep on smiling! ^^

  11. ang ganda swear! bagay pa sa style mo na hippie flower child ana! Love it! :)

  12. i've been waiting for this blogpost talaga!! haha nde ako kuntento sa twitpic kahapon eh! ang gondooo!!! dagdagan mo pa pictures ana.. para mainggit pa ko.. hahaha =)

  13. Ana maria: thank you! And wow south kid ka din pala!:)

    Ann: thankyou ann! Never thought of that,yey for lighter shades :)) smiling!:)

    Amanda: aww thanks!!:)

  14. Jonessa: thank you pretty girl!:) yey aprub sayo!:))

    Dianne: hihihi thankyou sa pag appreciate :))) sa next events, photo ops galore to hihihi :)) thankyou!!!

  15. hi! the ombre hairstyle looks really nice on you!ganda! i wanna try that too but i'm just wondering if pwede din ba yan sa mga short hair?shoulder-length lng kasi ang hair ko

  16. Hi yeahzel!:) i think the ombre will look great even with shoulder length hair... Kahit short pa :) check out chai muncal's shoulder length ombre hair here: :))) goodluck!:)

  17. Infairness bagay sayo yung super blonde! :P Love the new hair :)

  18. 40% off... tempting. My red hair is starting to turn brown already >_< But I want ombre hair like yours too! Grabe hirap mag-decide haha.

    And I do agree about the half-pony! I think you can do so much with your ombre! Saya ng may new hair color noh? :)) Have fun!

  19. WOW loved the result!

    Kaye (

  20. I always wanted a dashing style on my hair :( Looks really good on you! :)

  21. Romzs: Hey thank you!!! Daring masyado! :D Hihi!!!

    Claire: I looove new hair colors! :)) Grabe di ako makadecide nyan! :) Basta sabi ko something different / kakaiba! Hehe!

    Kaye: Why thank you dear! :)

    Eunice: Thank you so much! Try mo! Liberating! Hihi!


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