Gym Diaries: Day 1

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Alam na bat eto ang napiling locker, di nako nagkulang nyan sa fitspiration a, hehe:

Obvious na sponsored gym-ing, hehe:

Made sure I have a "before" photo, hehehe:

Look who I saw in the posters!

Wall inside the women's locker room. Pang inspire ba? Hehe:

Went to the gym last Monday na di nauubusan ng Twitter Rants (hehe). Parang first day of school! Decided to finally start my free 30-day Gold's Gym membership c/o Fit n Right for their "Biggest Loser" challenge. I don't know what's up with me, but there's a psychological thing na pag kailangan ko pumayat, lalo ako tumatakaw, lalo akong tinatamad to get up and exercise. Tapos sunod-sunod pa ang kainan, including my first Soderno experience, and event in Amici GH. Katawa talaga ang timing. So for my first week of supposed pagpapapayat challenge = big fat fail. :P

Anyway, went to Gold's Gym Alabang branch for my redemption (haha, oa). Medyo hindi commuter friendly, so my dad brought me there and went to Slimmers in Festi, so I can do my own thing in an hour. Nakakastress lang na disoriented na ako with anything about gym, so with my straight-face, mismatched socks, big souvenir tee, and ill-fitting "gym shoes" that I just borrowed from my mom... I went to the women's locker room and saw mga hubadera mothers na wit pakels sa world. Haha. Kanwari Oh, I'm so used to this! Hehehe.

Mom, before I left the house, highly discouraged me on overstaying in the sauna (kilalang kilala niya ako, mahilig sa instant, haha) because of the sauna horror stories circulating amongst her peers. So I opted for 30 minutes in the treadmill (I had a hard time bago ko sya na "quick start", haha), and then another 15 minutes in the "flying bike" (dad told me the machine's name later on, but I forgot kaagad, hehe).

No toning and heavy machines for my first gym day, and I was Twitting-like-crazy again sa locker room during my "break", when dad texted he's done and will pick me up na. Ang bilis. :P Will try to go back again in Gold's Glorietta later... Hoping for improvements...


  1. hi miss ana.. hope to see you in gold's glorietta :) dun ako nag gygym :)

  2. goodluck on your biggest loser challenge, ana! :)

  3. Salamat girls a!!:)) di nako naweigh in pero bahala na!:) yes hope to see you also khyutee!!:) tawagin moko a medyo bulag nako hehehe!!;))


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