Kose Infinity Launch

Friday, October 14, 2011

The search for the perfect skincare regimen is still on. 

I've tried a lot of the "mainstream" affordable lines, and they're all really helpful in keeping my face clearer than it was around 3 years ago. The funny thing is, my breakout-phase didn't happen during my puberty..Kundi post-college lang! Kainis kung mang-asar!

Anyway, when Sarah invited us to a KOSE event, how can I say no to learning more about a Japanese high-end brand? :) Ang gaganda kaya ng skin nila!


I was with Keigh Jalbuena, Sarah Tirona, Angel Rodriguez, and my beb Ava Te! :)

The KOSE Infinity line:

The tabletop display, true to the Japanese theme:

We were asked to answer a form on our skin and our regimen:
I love this kind of test, wala lang. Feeling ko personality test siya or something, hehe. :P

Seryoso, basta pagdating sa pagpapaganda!...Hehehe! ;)

Some "reading materials"

Kose Regional Manager and skincare expert Harumi Sugawara lead the beauty workshop:
Sabi nga ni ma'am, Infinity is an anti-aging line of this popular beauty brand in Japan. But it is also great for those in their 20s--dahil prevention is better than cure nga naman. ;-)

Segway, ganda ng skirt niya!!:

Keigh, listening attentively to the beauty talk, hehe:

They also have makeup line:

We then proceeded to the product demo, where they asked for a volunteer:

I remembered Ms. Harumi telling us to "treat our skin like silk".

We were hesitant na magpahidpahid at first, especially since this will erase our mukap (hehe)...but Keigh and I went for it na since interesting talaga yun products:

"Origami" hehe...Keigh perfecting the "proper way to fold and hold a tissue", haha! :D
Ang cute talaga basta Japanese!

He assisted our table all the way:

In Sarah's words: Shiny, Happy Girls! :)
I reallyreally love the whole experience. As expected, the products are pricey (the night cream is worth almost P10k) but sabi nga nila: you get what you pay for!

A yuuummy Japanese merienda to cap the affair:

The night before, I was already imagining maki and wasabi and kikoman (haha) because of the T.Boy and Yakimix dinners I had...Nag crave talaga ako! Ang galing na "naattract" ko talaga ang Japan! Haha...A Japan trip naman next? Hehe!

Angel and Ava's cute BB case! :)

Finally, we got to talk with Sir JP Singson. I really look up to him for going to fashion weeks outside our country. He is overflowing with amazing stories, such a fun company. :)

I really love the foods selection from the East Cafe menu...Sarah, Keigh, and I checked them and learned of its worth-it price range. Will definitely go back there for the vegetarian maki! :P It was a luxurious experience and I was super satisfied for going to that event already, that I was surprised when the organizers handed us samples of the Kose Infinity on our way out of the venue! Double happiness! <3 

I feel such a spoiled, happy, hilig-magpagandang bata. Hehe. :)

Thank you to my Sarah T., Rustans, and KOSE Infinity!


  1. Wow! what a great beauty product! :) Will definitely try that one out

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  2. Awesome event! I love Japanese skincare :)

  3. thanks for postinG Ana, ill grab photos ha :)

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  4. Argie: Ang ganda nga! :) F na F ko ang effect! ;D Hahaha!

    Sarah: Thank you also for inviting me! :) Go grab! :) Hehe! :) See you soooon!


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