Third Wheel of Eats a Date: SUGI!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I was again a lucky kid last Saturday. 

The Eats a Date food blog team invited me to their foodtrip in SUGI!
The outfitey: Maluwag clothes para ready to eat! ;)
Namiss ko naman ang photo op with Frank! Thankyou for this picture!

Gray top with nice deets c/o Oxygen
Red pants - a bargain from Terranova...bought for P300 lang!
Watch c/o SM
Black loafers - Aerosoles
Silver Wired Heads - Anagon Collection

The Eats a Date team is composed of Ate May and Kuya Frank--my food blogger friends who love to take pictures!

They are also affiliated na with When in Manila--the organizer of the Blogapalooza. They invited me for an Anagon Collection feature (their first lifestyle interview!)...Tapos para narin makisalo ako with their "date" in SUGI Greenbelt 2 Makati branch.

This Japanese restaurant was my pops and mother goose's "date spot" before (nuknump, haha). It was born on Feb 1983 in Greenbelt Arcade...Mom was trying to explain to me awhile ago where that area was, pero pati siya nalito with the new Greenbelt layout na. Dami nang pagbabago! Basta when it comes to AUTHENTIC Japanese food...The classic go-to place of the parentals was here in SUGI!

Meeting SUGI's chef Mr. Nakamura:

Ate May talking with chef about the dishes they prepared for us:

Get ready to drooool! The foods they prepared for naka set-up ng Jap style! :

Wagyu Shabu Shabu

Boiled thinly sliced wagyu beef and vegetables served with vinegared soy sauce and spices -- syempre akin ang gulay! ;) Hehehe!

Yasai Kani Salad
We lovet with the Japanese mayo! Malinamnam!

This one is, in Frank's terms, isang ocean na na asa plato!
Salmon, tuna, eel, cuttle fish, blue marlin, kani...Lahat na! Haha! 

Mixed Tempura:
I love the broccoli and mushroom tempura! Yummy and fresh na fresh! Ngayon lang din ako nakatry ng brocs tempura, masalap siya--medyo juicy!

Maki topped with salmon, and the crabstick inside the roll is wrapped with breadcrumbs! Super rich! Namatay ako!
Of course I had to remove the salmon and the kani, but dipping this delight in kikoman+wasabi... Hay heaven!

They also have private Japanese-style rooms...masaya to pag birthday ni mom or dad! :) 

P3000/room consumable. :) -- feel ko sulit nato!

Private western style rooms downstairs (may chairs, hehe)

The Eats a Date blog started this year lang. Ate Mae loves to take food pictures and post them in her then-personal/photo blog.

Frank later on joined Ate Mae, thus "Eats a Date" was born!
Me: So may hindi ba kayo kinakain?
Ate Mae: Wala naman
Me: Anong favorite food niyo?
Ate Mae: Ako lahat! Yang si Pakner, Pinoy na Pinoy yan e!

I noticed the teamwork and camaraderie of Kuya Frank and Ate Mae...a perfect match! Parang toyomansi lang, or garlic-mayo! Haha! Ate Mae is more particular with the angles and concepts for their shots, while Kuya Frank's forte is taking the macro photos:

Took us a while before namin inattak ang food. I noticed that the two are very particular of their photos. Perfectionist ba! I think that's a good thing especially for budding food bloggers. They don't settle...Dapat tama palagi ang timpla. Very professional lang! :)

I enjoyed eating and sharing stories with the two!
What I love most about these food bloggers is that they are really into sharing. Sabi nga ni Ate Mae, they love the company of other people, and through food --napapa gather diba ang mga tao. Lahat busog. Lahat happy!

Ate Mae even ordered the Tamago for me...One of my fave Jap foods!
I think it's so thoughtful of her to even buy extra dish for me. Super natouch ako for this gesture. :)

Before leaving...Of course I need a picture with this love team, este, tandem! Thank you for the lafang session! And of course, ang dessert nating tawanan! :)
I love being the third wheel of these two talented and very funny mag- pakners! 
Can't wait for your blog entry on this resto! :))

On my way down the restaurant, I also met Lovely, I think she is either a reader of the blog or one of my Anagon suki! :) It's nice of her to say hello! :) <3

Such a sweetheart! :)

Again thank you so much Eats a Date! for this food trip and laugh trip!

...Napataba ninyo ang aking puso!

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  1. awwwwww how sweeeeeet!! salamat ana! many more foodtrips for us!

  2. Yehey! :)) Cant wait ate mae! :) Thanks also!!!

  3. I've always been fond of taking pictures of food! such pretty presentation :)

    Fashion Blogger

  4. Great resto! :) I am so nagugutom na tuloy ngayon. Haha.. Love the outfitey teh!!! :D

  5. looks like a lovely place and elegant food too :) i like traditional foodies ^^

  6. Hi Ana!

    Nagutom ako! Hahaha. Sugi is, for me, THE BEST jap resto we have in Manila. Ibang klase ang freshness! ;)


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