Elbow Patches

Monday, January 02, 2012

Tan Sweater with Elbow Patches - F21 (bought from the 8k GC I won thanks to Mister Donuts!)
Red Striped Tee - Department Store
Jeans - Human
Sneaks c/o Keds, hand-painted by me! :)
Swallow Necklace - Gifted
Bracelets - Anagon Collection, The Bead Shop
Fashion Bloggers Ecobag by Sarah Tirona, now available in Anagon Collection! 

"Ting show them your own elbow patch!"

Spent my afternoon (first time to go out ngayong 2012!) in Ayala with my BB Chicks. Always love hanging out with this girl, di nauubusan ng pagkkwentuhan! :) Also shopped and had a coffee break before calling it a night! Bitin!!!

With BB Chicks! More dates like this please!!! (And sana outing uli this summer!!!) Love you!

Chicks and Jopo! O ayan pinost ko ha hahahaha! :D Kulet!

Love my new tan sweater with elbow patches. Got it from Forever 21 on sale, 30% off sila sa winter clothes nila ngayon! :D Made me think kung para san ba talaga ang patches, ang alam ko lang lakas maka dagdag cuteness sya sa jackets and knits. May dating! Googled about the style, and learned people before sew elbow patches sa sweaters nila pag worn-out or torn or may holes na yung part na yun ng clothing nila, but they can't afford to buy new winter clothes. Love the granny / librarian / equestrian vibes they give to your look, so I noted online DIY tips for future reference. :)

Celebrities wearing clothes with elbow patches:
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  1. Hello! New follower ako! :) And I love your blog! Hope we can be friends <3 And btw, I love the elbow patch trend! ;) And ang cute nung Keds mo! :O How did you paint those? :O <3

  2. Aww.. I love design of your Keds!


  3. Thank you for appreciating! :)) Hihi!
    I used acrylic paint, and sharpee fabric pen for this! :)

  4. I think clothes with elbow patches are unique. This is new for me because I only see in the rider's gear.

  5. Clothes with elbow patches is a new style of clothing. And it also looks good.


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