Bloggers United 2 + Dinner with the Sisters :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Went on an exciting meeting with Multiply yesterday afternoon with BU's Pax and Melai

..And later on proceeded to Blenz in Megamall to continue with further BU talks/planning over coffee and cinnamon finalizing the list of Participating Bloggers in the next bazaar! 

What I am excited about for BU2 is that we are really determined to bring in some of our Cebuana bloggers! I can't wait to meet our fashionistas from down south (Hello Eden!)!!! :D Other than that, by partnering with GMA Kapuso Foundation and the big Pinoy e-commerce site Multiply.Com : I can see the potentials of this major blog event! :-)  

Shoutout to my blog sister Pax!!! 
Happy Birthday! :) Thank you for always encouraging me, for not making me feel bad about myself, and for telling me that you believe in me. Kung alam mo lang how much those words meant sa akin--May God continue to bless your kind heart! You deserve all the best things in life!

Shortly towards the end of the meeting, I had to run from Megamall to Greenbelt (thank you MRT!) to meet ze sisters. My Ate texted the last minute--she'll treat us daw to dinner in NSG (National Sports Grill)--YEHEY! :)

Platter! Eto palang busog na!

I love fried foods, but this salad is my favorite!!!

It was super delubyo-bagyo outside, but I love the great food and company! Talked about our trips, and planned future ones! :) Really hope the family can go on an out of town together naman next time! :)
Ended the day with "situations talk" like "O pano kung magboobook tayo ngayon ng hotel, as in walang dalang clothes and toiletries, game kayo?"...Or weird situations like "Hawakan nyo yun paa ng mama na nakataas ang paa (sa bus)...Sagot ko na buong SG trip mo!" Hahaha. Crazy Gonzales!

Rainy bus ride on our way home... Emoterang frog si Ate hehehe. :P


  1. wow, i am really excited for BU2!!! :)

  2. Hahahahaha love the "crazy" situations, sis! :D

    Excited for BU2 din :)

    Happy birthday, Pax! ♥

  3. Carizza: Yehey!: ) Thank you!

    Krissy: Hahahaha benta lang noh, kaloka tong dalawa kasama, hahaha :D

  4. I super love the crazy situations :))
    I hope to make it for BU2! :D

  5. are you planning to have a different beneficiary for every BU event? :)

    hehe benta ang emoterang frog si kaka. (rude :P)

  6. Exciting BU2, I will definitely be there. Can't wait to see and meet all of you. Thanks Ana and everyone for making the blogging world such a great and friendly place! - mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
    Don't miss: A House of Harlow-esque Giveaway!

  7. natawa ko sa situation talk.. panalo! :)


  8. Can't wait for part 2 of Bloggers United :D

  9. are you using a leme app for blackberry?

  10. Excited na ako for us! Yey Ana!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. Hihihi thank you for those who are excited narin for BU 2! And also for finding our crazy sitch funny hehehe, the things we think of when we're with people we are comfortable with! :))
    Anonymous: I use leme leme sa itouch! :) <3

  12. Rose: Right now nag change uli kami ng beneficiary! :) Hindi ko sure what will happen next time! :) :D


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