Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Bloggers United Kids (Me, Pax, Melai, and twin Reg) met in Borough last Wednesday night for a meeting with the owner (Patrick) and our friend Mark of Manels. Exciting lang ng meeting! Planning on something awesomesauce for everyone, support us guys a! :) I am not sure if pwede na chumika but to be safe, watch out for it nalang! :) WOOT!

The YUMMY foodies! Kahit busog ako guys, lafang parin! :D

Patrick of Borough, Melai Entuna, and Aisa Ipac

Yourz trulilee, Mark, Mark's friend, and Reg my twin sis! ;)

I love Borough! My friend Jam sobrang adik sa pag punta dito. Kung nanunuod kayo ng How I Met, eto daw ang Mac Laren's daw ng Pilipinas! ;D

Will definitely go back! :) Gusto ko next time matry yun cookies and milk! ;P


Gold cover up - Love Vintage
Black Tee - Bench
Lace Neutral Skirt - Petit Monde
Braided Brown Belt -MNG
Collar Necklace - Bazaar
Brown Vintage Style Bag - Cheers 101
Red Flats - Parisian

Just got back kaninang umaga from Singapore! Dumami backlogs and I'll try to work on them asap! :) Bazaar ko na tomorrow sa Assumption College in San Lorenzo, Makati! :) So "on my toes" lang ang peg, paka busy! :) Treating these as blessings! :) Thank you Lord! And see you tomorrow Assumptionistas! :)


  1. Ana!!! Namimiss na kita friend! OMG Hope to bump into you sa mga ganap! :) Looking forward to your post about your SG trip! Bonggels yan! ♥ Love your outfit here, btw!


  2. ang cute ng blazer mo ana!! bet na bet :)

  3. did you try the grilled cheese sandwich dipped in tomato soup! heaven! :) I love it there! :) glad you liked it!

  4. Wooo! ano kaya yun? exciting! Will always support you guys on your projects :)


  5. Hay nako, Ana! FOOD NA NAMAN!!! Hahaha. And alcohol! Kayo ha! Haaaay. Miss you!

  6. Nagutom ako sa food. X> Haha! I love the cover up! :)

    xx, Kaze.


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