Monday, August 01, 2011

So bago pa aketch masita ni dti, eto na winners ko hahaha...

My "best in comment" for the monthinola of July who will receive a bonggang Cyleina Soaps showcase is....

tan ta ra raaaaan!!!! 


Here's the comment that hits home! ;)
She made me realize that, hey, walang balak manuod sila mom ng Harry Potter na nakasubtitle sa mamahaliang sinehan ng Europa! Nagpapicture sila dun because they know matutuwa ako. :-) I miss them more! Anyway, thank you Belle for the sweetest comments! :)

As for the Random Giveaway, the winner of the GC/Discount Cards I gathered from past events iiiiissss........

Larisse Masipiquena!!!!
Emailed her already, and she'll get the prizes na by tomorrow!

Will take a timeout muna with giveaways till this DTI ish ends. Mahirap na, akala naman nila kumikita ako sa pamimigay nato, hahaha. Consider mo pa yun shipping ng prizes, haha. For me, holding a giveaway in my blog is my little way to say thank you to all the friends I gained through writing my thoughts and posting them for the whole public to read. Yung feeling na, Uy! May nagbabasa pala sakin! Haha. I'm sure same goes for most of my blogger friends, we're doing this not to sell or earn, but as a way of expressing gratitude. 

Kaya sana mind your own business nalang tayo. Dati online shops ang gusto nila tax-an, headache din yan nun nag bazaar ang Anagon Collection sa Cuenca! Ngayon, blogs naman. Hay buhay, haha!

*Update* *Update* *Update*

Chika lang daw yun tax issue sa blog giveaways...nababasa ko lang now sa Twitter, hehe. So keber nalang! Here are the stuff I'll give to our August Commenter! :)
Lay Bare Soothing Cream, Clinelle Three-Way Facial Care, Maybelline Passion Red Lipstick, Valii Leather Bracelet, and a SOFA pencil :)

Post away! :)


  1. Ha ha.. ako ba yan? naks naman. salamat sis ha.. i'm touched he he.. pero honest naman, yun talaga nafeel ko..very few experience what your parents did for you.. and yes.. i doubt manood sila ng Harry Potter na subtitled sa kung anong chorvang language he he. :)

    Thanks again. and shall I email you? Just let me know what to do .. and I'm happy not just because of your gift but because what I've shared.. as you've said "hit home".. I know you miss them.. dyan na ba sila? one big hug lang katapat nyan.. and maybe paprint na their pic.. or save it on your phone.. constant reminder that they do think about you all the time, and would do anything just to make you happy.

    Note: Why Fenix? slow aketch.. he he..
    and sorry sa mali spelling.. i just realized it now. (*grumbling* / kadaldalan ko kasi)

    and yes about the tax tax ng DTI. i had a good read from project vanity's post, nalinawan ang utak ko, here's the link if you want.

  2. Hahah omg sorry ibang belle blogger yun feniz hehehe edited na! And yes pls do email me at with your fullname address and contact number and blog nadin! :) ill be waiting!;)

    Wala pa sila mom;) i guess till end of the month pa, sulitin din nila!:)

  3. @anagon ha ha kaya pala. nalerki ako ng slight kala ko u're calling me feniz for some reason na di ko na gets.. slow talaga! ok will be emailing you in a while after nito comment na to..

    oo nga, sulit sulit sa pamasahe, dapat todong todo sa saya talaga.. itodo ang saya!(with coca-cola!) hi hi..

  4. sis,got your gifts na.. sobrang thank you ha.. will be looking forward to more posts from you. :)


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