SOFA Graduation Show 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

The graduating class of 2011 of the School of Fashion and the Arts presents a fashion show last Friday as a culmination of their education at SOFA. The event showcased original designs and products on a professional platform. So as a frustrated designer, I was excited to go to The Loft Rockwell to witness the creations developed by these budding designers of our country's growing fashion industry! :)

Ms. Amina Aranaz-Alunan for the opening remarks:

The show starts!

This SOFA event is brought to us by Blackberry (lovin' my BB, almost one month na kami magkapiling, haha):

I am so interested with the new Blackberry tablet!!!

Winners of the Blackberry design contest: Cham Cham Gumin and Danika Navarro:

The interesting pieces:

Love love maxi pieces talaga...So comfy yet stylish padin!

I want a DRAWSTRING backpack na ganito:

Alam na kung ano ang peg ko diyan:
photo from olsens anonymous

Elegant dress with interesting back details!

 Love everything loooong and flowyyyy....

 Really intricate top! I can't pull this off, but you have to admit, this one's a winner!

 Diba!? Ganda!


Again, looong and floooowyyy!

 Interesting blazer:

Hmmm...Something "different":

Love Gabbie's Prima Ballerina Collection--so sweet and dainty! Like this pretty dress with nice strap deets:

Kaya pala this model looks familiar...It's Ashley! An Anagon buyer ever since her high school days! So proud of her, ang bongga mo na! :) <3

I think this model is a Kulasa! Marge? I think! :)

Anyway, sorry for the segway haha, back to the clothes!

Wow for wedding designs:
 I want to be a fashion designer...specifically a WEDDING gown designer ! :D

I will actually use this feather with sheer cape! Over a Little Black Dress...This piece is a STATEMENT! :D

Sheer delight:


What a fun and cool fashion show! Congratulations to KIRBY CRUZ, GABBIE SARENAS, GEOFF ZORDILLA, NICEE ATIENZA, and VINCE TOLENTINO! The future of the Philippine Fashion Industry looks bright! :) <3

After the show....Flowers and hugs from the proud parents and friends. <3

 Natouch naman ako! Haha!

My seatmates during the show: Melai and Keigh! :) Thanks Vern for the photo!

Again, congrats to all the graduates, and to SOFA for producing such talented and creative young people! =) I wonder when ako naman ang mag aaral AND ggraduate sa fashion school? :) That will be the dream!

For updates, interested applications, follow SOFA:


  1. Yup, the model is Kulasa. She was my classmate before! Bongga! Hahaha! :)


  2. Hi! thanks for coming to the show :)
    yeah the model is ashley hehe kilala mo pala si marj?? :)
    hope you enjoyed watching!
    x, gabbie

  3. Ana! Sayang, I wasn't able to see you. I want to be a fashion designer too! But I don't have the talent in drawing :( haha!


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