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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a productive day! I headed to GMA for the meeting with the nicest Ms. Noemi of the GMA Kapuso Foundation, the partner organization of Bloggers United Part 2! :) We talked with Ms. Noemi on the event's current updates...Here are the details again, talagang kukulitin ko kayo about this hehehehe:

Date: December 3, 2011
Venue: Treston International College (near Market Market, Taguig)

Also, did you know that Php5 of your every purchase in  your favorite bloggers' stalls will go to the GMA Kapuso Foundation? :) I get goosebumps whenever I think of this whole thing...sobrang heartwarming the difference we can make if we all gather together for a good cause. :) Kahit advance na  advance, thank you for shopping for a cause, and thank you bloggers for being so willing in this project! :)

Other than that, most of the ticket sales and BU sponsorship money will go to the GMA Kapuso Foundation. This foundation's main project nga pala is to build classrooms. I wonder how many classrooms ang mabubuild with the help of all the bloggers and supporters joining together this December 3 (in Treston International College, nasabi ko na ba yun? Haha!) ? :) Let's do this guys!!! :)

Post meeting bonding and kain with Melai at Gerardo:

We shared this SUPER CHEESY LANG nachos:

Hay sarap mabuhay! Hahaha! :P I love cheeeeese!

More Bloggers United matters in between our kainan! :) 
Melai got a call from an interested sponsor!!!! Woot! More blessings please! :)

Finishing off my kape. :P

Before parting ways...had to take outfitey pictures! :)

Love Melai's print on print look! :)

Ferosh! :D

My turn! :D Ayos muna ng pagka-tuck in hahaha:

Tema: Sound of Music (hahaha) 
I watched the Press Preview after this meeting! Big thank you to Angel Rodriguez! :) Blogging about the memorable experience next! :) <3

Hat - SM
Dress worn as top - Thrifted
Skirt - a store near UST, bought when I was still in college for only P100!
Belt - Dad's
Loafers c/o Hush Puppies
White Doctor's Bag c/o Celeteque
Watch c/o SM


Super happy day! :) I know not all things will go my way, but I'm sure better plans were already made by God for me. This better outlook in life is a result of reading The Secret and The Power. I know some people are not into self-help books, but sobra, I owe these books a lot. I am not stable, but I am thankful and I will hold on to these positivity and good vibes - which is the secret din naman in attracting more positivity in my life. Can't wait to blog about the Sound of Music, sobrang the best it brought back a chunk of my childhood! I remember how my parents would always play our Sound of Music cassette! Sigh. The play made me so emotional!

Ending this day with proclaiming my gratitude to the Lord for all the blessings...Let the good times roll!!!

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad. 
-Sound of Music


  1. Great Outfit!!!! :)
    Follow my blog too. weew tnx! I will really appreciate if u will :)

  2. Yey for BU 2 in progress!:)

    Nakita ko yung outfit mo sa blog ni angel, beb! and ang cute mo lang!:) first thing that came into mind is i love the bun ah!:D hehe very sound of music!

  3. nice outfit (: very outstanding !!!

    CMPang x

  4. Sana makapunta na ako sa even na yaaaan! :)

  5. Great pictures.. You guys look so happy! :-)

  6. Ang sarap naman ng Nachos! favorite ko yan! :) Nice outfit by the way, so chic! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  7. Wow!! I love that the Bloggers United 2 is partnering with Kapuso Foundation. That is something special, an event to help build classrooms. Keep up the good work ladies! I :)


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