This vid made me cry

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Last Sunday, storm and delubyo and all, I braved the baha and rain (sinong di mababaliw sa ulan?!) to attend The Feast's last session in Festival Mall. As one of the bloggers for, I was assigned to write the article for last Sunday's talk...Ayoko namang biglang mag cancel! Anyway, I wouldn't regret going there in our center (For the south peeps: 2nd floor, near T&J!) ... actually realizing it was my first time to go there alone...Since my parents talaga ang active and servants pa sila dun. Anyway...carry din ang alone time, because then I watched this vid they showed to us during the talk, and just let myself cry:


I just wrote the Feast blog entry A Lesson From Our Athletes, and will keep you guys posted when it's published na online. :) Right now, I just feel blessed to (re)realize that I was never alone after all. And that in the end, it's not about winning, but finishing strong. "When you don't give CANNOT fail!" 


PS: Another blessing:

Went downstairs awhile ago dahil sa napaka lakas lang na busina ng truck sa labas ng bahay..When I peeped through our window, I saw that they were delivery boys from Business World! Anagon Collection was featured last July 12 in their broadsheet! (High five tayo jan!) :D They gave me this complimentary copy (I really appreciate them going all the way here to send me one, wah! <3)...and since hindi clear ang words, check out the online version of this beautiful article by Ms. Victoria Vizcarra here: Juggle Art and Enterprise.

Thank you to Chai Muncal--the photographer of the pictures they published, and Jesrhel Co, the model! I was hoping for a citation. :P

More photos, from Chai this time, of RECONSTRUCT Collection here! =)

And most of all, thank You Lord for always pouring me with inspirations and love, especially now that you so-fully know what's in my heart. I love You, and all for You!



  2. Sobra noh?! Ako din super wala na hiya hiya naiyak ako nun pinanuod to samin sa Feast! I love OUR FATHER!!! :,)) I miss you Honey!!!!!!

  3. nakakaiyak naman yun sis... very very inspirational.

  4. A nice reminder : b tw sis naship ko na!:)

  5. Ghoosh Ana Thanks for sharing this video. Permission to Reblog this :)


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