Simone's Closet, Port88 Bazaar, and Penshoppe Renovation Raid!

Friday, September 16, 2011

1) Simone's Closet releases its new collection!
Checkout Change is Good, Simone's Closet's newest line of clothes!
Selections range from maxi skirts, fall dresses, maxi dresses, and other pretty clothes. Price starts at P250 only! Bid or buy now!

2) Port88 Bazaar tomorrow till Sunday!!!

Will I see you tomorrow? :)

Here's how to get to the venue:

Support Anagon Collection, Archive Clothing, Fashion Stop Shop, and Aie Corpuz in our first Ber-Month Bazaar! :) See ya!

3) Penshoppe MOA Renovation Raid!
Penshoppe, will be closing down their Mall of Asia Boutique temporarily, starting on Monday for renovations, thus, they will be selling everything today at 60% off from today until sunday! That includes new arrivals, jackets, scents, everything!
Mall hours during the sale (it’s the MOA 3-day sale) is until 12MN Friday-Saturday and until 11PM Sunday.

Happy Weekend!!!



  1. wow! thanks po for the info about the renovation raid at Penshoppe!

  2. I will drop by your booth. see ya!

    xx Kaye

  3. Jill: Have fun! Did you get to shop? :)

    Kaye: I am not sure if we met!! :)


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