Kultura Filipino's Christmas and Crafts Market

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I was up early yesterday to go to SM Makati's Kultura event, where they featured sooo many different Filipino holiday finds!

Kahit antok pa and almost ma-late, I was welcomed by this symphony of Pinoy music--lively Christmas songs pa talaga ang tugtugan! :) Nakakagising!

Very festive mood!

Shoppers everywhere! I saw lots of moms and even foreigners really stocking their carts and baskets with very Filipino panregalo and pandisplay sa Pasko!

Amigos  and amigas greet each other here and there. :) Ang good vibes ng ganap! :)

Pasko na!

 I met Keigh, Ava, and Angel--my fellow bloggers, so we can explore the different Holiday crafts and decor collection:

These clutches caught my eyes...Super pretty! And very Pinoy ang materials. <3

 I can see myself using these for events!

A grand belen, a very Filipino Christmas eh? :)

Traditional lanterns aka parol, crafted by local artisans. :) 

They even have books section! :) 

More nice bags from "Crafts for a Cause" section--most prob my favorite area in Kultura:

These bracelets are made of the metals used to open mga canned softdrinks! Cute!

Edgy! Diba! :)

...Nakabuo din sila ng bags out of this material! :D

Very familiar...these products made by inmates from recycled materials:

Para hindi na pahirapan ang balutan ng regalo! :)

Oooh, my watch-lover friend Marj will love these cases!

Nung debut ko, ang pinaka madaming nareceive kong regalo ay lamps haha:

Pretty tables! <3 Reminded me of Banapple or Chilis...

Pinoy toma-an!

Yummy dried mangoes!

I was taking these pictures with Chai Muncal, we both fell in love with the brass trees! :)

 We spent most of our time chikahan inside the cafe near Kultura, where they served us really Filipino dishes...Ang pinaka favorite namin ni Keigh ay the different cheese dips! Went for another round, hehe! ;)

Picture-picture before leaving!

Jessa, Chai, Arnie, Denise, Me, Jen, and Dianne!

Fashionable people, kahit maaga pa! ;)

Arnie Villanueva - first time to meet her! Such a sweet girl, and may "common interest" pa kami, hehehe!

Denise Lunod - thank you for inviting us! :)

Jen Maslang

China Muncal - with Anagon Wired Heads! (Walking endorser daw? ;) Hehe!)

Dianne Dequina

Jessa Ang

Ava Te

Also, finally met these really nice ladies! :) Myrted and Kei! :)

 And...Me! Hahaha!

Dress - Thifted
Necklace - Anagon Collection
Eye Glasses - Starfinder
Shoes c/o Hush Puppies
Bag c/o Paisley 

This pic summarized that morning, hahaha:

 Panay tawa with my "Hyper Girls" Jessa, Dianne, and Chai! Hahaha!

Left the place with lovely harp melodies as background music:

Fancy, festive day--Just like Christmas. :) <3 *sigh*


  1. Awwww kilig naman ako sa caption ng saken, Ana!! ♥ True yang common interest natin. More kwentuhan to come. :"> I got really stunned nung na-sight kita. Oh my.


  2. Arnie: Yehey! :) Hope to see more of you and chikahan soon! :))

  3. Anaaaaa! Yung shoes mo! Yun yung gustung-gusto ko sa Hush Puppies azzeeeen! Tapos you got it for free pa? Wow! :)

  4. Nariese: Yes! :) Ang cute nga ng mga loafers nila! :P

  5. Banda Kwayan and Holly Angel Paraiso (the harpist)!! Yaaay! happy to see them as i've used them in my past events :)

    On the side note, I like your necklace and baaag! <3


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