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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something new to look forward to!

A fun and fashionable show is coming on ETC this Sunday, October 23, at 7:45pm!

I headed to the Chateau 1771 restaurant in Greenbelt 5 last Wednesday afternoon to learn more about this exciting new installment in one of my favorite cable channels.

But first...lafang sesh muna! :)

Yey buffet! :D Hehe!

I love the super daming vegetarian options <3

And the mini cupcakes courtesy of Sweet Patti Cakes--A dessert business of one of the hosts Patti Grandidge! Cool!

Yummy strawberry :P

Linya na sakin to ng mga bloggers: "Gutom ka tey?" Hahaha. :P I just love fooood!

Bloggers table: Bianca Sing, Aie Corpuz, ETC's Ms. Kate Villena, Kaye Awatin, Vian Viernes, Ey-va Te, and Keigh Jalbuena! :)

After the hearty meal, we went inside a small function room in the resto, along with the other members of the press, to watch a vid on the upcoming show:

Candy Team! :) My idols Ms. Steph Yapnayon, Mimi Tiu, and Angel Constantino! :)

Right before an episode of Glee Season 3, ETCETERA, the 15-minute capsule, will fill us in on the latest trends for the stylish youth!

Introducing ETCETERA's Kim Jones and Patti Grandidge!

Positive and easy-going, Patti is the newest face to brighten up primetime as ETCETERA's host. Meanwhile, Kim's love of the outdoors and all things spontaneous makes her the perfect on-the-scene reporter for ETCETERA

Never be behind the trend or out of the loop. With ETCETERA you are kept up to date on what’s in and what’s out in style, beauty, TV, web and youth. Tune in to get the hottest entertainment news filled with spoilers, reviews and polls on your favorite ETC shows, and lookbooks on your much loved ETC stars. Stay in style as it offers practical tips on beauty, like “How to’s” on skin, hair and make-up, and the lo-down on cool fashion trends, chic do’s and don’ts and stores you want to raid. Online and on the streets, ETCETERA will help you discover where the hippest local hangouts are, and the most click-worthy websites can be found.

Can't wait to catch ETCETERA on ETC! O hindi mahirap tandaan yan ha! ;) 

Members of the press spent more time with Patti and Kim:

Later on, went out with my bloggirls for picture-taking session (haha)..Take advantage ang outdoor/natural lighting! ;D

The pretty ladies:

Kaye Awatin - Print on print!

Vian Viernes shows us that you can never go wrong with cropped pants!

Aie - Turban lady = Instant statement! Her trademark piece na talaga!

Aisa Ipac - Sheer delight!

Melai Entuna - Men's wear na colorful! :)

Melai and I both wear our SHOE ETIQUETTE shoes! :-)

Pax's Styling Team! WOOT! 
Keigh Jalbuena, Ava Te, and Bianca Sing

My look for the day: TamadMe.Com

Bonnet - an old accessory I got in our high school Banaue trip
Gray top c/o Oxygen
Black Shorts c/o The Vintage Bee
Gold Brogues c/o Shoe Etiquette
Green Satchel c/o Paisley
Mixed metals harness - Anagon Collection
Glasses - Starfinder

Bloggers United! 

ETCETERA premieres every Sunday at 7:45PM starting October 23, with replays every Monday at 8:45AM & 2:45PM; Tuesday at 7:45PM; Wednesday at 7:45AM & 11:45AM; Thursday at 11:30PM; Saturday at 2:45PM; Sunday at 11:00AM & 3:45PM.


  1. Ana! I really like your glittery shoes! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  2. Natawa ako sa "" :))
    Cute cute shoes, Ana!

  3. You posted my unflattering photos!!!! :) Hahahaha

    Melai of Style and Soul


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