F&H x Kotex: The Luxe Collection

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's officially the start of Philippine Fashion Week tonight! And although I have a love-hate relationship with fashion, I can't help but feel giddy when I woke up this morning and naisip ko wow another day, another season for fashion. For Philippine Fashion. And although kadaaaaami ng issues and whatnots on fashion and even fashion blogging, I wouldn't deny that fashion has always been (and will forever be) a big part of my life.

Last Thursday night, after a series of meetings with Melai Entuna for Bloggers United...We went all the way to Opus in Resorts World to witness the collection of one of the designers who will be part of the Philippine Fashion Week: Sir Eric De Los Santos. Here are some of the people present during the F&H-Kotex Luxe Collection exclusive event:

Venus Raj

Dominique Tiu

Alyssa Gibbs

Jigs Mayuga

Camille Co

Melai Entuna

And me! Hahaha.

Dapat Ice Queen ang peg ko nito, but I had to lend Melai my silver crown of steel, because she forgot her accessories bag! ;) Impromptu ginawa niyang bonggang catchy necklace ang headband ko hehe! :))

Fashion show:

I really love black and gold.

Something I myself will wear:

Glam F&H

Beautiful clothes, noh? :) What an inspiring collaboration.

I also love the set...Parang feel ko asa purple-pink galaxy ako :)

Bloggers Camille Co, Dominique Tiu, and Lexi Gancayo also strutted the catwalk in their luxe F&H ensemble

Congratulations Sir Eric De Los Santos!

A photo with the gorgeous Ms. Golda of Kotex! She's so radiant! :)

Beautiful Venus Raj and Georgina Wilson

Ms. Mylene Dizon --love her dress

Agot Isidro (Oo ako na mahilig sa artista hahaha)

Beautiful models Jasmine Maierhofer and Marie Ann Umali -- worked with them months ago when I assisted for Jear De Mc Cuttac's styling for an MB shoot

Melai with the lovely Ms. Ann and Ms. Nicole

Major Major! Hehehe. Learned that Venus Raj is DSWD's new ambassador for kids' rights :) 

With fellow bloggers Domz Tiu and Camille Co

With the great Sir Jigs Mayuga

Pretty Alyssa! She told us nakikita daw niya ata kami sa blog ni Pax! ;) Hehe!

Had the chance to meet (and greet) Sir Eric. Such an honor to meet the designer. (bows down, hehe)

What a short and sweet evening. The highlight most probably was Melai wearing my silver wired heads as bib  /necklace, and a lot of people took notice. And then my dear friend will point to me and tell them (with her great PR skills) that I made the piece. What a nice few seconds of recognition. I will try to go to a show or two this PFW season to get more inspired--to hone my craft, and to love fashion again, more today than yesterday? Pwede din. I have such huge respect to our local designers for making a name out of something that came from their creative minds. It will be the dream for me to be known for my craft. Cheers to Philippine Fashion! And congrats Kotex and F&H for staging this evening of elegant and intimate gathering with some of the people I look up to!


  1. Venus Raj is gorgeous! LUCKY YOU! Great pictures, too! Thanks for the post! ^_^

  2. What a great event! dami mo nakita star studded :)

    Fashion Blogger

  3. Wow you have picture with Jigs Mayuga gusto ko rin siyang makasama sa picture :) Do you know ba kung may blog din si Alyssa Gibbs?

  4. Bee: Thank you so much! Venus IS beautiful not only on the outside, but she is also super nice :))

    Kaye: Hahahaha alamoyan mahilig tayo sa ganyan artista haha :D

    Glenn: Idol noh? He is also super accommodating! :) Naku im not sure if alyssa gibbs owns a blog! :) Sorry!

  5. super cute mo ana :) as in!!

    The Bargain Doll

  6. Rovie: Awww wow, thanks! :D Di ako sanay! Haha!


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