A Myra Christmas Giveaway!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Got this Myra VitaGlow gift pack a few days ago: (F na F ko na talaga ang Pasko! :))

The bag contains A LOT of Myra VitaGlow tubes:

This product from Unilab is available in two shades: Ivory and Beige

You can use the Myra VitaGlow para "glowing" ka sa iyong mga different ganaps this Christmas. Learned that this product from the No. 1 brand of Vitamin E is more than just your usual moisturizer. Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer is packed with multi-beauty benefits:

6-in-1 ba! So hindi lang siya for Vitamin E nourished and healthy skin! Nakakaaliw. Btw, a 35mL tube costs P135 only, sulit na! Will try this before going to my Christmas parties and reunions this weekend! ;)

And dahil Pasko, I'll be giving away THREE sets of Myra VitaGlow (one Ivory and one Beige for each set). Just leave your name and email address below, and answer: What is that one thing you always look forward to every Christmas? :) Will draw the three winners before year ends. Ako I personally love that A LOT (if not all) people are happy during the holidays... Genuinely happy--that when you Google mapped it, you'll actually see the whole world GLOWing! :") *nuks*

Merry Christmas guys!
Thank you Unilab for the Myra VitaGLOW goodies!

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Congrats to Tanta Santiago, Aletha Infante, and Gwyn Del Carmen!
Emails sent! :)
Merry Christmas guys and thank you for joining!
Watch out for our next giveaway!

PS: Thank you Louise and Eiker of the Prismatic Wanders for this feature! :)


  1. Sumi Go

    I love Christmas since people become more cheerful and understanding. Kahit ang mga usual na masusungit at reklamador kong kakilala, bumabait at humahaba ang pasensya when nearing Christmas.. :) And of course, I look forward to all the feasts and gatherings as the -ber months start 'cause it's when I get to enjoy a lot of good food with family and friends.

    Have a happy Christmas! :)

  2. yay!!! I waaaant!! i am using this product, for real!! hahahaha... got many compliments when i used this. :)

    Charisse Hementera

  3. Frances Lim

    What is that one thing you always look forward to every Christmas? :)

    Family always comes first when it's Christmas time. Being a family-oriented person, nakasanayan ko na, I always see to it na when it's this season, I have to break free from plans and give them that special time I don't always have with them. Also considering the fact na I have close relatives abroad who I haven't seen for 5 years now, I always wish that we'd be complete again for Christmas, kahit once :)

    Parang MMK lang :))

  4. What I look forward every Christmas is the reunion of my relatives and cousins! ;)

    Marie Castro

    Merry Christmas Ana! :) Have a happier and blessed 2012!

  5. What I look forward every Christmas is the smiles we have on our faces as we exchange gifts and give each other tight hugs during Noche Buena:)

    name: jhoanna marie signio
    email add:

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  7. Carla Cruz

    I look forward to that inexplicable feeling of just knowing Christmas is coming. Out of nowhere, it creeps up to you and suddenly everything's just brighter and more colorful, and you know noche buena's coming and it's that time of that year again when you see your favorite relatives. :)

  8. Aw. Thank you so much! As I have said on twitter your unique style is an inspiration for us aspiring bloggers! :)

  9. Ann Lazo

    The one thing I ALWAYS look forward to is SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY. You see, the rest of my fam is back in the province and we only spend the longest time together during Christmas Holidays! ^^

  10. Mary Aiko Orcilla

    What i look forward every Christmas is the Simbang Gabi and also exchanging gifts with my love ones. :)

  11. Name: Alta Infante
    email: alta.infante(at)

    Im looking forward to every Christmas is celebrating it with my family and friends. Going to mass with them and eating Noche Buena. :)

  12. For me, I love Christmas because it is the time where everything ties up positively. Family reunions, parties, break from stress and studies, closer to God - there's just nothing to hinder the happiness in Christmas, for me :)

    Almira de Villa
    Thank you! :D

  13. name: Annette Ramos

    Christmas is a very festive occasion. It's the time to indulge in good food and good company. The best if spent with family and friends enjoying traditional holiday food like puto bumbong and bibingka after the misa de gallo.

  14. charmaigne grace gepana

    during christmas time, i'm looking forward with spending more time with my family. lots of treat for them <3

  15. Belle B.

    I only have a few "inaanaks" and what I am looking forward to this Christmas is to get a huge hug from them, especially from my fave. ha ha.. Super sulit ang hirap to find gifts suited to their personality.

    Thanks Ana!

  16. Honey Rose Sambrano

    The best talaga ang myra e!

    looking forward to see my special friends at magparty magdamag. Syempre ang pinakaimportante dahil sa Birthday ni Jesus christ :)

  17. Maria Cristina Meriales

    What is that one thing you always look forward to every Christmas?
    Aside from Jesus Christ birthday, I look forward for Christmas sales and loads of discounts!

    Thank yow! :)

  18. i always look forward for family reunions during Noche Buena and Buena Noche.

    Elaine Chua

  19. Tanya Santiago

    I'm looking forward for a very peaceful Christmas ahead, a peaceful talk with the ones I had a hard time on for the past few months would be a better start to give the most special gift I could ever give, FORGIVENESS. hopefully I could start a brand new year with no negativity from within. :)

  20. Gwen del Carmen
    gwendelcarmen at gmail dot com

    One thing that I look forward to around Christmastime is preparing our gifts for our relatives and friends. And my son's birthday is 4 days before Christmas day, so that's something to look forward to as well. :)

  21. Christmas is all about LOVE, I wish everyday is christmas day! :)

    Michelle Ame

  22. well we must admit it girls: SALES!!!! ;)

    Angel Sagrado

  23. I love Christmas because even though people are all broke (or so as they say), they do their best to give the best gifts possible! :)

    Toni Elarmo

  24. What I look forward every Christmas is the colorful xmas lights, lots of bazaars, dawn masses and close family ties of every filipino. It is also a time to assess on things that we've done for the whole year.

    Name: Allyzon Mae S. Sabio

  25. I always look forward to our Christmas reunion because it is the only time of the year that almost all are present. Even some of our cousins from different countries try to go home here in the Philippines. We always have program, games and gift giving. This is the best time of the year for me.

    Norissa Chavez

  26. Camille Quiambao

    I look forward seeing old friends to catch up with each others' lives.

  27. Dara Asinas

    Christmas is my favorite time of year, I always look forward for Christmas decors, Christmas lights to be displayed for it somewhat gives different ambiance and gives a smile to every person who sees it. Also, ang family reunion at Noche Buena ang laging top list! :)

    Merry Christmas Ms. Ana :)

  28. Meant for me. Myra is actually my moisturizer brand but so far I've been using the untinted one. :)

    The one thing I look forward to every Christmas is my relatives visiting. Most of my relatives are abroad, so this is the one of the year where I actually get to see a lot of them and bond over a ton of food ... which brings me to the second thing I look forward to every Christmas: THE FOOD. Haha.

    Angeline Rodriguez