Weekend Rundown...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spent Friday night with Marj. I love our weekly "habit" na hahaha, always filled with pangaral from doktora! :D Joined her shopping in F21 (where she got 3 fun skirts!), and saw cool bloggers Paul and Kookie! :) After Marj's shopping (we also went around SM's home section!)...We had dinner and more talks in Cafe Med GB1. 

Falafel Overload!!!

Early Saturday morning, I woke up at around 5am for the 6am event calltime for Kariton Klasrum. Meeting place was in 6750 Ayala, and I was panicking dahil nagkataon naman ako na ang inaantay nalang, boo! :P
What is basa pa ang buhok, walang ka-mukap mukap, at haggard morning face!? Haha!

It was a fruitful morning, though hindi ako talaga morning person--the experience was worthwhile.
I realized that I still have the heart for teaching! I just have to find my niche, my subjects, and my students. :) <3

Also met CNN Hero Sir Efren Penaflorida! :) Such an honor to talk with him!
More on this in my next post, but for now, do read Krissy's entry on this in the Fashion Compass blog: Efren Penaflorida urges Us to Get Up!

We reached Manila in time for the UST-Ateneo basketball game! Kahit wala sa plano, I ran to Araneta to catch the game of my boys! Haha!

Go Jic! I love youuuu!!! Hahaha!

The game was horrible, though, it was painful to watch. But still, nothing can dampen my team spirit! Pwede pa mag Final 4, boys!!!

After the game, I texted Ate and Cea, and the sisters were both still out and about with their friends, so I decided I don't want to go home pa. Went to Greenbelt Residences to meet my highschool kabarkada Geo, then we went out for dinner and kwentuhans:

Playing with her cute little sister:

Dilingers for dinner....

Mojitos for Geo:

Mineee: Cheap beer, mozarella sticks, hashbrown, and triple cheese omelette: YUM YUM YUM!

I love talking with Geo. =) We had career path talks too, and she told me her piece about my plan...
When we said our goodbyes, pinahabol nalang ni Geo "Wag ka gagawa ng kalokohan a!" Hahaha. :D Oh my, with different opinions, now I am super duper confused na talaga hahaha. Can't wait for mom to get home! :) <3

Finally, Sunday afternoon, ze Gonzales sisters went to Festival Mall for mass and grocery shopping (ang gastos talaga ng "feeling" independent living! haha!)

We decided to head to ATC so we can have our Serenitea fix, but ang haba ng pila, kaiyak. :P

We had dinner nalang sa Chicken Bacolod. :) 

...Then when we got home, I continued with my Wedding Souvenirs project - Painted and wrapped the frames with beads:

It was a tiring weekend, but worth it naman. =) Thank You Lord for all the blessings! More please, and please do give me a sign! :) (re career thing, haha)

Anagon :)


  1. I hope you find your true calling Ana! Cheers to life! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
    Don't miss: A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway!

  2. Thank you Mar! :) really hoping for the best! :) Cheers! :)

  3. i think i need to eat some falafil soon hehe
    i got over dosed from shawarma last week and the other lolz
    Godbless u :D i always adore people joing such things and of course me my self do join sometimes ^^
    <3 Thank You for adding us, feel free to look around & Inquire <3

  4. Sis Ana, I'm not saying this because I love you since I was 14 pero knowing you, I'm sure na kahit anong career path man yan, you will succeed as long as you put your heart and mind to it. Ikaw pa. :) Let me know what happens and I hope to see you sa next event ng Kaya Natin! :)

  5. Amz: Thank you so much! :) Now Im craving narin for falafel hehehe :) <3

    Jen: Naman! Thank you talaga! Really! :) You always make me feel good about myself! :) <3 Thank you sis and I really hope i can participate na sa KN soon :))


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