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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I miss you guys! Narealize ko, so eto pala yun! Kaya ang hirap mag update ng iba ng blog dahil may daily schedule sila, hehe! After 5 years of being self-employed, I decided to do something different and applied for a part time teaching job posted in Twitter by a St. Scho batchmate. 

Tutoring Club High Street branch is just above Figaro...kaya tignan naman ang mga kinakain ko the past days...hehe:

Met Eena, director for Tutoring Club, 2x for interview then assessment exam...And finally I received her text that I got in! I am now training in Tutor Club! One-week training started last Tuesday, from 1pm to 5ish...hands on na akong nagtuturo ng one kid per hour, if not...juggling 2 kids at the same time! Subjects include reading and writing, today daw math! Super challenging and hindi din pala basta basta maging teacher. I have sooo many things to learn and go through pa before I can fully say na I am an effective tutor. Made several mistakes, learned a lot for a span of 2 days palang...I really hope I will get better! :) Day by day!

So...leaving the house in a bit for the 1pm session...Kamusta na kayo? May umeevents events pa ba sa inyo jan? :) Hope I can catch up with your blogs soon! Pa giveaway ako or something pag nakaadjust na ako, hehe! Anyway, will end this blog with an old school vid I came across kanina while watching "Tutoring Demos" in Youtube, hehehe what is career!:

Haley! The original Tutor Girl! ;P

Peace and Love to you all! :)


  1. Okay, nagutom talaga ako dun sa mga pagkain! :D I know you'll do great. :)

  2. Aww Hey Ana! this is so great!! Im sure it'll be fun as well :) How old are the kids youre teaching?? :P

  3. oooh goodluck on your new venture! =) kids ba, or high school? enjoy this new thing! its always nice to learn from different places and people. galingan mo Ana! :D

  4. Ohmygosh! Dream job ko dati maging teacher ng mga bata. Hilig kasi ako sa kids eh! Good luck! :-)

  5. Teaching is a challenging but very fulfilling job! And it's no longer a job when you start enjoying it. :) And aside from just teaching... for me, the biggest challenge is motivating the student. :)

  6. una sa lahat, i should stop visiting your blog at these times. haha,, nakakagutom pero i disagree with myself, i still love it kahit ginugutom mo ko...lalo na that bread then the salad.. yummy(coco martin mode)!! :)

    btw, super happy with your newfound career?!? i know and im sure you can do it. you strike me as the type of person who'll do everything to get things right. and for it to be perfect. may not be perfect for everyone but perfect at least on your ways. :)

    goodluck sis ha, i know it's really hard. had a few pamangkins to tutor before and i really have to study their lessons myself para i can be effective in tutoring them. one more thing that's challenging, i noticed it's a pain to have kids concentrate on one activity, their minds must be on other things, from too much internet maybe,, iba na kasi now diba. just always include fun on your teaching and im sure, you'll soon be their favorite tutor!

    basta happy ako for you.. idaan mo nalang sa kain pagkatapos ng tutor hehe..

  7. Wow!!! Pa-tutor naman ako babe! Hahahaha!! I miss you so much!! I'm glad na you're keeping yourself busy and gosh nakakagutom ang post mo.. Teka nga.. Makahanap nga ng makakain.. Lol.. Miss u!!!!

  8. Thanks for the well-wishes guys! :)


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