Bioessence celebrates its 17th Birthday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I like Janis Ian's sad song At Seventeen.

Lines that caught my attention:
I learned the truth at seventeen
That love was meant for beauty queens...

...And those of us with ravaged faces
Lacking in the social graces
Desperately remained at home
Inventing lovers on the phone...

...It isn't all it seems at seventeen...

Iba sa Bioessence though. Celebrating their 17th year this month, Bioessence has been making lives beautiful for 17 long years!

In line with their anniversary, Bioessence is giving a 50% discount on premium services!

They also held a bloggers event yesterday afternoon in their Connecticut Greenhills branch. Alamnyoyan, malayo layo to sa amin, but how can I resist a pamper-me weekend? :)

I was one hour (kahiya) late because I got lost with the change of terminals in Megamall going to GH. Sobrang stress lahat ng gwardya sibil na tanungin ko, tinuro na ako sa iba ibang location. Nalurks ako, going to a supposed-relax relax event....thus this tweet:

Ana Gonzales
Papunta palang ng spa stressed out nako gusto ko nanaman umiyak sa kalye dahil di maituro ng tinatanungan ko sakayan haha.too much kdrama?:p

I swear nachallenge ang Fashionista Commuter in me. Ang nakakatuwa is that I reached Bioessence with the help of the FX driver, na kahit bumaba na lahat ng passengers sa Promenade, nagmistulang naka cab ako as he fetched me to Connecticut Street to reach my event! Ang bait, we even had conversations on random things. I told kuya FX driver before closing the door ''Salamat po kuya ha, nag enjoy po ako!'' :)

When I entered the Bioessence Serenity Spa, tanggal kaagad lahat ng haggard mode ko, thanks to the soothing aroma of the place (spa na spa!) and the warm welcome of their friendly staff. Although madaming tao that day for a small venue, the relaxing atmosphere is still there kahit madaming umattend ng gathering nato. At ease kaagad ako. 

photo from jr hilario

Bioessence is not only about making your skin and body beautiful, they also aim to provide a relaxing environment conducive to relaxation and having deeper connection with yourself. Sila man may birthday, for Bioessence --it's all about YOU! Me time kung me time ang prinopromote nila. :)

We can choose 2 out of these free services for the day! :D

I was just in time for the spa tour:

Demo of the slimming machine

Lights therapy...Cool nito! :)

A little info and intro on their different pampering services such as relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, and effective slimming treatments:

After the tour, I went to the buffet table to eat muna while waiting for my turn on the treatments

Angel loves her nail art courtesy of Bioessence!


photo from jr hilario

Other girls having their nail arts:

Ang cute ng White Tiger sa likod niyooo! Hihihi!

Speaking of! The place is decorated with jungle theme. Zoobic inspired ba ang peg! Even the staff mga naka safari-style clothes!
Tapos Waka Waka ang tugtog, hehehe! ;) Serious! Cute nga e! :D

While waiting sa hallway, I met Bec San Diego, a really nice and pretty beauty blogger! :) 

After a bit of chitchats, I had my turn sa massage chairs:

I-todo nato! Hehehe!

With my girls Angel and Ava: We all had facial / diamond peel:
..Nalurks kami ni Angel sa pricking, hahaha! :D Must have facials na as often as necessary. Medyo nakakaligtaan ko yun mga ganung bagay e. :p

Angel Rodriguez, Ava Te, and Bec san Diego

With Sarah Tirona:

photo by jr hilario

Last to leave our group - Me and Angel! :)
photo by jr hilario

Thank you for being so accommodating! :)

With 51 branches nationwide be sure to visit a branch near you and experience the Bioessence way! You may call 0918-8BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.

Pure Love day again, haha! 
Lapit na kasi magtapos. ;p
Nanunuod ka din ba nun? :)
Ang cute ni Yating my doggie, nakausisa hahaha!

Knit Cover Up and Lime Belt - Mom's pasalubong from paris
Gingham Skirt - Department Store
Loafers - Hush Puppies

Anagon Collection Pure Tear Drop Necklace

Thank you Bioessence for the fun treat!
Lapit na mag debut ha! ;)


  1. Naaliw lang ako na my post for today is about 17 din, kaso Seventeen Sigaw :D

    Cool ng necklace ah, marami nang ibang "variants"! :D Miss you sis! Hope to see you this Tuesday :)

  2. Wow nice! I love the nail art :)

    Fashion Blogger

  3. Wow! Ganda ng nail art!

    I'm sure the whole event was a blast! :)

  4. I love your tear drop necklace and also a big fun of pure love:)

    btw, you really had fun with the event loving the color of your nailo art:)

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Krissy: ako na pure love adik hahahaha oo nga noh 17!!! :D cooool coincidence... hmm...

    Yanna and Kaye: thank you keigh! thats sticker palang a , bongga na wala pang 15mins done na! ;))

    sunny: thank you so much hihi di pala ako nagiisang pure love adik! :) apir!

  6. Nice chatting with you at the event! See you around sis :)

    PS: Igrab ko yung pic natin ha :)

    Kiss Kiss
    Bec of

  7. Bec: Go! :)) Great to meet you too Bec!! :)))


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