Last nang "Last Song"!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

I was really excited for the RED BOX: LICENSE TO ROCK BLOGGERS NIGHT last Wednesday in their Eastwood branch. First time to na mag vivideokehan ang mga blog sistahs! :D I knew super unkabogable and riot tong night nato! ;)

Rode elevator inside the Richmond Hotel Eastwood:

Krissy and I got there just in time for the discussion with Red Box and FILSCAP.

Red Box is a licensee of the Filipino Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (FILSCAP). This non-profit organization enforces the public performance right and communication to the public right granted by law to copyright owners of musical works.

“Our extensive music collection and sound-engineered rooms made us the top-of-mind entertainment spot among Filipinos. This is why we believe that it is just right to give back to the industry which is the main reason why Red Box has gotten this far—the music industry—and the people behind it,” shares Walden Chu, Managing Director of Red Box

After the informative discussions, the different blogger groups were led to their own rooms...yes! Kanya kanya... by barkadahan! Lovet!

With my friend from college Jules Veloso, who now works for Geisler Maclang, led us to our spacious room!

For anyone who has taken the time to explore Red Box’s interiors, one will notice the deliberate way the speakers are placed inside to ensure sound quality. Each room has been carefully sound engineered down to the walls, which have been designed to acoustically guarantee a better sound experience. And their equipment, which uses state of the art technology, is complemented by what could arguably be the most extensive music collection in the metro.

As if that wasn’t enough, Red Box also gives customers a range of other recreational options that include free and high-speed Wi-Fi access, a pool and poker table and option to use in-house gaming consoles ...Entertainment hub at its finest!

Bago mag biritan, we went to the buffet first for dinner:

It’s rare for music hubs to put so much focus on food and drinks, yet it’s precisely this that allows Red Box to carve a distinct niche for itself in the industry. 

On any given day, a night out in Red Box means you get to enjoy a diverse selection of Asian, Italian and Western fares and creatively mixed-drinks that could very well rival any gourmet dining destination. Ask for the Red Box Sushi Samba on you next visit and you’ll be treated to 12 sumptuous recipes creatively and appropriately named after top musical hits!

I enjoyed the pasta and potatoes. <3 Hay! The best things in life are all here!

Finally...Kantahan naaa!!!

Keigh trying to figure out the works of the remote. Walang clear book clear book dito (haha)...All hightech, though very complicated saking hindi techie!

There's a phone connected to Red Box peeps in each room, so we asked for help regarding the songs selections...Kuya Red Box went in our room immediately and napakatyagang tinuruan kami with the remote:
Thank you Kuyaaaa!!!

Then finally.......Kantahan naaa!!!

The best si Khel and Ed, Krissy's friends! Birit kung birit, ballad kung ballad! <3

With Mich and Pax! Cruisin'??! :) Hehehe.

Pax and Melai nag duet! Beyonce ba ito o Gaga?!

Basagan na ng baso! Hehehe joke, hindi sadya yan! ;D

Grabe ang boses ni Khel, naku na-inlove na ata si Teh! Hahaha! Tignan ang reaksyon ni Mich! Hehehe!

Tayuan naaaa! WOOOT!

Last Friday Night, Hot and Cold, Love Story, Super Bass....lahat na!
Senti songs: Man Who Cant Be Moved, and ang fave kong Mr. Brightside! :D Fineel ko yun mga teh! Hahaha!

Pwede ding "Chasing Cars" habang nakahiga sa sahig? Pwede!
Next time! Haha!

Guess anong song to!? :D Hahahaha!

Walang kamatayang Wannabe by the Spice Girls!!!

Presenting, in Ed's words, the SPICY GIRLS! Hahaha!

Awesome night! Definitely one of the best events I've attended! :) Red Box treated us with the ultimate entertainment experience! Thank you!!! I love this place! My new happy place! Haha!

Adding in my Instagram pictures, thank you Keigh for these crazy shots! ;)

Di ko maalala ano na ba talaga ang ni-last song namin! Pinoy nga kami, hahaha, sa sobrang excited and enjoy sa mic and music, we kept on saying "O last song na, last song!" ...hahaha! Walang katapusang last song!!!

Can't wait to go back! :)

Thank you Ed Montalban for most of the fun fun group pictures!


  1. OMG ANO BA TALAGA ANG LAST SONG? Hahaha! As always, katuwa ang blog post mo, Ana! Love it! Basta, let's all go back once we get our cards! Miss you girls already! :)

  2. Miss you tooo!!!:D benta talaga tong red box!!!:D saya!!!!;))

  3. yay mukhang to the highest level ang happiness :)

  4. I had so much fun this night! Laveeeet! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. Jenny! :D Hahahah! Highest level nga! ;D Hahahaha!!! :D

    Melai: Hahahah fun fun fun sana maulit!!!! :)

  6. Nagparteeh ang mga prettieesszz! You got me laughing at the basagn ng baso & the pax,mich, khel triangle. :)

  7. everyone seemed happy :) ang cute nyong lahat :)

  8. Wow! super enjoy naman ng karaoke date niyo :)

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  9. Argie: Hahaha nagkabasagang baso na e noh hahahaha ;D

    Rovie: Super duper had fun, bitin though! :)

    Ava: We missed youuu sana maulit! definitely dapat maulit!

    Kaye: Super saya!! :)) Ang kulit!


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