3M Post-It and Scotch Bloggers' Lunch-Tour!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christine: So, Mi-chelle! What are you up to? 
Michelle: Oh, okay. Um, I invented Post-Its. 

(Romy and Michele's High School Reunion)

I was invited last Thursday morning by Sir Enzo of Juan Manila in a Bloggers' Lunch-Tour in 3M Philippines. Super interesting! Naalala ko talaga yung lines from the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (naabutan niyo pa ba yun? Haha!)... Nun payabangan sila nung reunion sa kanilang narating, ang nasabi talaga ni Michele e inimbento niya ang Post-It! Napakarandom, pero sino ba naman ang hindi hahanga sa nakaimbento ng Post-It! I was really looking forward to touring the 3M Customer Technical Center in Makati!

I was a bit late when I got there dahil sa taxi driver na hindi ko na maiexplain dito, pero oks lang naman as the program was just starting:

Ms. Rika Sophia Kamibayashi, 3M's Manager forTraining and Communications:
 I like it when she said na she might get sobrang enthusiastic during her speech, because that's how much she really loves the brand! :)

3M is so BIG:

The company started in 1902. the 3 Ms are actually: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.!
 Trivia #2: 
They started as a mining company, but quickly shifted to sandpaper products, which is more practical / sellable. 3M was also part of the first man on the moon-- with parts of the shoes used made by 3M's adhesives! 

Trivia #3: 
More than Post-Its and Scotch Tapes, 3M is also involved in the different fields:
 3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing!

Nakakatuwa kasi ang connotation natin pag sinabing Scotch Tape ibig sabihin clear tape, but it's actually 3M's brand! :) Household kung household, 3M is actually a big part of our lives, na maiisip mo talaga--what are we without this company! (talagang may ganon!) More products were revealed later on na nasabi ko talagang "Wow 3M din pala yun!"

On to the next activity! Since the theme of the event is Starting 2012 Right, we were asked to write our top New Year resolution:

Alam ko na kaagad what I wanted for my 2012 (na I lacked and missed this year!)...So I looked around and saw the different set of bloggers. :) New faces for me!

Then we were asked to one-by-one talk about what we wrote, and then stick our notes sa board:

 What will YOU answer?

A little Q&A portion:

Then...we went to the next room for a fun mini game by groups of 3!
3M products overload! I died! I LOVE school/office supplies shopping!!!

We were asked to organize this desk para mag mukang neat office station using of course the different 3M products:

Everyone grabbed their 3M products! The aftermath aka ang binagyong bookstore:

The product I found most useful: 
The Scotch Reusable Mounting Products are ideal for use on flat surfaces, including stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood, and painted walls. Nice to use para pag magdidikit ng calendar or artwork or peg or pictures sa wall! :) AND reusable nga siya, huhugasan lang pede na uli gamitin!

The results! The different team's workplace:

Group 1: Corporate station:

Group 2:

And of course! Group 3! My group! Woot! :) (hahaha)

Ang peg namin: Fashion / Editorial workstation! :D

 Sayang we were 3rd place lang! ;P But anyway, on to the next game:

Which of the following ang Post-It?

Iba't ibang "tests" ang cinonduct to guess which stack ang Post-Its!

Kaguley! Hahaha!

Then we placed our guesses:
 ...And once again, talo nanaman meee! ;P Hahaha! :D But super ok lang, I had fun! :))

The technique pala is pag dinikit sa paper ang Post-It, kahit i-roll ang documents (lalo tayong nagcocommute going to our school/workplace)...Post-Its will bend along with the papers and not pop out!

Also did not win the raffle na ang prize ay 3 sets of 3M gift bags for our readers! Meaning, para sa inyo dapat to! :P
Everybodaaay join me: Huhuhu!

On to class picture! :)) Happy group!

 After our lunch, we proceeded to the little tour around 3M Makati:

I really find this amusing: Kahit pasta 3M product din!

Sir Emerson John Tiu Ng, 3M Philippines' Technical Service Engineer:

3M Cleaning tools:

Scotch products: (Don't we all just LOVE yung magic tape!?)

The colorful Post-it varieties!

Duct Tapes:

Command Clips, Hooks, and Hangers:

 Even Scotch Brite aka ang sponge na panghugas ko ng plato--ay from 3M!

NexCare cute band-aides and bandages: 

The many products of 3M--winner!

Thank you to my new found friends: Mommy Jing Javier of and Mommy Nors of More Than Just a Stay At Home Mom! I had fun with you! :))

Thank you to the 3M team for the wonderful time! :)
 Special thanks to Sir Enzo for the invitation, and Brand Speak Asia!

Went home with lots of 3M items! :) Ang exciting mag paka-OC na for 2012! :) Maybe a little office area in my room? ;)


  1. Nice! 3M also gave a talk on UP, as part of the Chemical Engineering Seminar Series: Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering in the World. It was really nice how they made the Scotch tapes and all. Glad you had fun there! :)

  2. Cool talaga ang 3M. Yung mop nga namin nakita ko sa mga pics mo!! Hahaha love it!:p

  3. Number Two Lover: That was cool a! :) Nice!!!

    Jenny: Hahahah sa mop! Sobrang cool lang nila! :)

  4. oh wow! I got a big exposure here, haha! lurve it dear! I enjoyed a lot and you're such a cool Fashionista, fashionista commuter that is!

    I so love 3M products! Nasa kanila na lahat!!

  5. Grabe, parang lahat ng nasa bahay pala natin 3M. :)) My jaw dropped sa mga school supplies. Haha. Yung magic tape na pinang-trace namin sa ID back in HS para "ma-edit" yung face or hairstyle namin. :))


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