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Monday, October 10, 2011

It was Ickay and Micah's joint birthday celebration last Saturday...Originally, we were planning na mag kantahan sa Centerstage Timog, but the grabehang delubyo the past few days made us shift our plans and just eat out in Megamall. Masaya padin! I was really excited to see my friends from watching UST games! =) 

With Ickay, Vany, and Alexa...While waiting for Micah (We missed you Imeee!!!)

Finally...The celebrants and mga "taya" sa dinner nato! :)

Alexa, having a hard time choosing from T.Boy's menu:

What we had:

Beef dish and TUNA

Shrimp Tempura

Mineee! :) <3
Agedashi Tofu and Yakimeshi, minus the meat!

...But this is my favorite when eating in a Japanese resto!
Kikoman and Wasabi! ;D

What I love about my "Bully Fam" is that our friendship now goes beyond watching the UAAP games. Although they're the best people to be with when watching a hardcore, lakas-maka-murang UST Growling Tigers games... I love that we can also hangout in the malls (Can't wait na matuloy na ang videokehan! Pag di na maulan, nyahaha.). Bonus nadin na that night hindi kelangan mag dilaw kasi wala namang game! ;) Haha! Ang ge-girl namin non! ;)

After eating...Chikahan galore. And I mean CHIKAHAN. Hahaha! Daming sikreto! (Hot issue ba, girls? ;))

Double Dare: Palitan ang cellphone wallpapers! Hahahaha nakakahiya yung sakin! Alamnyoyan!

Outfitey Tema: Water Proof

Almost everything is made of leather/faux leather material--para ok lang mabasa!
Watch with changeable straps c/o Tomato
Leather Bag c/o Lapdance
Geek Glasses - Starfinder
"House of Harlow"-ish Necklace - SM
Denim Polo - Archive Clothing
PVC Leggings - Terranova
Black Loafers - Aerosoles

I hope to have more sessions like this. :)
Thank you Ickay and Micah for the treat! And to the whole family for the friendship. <3 Love you all!


  1. haha natawa naman ako sa fave mo Ana, panalo bang ulam at sabaw ang wasabi at kikoman? haha! =P

    happy birthday to them! looks like a lot of bonding ang naganap. cool na nageevolve na outside basketball. you're lucky! =)

  2. Hahahah salap! Yun dalawa lang tapos may kanin na malagkit buhay nako hehehe ;)))

    Yes! I do feel lucky to have them! :) <3

  3. I love your outfit Ana! :) androgynous yet chic

    Fashion Blogger

  4. Yey thank you for appreciating, Kaye! :) .. And comfyyy too kahit maulan! ;)


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