The Sound of Music at Resorts World Manila!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Crazy Gonzales family is a BIG Sound of Music fan...

We all watched the movie together:
Betamax pa siguro non!

We even own a cassette of the of the most over-played sound track in our home,
 maliban sa Alladin, Pocahontas, and other Disney cassettes the parentals bought for us, hehe:
photo source

During my grade school years, I remembered watching the Tagalized anime version in ABS-CBN: Trap Family Singers!

Just when I thought the Sound of Music craze is over and just a happy thing of my past, the Resorts World Manila brings back the beloved musical and our favorite family by staging the play in the new Newport Performing Arts Theater!

And last Friday was my lucky day!

Through tweets, Angel Rodriguez, a fellow blogger and the niece of THE Joanna Ampil, invited me to the Press Preview! Meaning...I was one of the firsts who got to watch this play! Kinilig me!

Iba yung kabog ng dibdib ko nung pagpasok ko ng Resorts World last Friday. Everything na tignan ko, may Sound of Music! Hype hype hype!

We met at around 6pm, and the show was at 8pm pa, so we had a "light dinner" in Kopi Roti...

Mine, salap!

I had a great time getting to know Angel, as this was my first time na makabond siya talaga. Such an interesting girl with interesting stories! :) We were also both part of Candy Council of Cool before, though magkaiba ng batch. Iba talaga pag Candy Girl noh? ;) Haha!

The tickets!

First time ko din to step inside the Newport Performing Arts Theater...Bongga chandelier palang! :)

Picture dito at doon! ;) Hehehe!

With Angel's Tita! :)

Cutie! Standees of the powerhouse cast of theater veterans and promising newcomers were scattered in Resorts World! :)

Thank you talaga Angel for this experience!

We were two lucky girls seated sa second row yo... sobrang lapit at nakakakilig

The show started on time (cool!). I didn't know what to expect out of something I've watched ng super tagal na, countless of times, and paulit ulit ko na narinig ang OST. But I tell you guys, first scene palang... breath-taking mountains and fields view flashed in the big LED screen background, then entered the quirky and ever-hyper Maria Rainier in the middle of the stage, with her nakaka goosebumps-lang voice--she then belted out The Sound of Music ...

I go to the hills
When my heart is lonely
I know I will hear
What I've heard befooooore
(Tapos biglang may lilipad na birds sa LED screen! Uh-ma-zing! Haha!)

My heart will be blessed
With the sound of music
And I'll sing once more .... (*sigh*)

...Hala! Naiyak kaagad ako wala pang nanyayari! Hahaha!

The series of sobrang nakakaloka and nakakatouch scenes continued... Plus nag catch talaga ng attention ko are the great set transitions, sobrang kaaliw! It's like watching a play AND a movie! Kulang nalang 3D yung production! Hahaha! Ultimate theater experience!

I have confidence in confidence alone
Besides which you see I have confidence in me!

Maria's travel from the convent to the Von Trapp's house! The best smooth transition!

There! I wouldn't want to hype the play so much na (as if hindi ko pa siya sobrang puring puri noh! Hahaha!), better if you catch the play mismo! :)  I have no photos during the show since they only allowed a few people from the media to take videos and pictures...BUT dahil pesewey akey...I took out my iTouch during the curtain call:

A standing ovation to the powerful cast!

As if dun na nagtatapos ang luck ko, Angel even took me backstage!!!

Cool dressing rooms hehehe...

Anton Posadas as Kurt and Atasha Muhlach as Brigitta!
Yup that's Aga and Charlene's daughter! :)

Talented kids! Do-Re-Mi! :D

Ang cute and kulit ng anak nila Aga and Charlene! :) <3 Adorable!

Angel with her Tita Joanna :)

The scenes! I miss being part of theater...Although stressful siya! I used to involve myself sa set design! :)

Favorites: Sound of Music and Maria (Oh, how do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?)

An opportunity for photo op with the very talented Ms. Joanna Ampil

The Sound of Music will run for the whole month of October.
(the following info are from Resorts World website)

SHOW SCHEDULE (starts on October 15, 2011):
Wednesday8 PM
Thursday8 PM
Friday8 PM
Saturday3 PM / 8 PM
Sunday3 PM


Tickets are available at the Resorts World Manila Box Office and all TicketWorld outlets. Call the Resorts World Manila Tourist/Visitor Hotline at 836-6333, 908-8833or TicketWorld at 811-9999 for more information.

Can't thank you enough, Angel! :)

I really want to re-watch this, with the whole family naman.! I hope it will bring back really good memories, and send more good vibes to the Crazy Gonzales. Money come to meee! Hehe!

I will never forget that Friday night...When a timeless tale was brought back to me, and made me appreciate the beautiful free world we are living in once again.

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad. :)


  1. The movie never gets old :) kahit ang haba haba niya! Favorite ko si Leizl (?) basta yung eldest hehe super pretty talaga! Didn't know may tagalized cartoon series before :( Anyway, looks like you both had a great time ;)

  2. OMG I SEE MY ROLF IN YOUR CURTAIN CALL PICS!!! I die! Hahaha. Daming paparazzi shots. Love it! I'll be watching again for sure. :) Tara, tara! Go, go, go! :p

  3. Ana Maria: Super fun! Yup you got that right, sobrang classic na nito noh! :)

    Angel: WAHAHAHAH! :D Oo nga noh anjan siya hahaha ;D Hoping for a repeat!!! Ok nakong madala family ko kahit balcony lang sila matreat! :)

  4. Ohhhh... The Sound of Music is my sister's favorite movie ever. We even downloaded that reunion special of the cast in Oprah a couple of months ago.:) Ang saya naman. I'd love to watch this in theater as well.

  5. Oh wow! awesome! backstage and you were able to meet the casts.. COOL!

    Fashion Blogger

  6. Wow, swerte mo naman naka-pasok ka backstage! :) Grabe crush na crush ko si Captain nung bata pa ko. Actually hanggang ngayon nagagwapuhan pa rin ako sa kanya! Hahaha!



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