Wrangler Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ok, so I just got home from faraway Robinsons Place Ermita, and here I am blogging about the event kaagad!! Haha! Naisip ko lang na tomorrow will be pretty hectic na for me because of the 2-day Port88 Bazaar (See you ha!) ... So wag na paipunin ang dapat gawin! Blogging away already!

So I met with Krissy in Gateway since I had to go to Pax's place for the curtains for our joint stall, and then Krissy and I had the commuting adventure of our lifetime! Anyway, we were almost late for the event (biro mo ang nakikita ko na sa signages asa New Manila alam ko super layo nun sa Manila haha)... and the organizer texted me na the show was about to start na...katense pwede! But when we got there, we weren't so late naman! :)

Here are the photos I took during the fashion show....  nag snakey-zig-zaged my way sa front pako niyan para lang maka take ng good pictures a! :)  Well, more of "not so bad" pictures! :) Hehe!

 Kung maka-Indian ang peg! Lovet!

Ang hippie band ang win! So laidback! Bet ko to, alamnyoyan! :)

Kahit pang boy, I like the red jacket :)

Wrangler Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign: Urban Playground - Seattle

Ok tong pang Luxe Grunge a! Hehehe!

Ooooh....spotted familiar faces across us!

Hello Keigh, Ava, and Megann!!!!!! :)))

I love the eclectic styling! :) I have to admit I didn't expect these clothing from Wrangler. I haven't checked out this brand...And wow they have interesting and wearable pieces na I'd like to have! :)

OM...It's Daniel Matsunaga!

And he took off the Indian Headdress, and flashed us his killer smile. *swoons*

The "balcony" seats, hehehe:

Rock n Roll! Wrangler also took inspiration from the laid-back Seattle sound and culture: Grunge! 

Another Luxe Grunge ang peg, hehe!

An interesting denim one-piece:

Love the fringe necklaces of the ladies during their "curtain call"...So Anagon Collection lang! 
Yown e noh! Hahaha!

And then Wrangler treated us with a topless Daniel Matsunaga (hehehe)

 But ang smile padin ang killer (yown e, conservative me, hehehe)

Closing remarks of the show, and an invitation to drop by the Wrangler stall tomorrow--Daniel will be there daw uli for, in his own words: "signature, hugs, picture, kiss" ...hahaha! :D Kyot.

My Pretty Blogger Friends .....Represent! :)
(Ang gaganda ang fashionable nila noh?:))

And...Yours truly! :) 
Ang tema: Maisuot ang bigay ni mom na top, baka mag tampo na. HAHA.
Mooom, brown is not my color! Haha!
Plus, mag flats lang kasi katamad mag baon today ng shoez, hehe.

Top - Mom's Pasalubong! :) H&M
Polka Skirt - Forgot (haha)
Gold Flats - Cotton On Rubi
Accessories - Anagon Collection

Of course, dinner and chikahan after! :))
It was a bitin night, but at least we had the time to catch up! 

So happy to be joined by Megann kasi suki ko yan ang we always meet for transactions or when she helps me out sa DLSU bazaar stints ko before...But never like this na to eatout and chikahan! :D Lovet! Let's do this more often! :) Adhoc party kaya? HAHA! 

A pleasure also to be joined by Jonver, who was also stressed out like me sa traffic on his way to the event...Lakas ng chikahan namin after the show! Sana maayos na ang internet mo!!!

Gotta love Beb's neon addiction lately, and I am looking forward to her new hair c/o Revlon this weekend! Sayang hindi ako makakapunta sa event because of ahem Port88 nga (See you ha? Hehehe...Kulit!). 

Benta din discussion with Keigh on her blog entry that we can't seem to figure out kung kanya nga, hahaha ang kulit! Imbento ba talaga ako! Hahaha. Love her Kid's Meal, too! :D

And of course, good day or bad day...I always enjoy chikahans with Krissy...Highlight talaga ang kainiz taxi ride namin na paulit ulit si manong ng mga sinasabi--lakas makainit ng ulo, hahaha! And of course, ang daldalan sa FX ride para di makatulog si Krissy dahil I know naman pagod siya from work. Sana naentertain naman kita sis! Hahaha. Guess niyo nalang anong naisip kong loka lokang topic? Timing din na napadaan pa ang FX namin sa UST! Woot, baka lumabas bigla si Jic Jic ng gate! Hehehe! :D

Yun lang! :) Looking forward to more bonding times! :) Nasabi ko na bang... See you tomorrow? Hehehe! ;p

P.S.: In other news...
Ana and Kim Kaizen Lo are now friends.
 ·  · 

Eeee! Sabi ng high school friend ko, sino siya? 
Kayo, kilala niyo ba siya? Kung hindi, kilalanin niyo! Hahaha!


  1. hahaha i'll try my very best to be at port 88!!:) Kung matapos agad ang revlon matters!:) alam mo naman i love supporting you girls!!

  2. Yipeeee yey!!! Have fun sa revlon beb! Excited me! Hehehe sana matuloy Din si megann!:) Parang siya na bago kong "alagang" blogger since you get invis nadin now :))) I really hope to see you tm!!!!

  3. Excited nko to drop by laterrr! :D

    xx Kaye

  4. do you know the names of the models or their agencies? there was a cute one and i want to know his name eh.. :D

  5. Kaye - did we get to see each other!!? :D

    Anon: naku i have no idea :( Sorry!! :/


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