Happy List 8.14.2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

1) 4S Dinner! (My high school classmate)
I love reunions! Pag ganito, I really make sure I am seated next to someone I haven't talked to for a looong time. That night, it was Iara--who will also be leaving the country na for further studies in Spain. Sobrang sowsyal! Good luck Iara!

2) Bonding with Geo!
My highschool kabarkada who is super busy with her work and life! I really miss this girl, kaya ang saya na nakasleepover na ako sa new condo niya in Greenbelt. We even had brunch when we woke up and my meeting was cancelled. Ang sarap ng buhay! :) Sana taga doon lang din ako!

3) Cea's Pasalubongs from Hong Kong!

Milk Tea Packs! Sarap!!!

Box of Mochi Balls!

...And a Vivi Magazine, which I applied kaagad in my outfit last Friday! 

Checkered  +  Cheetah! :) --- The bag is also from Cea :) <3

 Checkered blue polo - Dad's
Shoes - Hush Puppies

4) Biglaan get-together with my Gonzales cousins!!!
It was the last day of our cousins Ickay and Nico here in the Philippines, so we visited them in Serendra, had yummy dinner in the unit...and an uncle treated us to Starbucks/White Hat! Crazy night! We were like kids again! :))

5) Mexicali Takeout at Marj's Condo with Marj and Geo!
I love love love Mexicali! I always order their Burritos + Quesadillas Combo! :P

6) New photos of the parentals and my relatives in their Europe tour! :D

Shalani naman! Lovers in Paris! Hahaha!

It has been a happy and busy (and blog-less!) week! I have to mention narin siguro dito my "sudden change of heart". After three days of being a teacher, nag quit nako. I really cried while making the decision in the comfort room near the center, because I reallyreally love what I am doing. Dream ko talaga maging teacher! :( But aside from other personal reasons that can't be blogged, I realized--plain and square-- na hindi ako marunong mag turo...I can't relay the lessons well and it's frustrating me. Siguro wrong students and subjects lang sabi ng friend ko, sobrang academic din. I was getting the hang of the whole system, but something really snapped inside of me na I can't waste the time of these kids sa pag kapa ko. I really hope I can still be an art teacher. :( It was a humbling and nice experience though, and nag enjoy din naman ako! :) (Ang naisip ko talaga, ano ba yan! Di ba talaga ako pwede sa employed life!?? :( )

During dinner with Marj and Geo (with the Mexicali foods!), we suddenly enumerated our own current "situations"... Marj's doctor life and duty early the next day in Makati Med, Geo's really big personal problems which occupied the whole talk-time we had together, and while ako naman, I just quit a job and still lost in what I really want to do now...
In between the talks, napasigaw nalang kami na S***ht grabe! Ang tanda na natin!!!! Parang Reality Bites lang tong scene na to a!!!! Hahaha!

 I wonder what's next for me....Watch out guys. ;-)


  1. I love your happy lists, beb! nakakainspire to be more happy :) cravings tuloy ako sa mexicali haha! and love your hush puppies shoes!

  2. Bitter-bitteran pa din ako dahil hindi ako nakatikim ng MOCHI bago ako umalis ng Pinas!!! :(((( Well anyway, at least you got to try what it's like to be a teacher.. And kung hindi yan ang para sayo, I'm sure something much better is in store for you.. Go lang ng go.. Explore ka lang.. Mahahanap mo din yan. :)

  3. Aww.. Ana, whatever personal reasons you might have on quitting the tutoring job. I know that it's just for the best. :) Maybe you are really meant to be an art teacher, since you are really good at it diba? We'll see nalang in the future. Mahirap naman talaga magturo. I know how frustrating it is, kahit pa I've never been a teacher myself but tutored just a few of my pamangkins. Parang it's so hard to voice-out how you understand a lesson and make them understand it as well. Di talaga ganon kadali.

    Btw, I really love your happy list, despite what happened mas madami pa din ang happy lists mo.. :) your cousins, friends.. and of course kumusta naman ang lovers in paris pic ng parents :)
    They seem to be really having the time of their lives on their vacation. :) Happy for them!

    And oh, I love your bag, sucker for animal prints..

    Stay happy Ana, :) Smile lang lagi, life sucks sometimes, but when we learn to accept it isn't perfect, we start living contented and happy. :)

  4. That's why you didn't reply na pala to my tweet =/ anyway I'm wishing for more happiness for you Ana =) There really is something out there for you. =)

  5. Ako, I envy people like you na hindi kailangan magtrabaho. :(
    I have to work to be able to live and provide for my son. :( Haiii....

  6. Ang fun naman. Napangiti lang ako sa post na toh. :-)

  7. awww sis nasad ako sa tutoring job:( i know you really want that. well im sure you'll find whatever it is you're looking for soon.:) Let's catch up tomorrow!:)

  8. Don't be sad about not being able to relay the lesson to your student! I think it's normal if it's your first time. You'll get the hang of it after some time. If you really want to teach, perhaps you can tutor your nephews/nieces/cousins or something (practice ba) and then when you're confident enough, get the job back! :D

    Personally, I have those days na puro mali yung naisusulat ko sa board. Buti na lang magagaling students ko and they point it out to me... nakakahiya but it teaching is also a learning process. (Although some people are naturally gifted in it.)

  9. Ava: Craving for mexicali na uli hihihi! cute the hush puppies noh? perfect sa fashionista commuters!! :)

    honey: Thank you, ang gusto ko sa lahat yun hindi ako sesermunan and support lang sa "adventures" ko right now with life. :) Hoping for the best! I miss you so much!!!

    Belle: thank you so much for appreciating! Tama that's the goal in life I guess! To be contented lang and through that parang ang ganda ganda and very generous lang ng life satin :) <3

    Dianne: Thank you so much! Praying for enlightenment! Hihi!

  10. Babyanne: I am praying for you sis, we all had to work hard for different reasons, hope things will work out well for everyone in the end. :) all the best!

    Michelle: Yehey! Spreading GV online! Hehehe!

    Pax: Hayayay atleast there is more to life :) <3 Praying for strength! :) <3

    Claire: I admire you teachers more. Super galing nyo and very nakakabilib ang trabaho niyo: to shape kids :) All the best!!


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