Glam Camp Weekend!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fun 2-day Glam Camp weekend with my blogger friends! :)

Met my college friend G for lunch, who works in the Alphaland! :)

Nice chikahan with blogger Denise of Simone's Closet :)

Next three photos from Vern:
With Denise, Ava, and Vern! :)

Finally met Weyn! :)

So many fun booths from bloggers, online shops, and even big brands! Dami din freebies!

They also held fashion talks during the first day:

Ava's super cute booth! :) Love their baked goodies! :) <3 Sana natry nyo din!

Athan! Present! Hehe!

The Fashion Compass booth! :) <3
Shared the space with a travel agency. Super bait nila ate I can leave my stall in peace when I want to go around :)  Hehe!

Krissy's friend Dewi!

Neighboring booths!

My kabatchmate from St. Scho: Mai! She works in Solar! :)

Another Kulasa: Marj! She dropped by to support me, and even shopped!

Fellow bloggers: The Plump Pinays Danah and Stacy, and Scene Stealer Lissa Kahayon! :)

Jen ang her cutie daughter! :)

Kai bought earrings and belt from my stall, yehey! :)

Model for Anagon Collection: Jesrhel Co with her sister! :)

Tin Iglesias!

With Melai! :) Ang lalayo ng booths namin sa isa't isa! :P

Fashion Compass! Woot! 

Last day sale! :)

With Ava's mom! :) I love their family! They've been super helpful to me the whole weekend :)

Michelle and Ava!

Glen of Glencified!!! :) She's super sweet! Finally met her! :)

Keigh Jalbuena dropped by the second day! :)

Met the owner of The Lucky Doll store! :) She bought bracelets din from my stall, yey!

Photo from Lissa: Bloggers during the Glam Camp! Krissy, Moi, Michelle, Ava, Tin, and Lissa!
Ang funny lang, I told them pwede ba by threes...Medyo lang "outing" ang peg namin nila Michelle and Krissy that day, nahiya naman kami sa skirt and heels nila Ava, Tin, and Lissa! Hehehe.

What a tiring weekend! First of all, thank you 2nd Avenue, Diva, and ETC for making this event possible for the bloggers. It wasn't just a bazaar, but a semi-bloggers united where I met people I've only interacted in the WWW. There were online sellers and blog readers too! 

Also, this was my first bazaar without the parentals to help me, especially with bringing EVERYTHING to the venue, and when going home. Naappreciate ko na yun bazaars na andyan sila--wala na akong iisipin before and then after the event: pahinga nalang. But for Saturday and Sunday, cinommute ko ang maleta ko ng bonggang bongga. Sweat and tears talaga!

Sabi ko nung Saturday morning (I also had job interview nun...I'll blog about that next! :)) pag ako hindi iyak iyak the whole weekend bibilib na ako sa sarili ko! Haha! I did shed tears and nag self-pity parin for some time, but at the end of the day, hindi na yun naiisip ko. Ang naaalala ko ay yun mga people I met, girls I talked with, and people who supported me mapa via Twitter/FB or by being there. :) <3 Special thanks to Ava and her mom and family for bringing the maleta for me nung asa interview ako and nun Saturday night (para Sunday ko nalang uli kelangan siyang uwiin.)

Thank you also to Krissy: My "date" the whole Sunday!

I was still FB-messaging with mom during the bazaar duration. They're already in Paris...And next stop daw sa Fatima. Dad being so religious, sabi ko kay mom baka umiyak yun! Hehe! So, thank you parin to the parentals! I miss them na!

Anyway, I am still proud of myself for surpassing 2 days of hardcore solo bazaar-ing. Pero Lord, habang wala pa sila mom and dad...di na mauulit! Hahaha.


  1. Ang sosyal ng Mom and Dad mo! :)

    Ang galing mo talaga na nakakaya mo lahat ng yan. :) Kaya ako bilib sa inyo ni Melai e. Sana maging kasing-independent niyo din ako. :)

  2. Hi Ana! I missed this event! I really wanted to go, but senior years just tough for nursing students! I'll definitely try to go next time, I can't wait to check out your items, and at 100/each!!! Gosh it would also have been such a great time to have met you all! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks like such a fun event! -Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  3. Nahiya naman ako sa balat ko dun sa picture nating anim. =)))

    Suuuper awesome meeting you Ana!! Mula sa Jolibee palang nung first day stinastalk na kita. Nahiya kasi talaga ako sayo. Hihihi. :">

  4. awww ang dami ko namiss! Sorry d ako nakapunta =(

  5. haha natawa naman ako sa linyang, "habang wala pa sila mom and dad...di na mauulit! "

    maybe you were just underestimating yourself sis, kasi look at what happened, YOU DID IT diba, might be hard, yes, pero kinaya mo naman.

    maybe this happened talaga while your parents are vacationing. para this can be your testing ground or training ba, and of course, so you can be reassured na kayang-kaya mo naman.

    might not be as easy when they're around. but you certainly did it.. :)

    galing ng glam camp. congrats sa mga bloggers, sellers, :)

    cute nyo nila mich, outing ang peg. :)

  6. it was nice seeing you there but was too shy to say hi! :) i like your accessories! my sister brought one of them. ;)

  7. Thank you for the comments guys! :)

    Nariese: Hindi ko din siya talaga kaya, pero ginagawa ko nalang! :) Fight fight palagi! :) <3

    Mar: Thankyou! I just uploaded some of the items I wasnt able to sell in Glam Camp! :) Do check out :) Good luck with nursing a!

    Michelle: I knew it was you! Ako din nahihiya noh! :) Hehehe! :D

    Aie: It's ok sis! Miss you! chikahan uli next time, ang ikli lang ng philippine fashion ball bitin ang bonding :)

  8. Maria: Yehey thank you! Naku sa dami ng mineet up ko before medyo nagiging makalimutin nadin! hehehe! Added / followed you too :)

    Belle: hahaha! :D Oo nga e, lagi ko nalang iniisip na at least I got over it and nagawa ko naman! :) at buhay pako, woot! hahaha! Yehey thanks for appreciating our outing look, hehehe ;)))

    Ehljei: Sayang naman! Were you there as seller din? :) Hope to see you next time! :)


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