CandyMag: Anagon Collection Feature + Guide to Prom

Monday, January 02, 2012

...And the Jan-Feb 2012 Candy issue is out! With Victoria Justice on the cover:

Thank you for including Anagon Collection in your New Year Checklist feature! <333 *kilig*

Been awhile! Got so excited, what a great way to start the new year!

Thank you so much Candy Team!

Also, while browsing the mag, I saw dear blogger friend Vern Enciso in the All The Rage section! :) Niiice!

Also found out that Marla Miniano is the new Candy Editor-in-Chief! Coolbeans! :D Congrats Marla! Currently reading her latest book Fan Girl, also from Summit! :)

January-February issue of Candy also shows you how to start 2012 right. Learn how to form lasting good habits with Candy’s 12 resolutions for a rockin’ 2012, and get smart life tips as Candy gives you the 13 things you need to know before you turn 16. :D Everyone looks forward to starting their year right...Kaya kahit hindi na ako teen, there's still so much to learn from Candy! ;)

As a teen...Here's what I always looked forward to in Candy's Jan-Feb issues:
 The Prom Special! :D Thank you Summit Media Relations Team for the pretty Accessorize pearls set <3

The Candy Prom Special features Kylie Padilla on the cover. Find the most flattering prom dress for your body type and get inspiration your favorite Hollywood stars like Leighton Meester, Naya Rivera, and Lily Collins for gorgeous hair and make-up looks.

Candy also answers your top prom questions and provides you with a scheduled timeline on when to do what, from two months away to prom night itself! From letting you in on what you should keep in your purse to tips on how to be a good date, the Candy Prom Special makes sure you’re at your best and ready to rock your prom night.

In fact, here's my "bible" nung time na ako yung magpprom circa 2002 (hehehe): 
 Yup, a young Maricar Reyes on the cover! :D

Actually got the blue green and navy color combi in their fashion pages:

Even followed the timeline and guides section:

Got the idea of the hippie band + square bag look! :D Na ginawa ko nung aking high school graduation ball!

High School Prom:

High School Grad Ball:
 Hello Dash! Kuya mo o hahaha! ;D

I am saying this from personal experience:
Teen life was a tad bit easier because of CandyMag!
Thank you Candy Team! :)


  1. Hi Ana! Happy new year! Congrats on the feature! Your accessories are still as cool as I remember! :D

  2. im so kilig that im here naman!!! :D :D super thank you Ana for the photo! :) miss you na!! :)

  3. congrats on another Candy feature, Ana! this makes me want to unearth embarrassing prom photos. hahaha!

    boat ride through the sky

  4. Congratulations for the feature, Ana! Deserve na deserve naman ng Anagon yan! Lamoyan friend! ☺ Namiss ko tuloy prom days! :p


  5. aaaw so cute ana!! congrats for the feature, buti ka pa you had prom when you were younger <3 wala ako e. haha!
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  6. OMG this brought back so many memories. Ang gwapo ng grad ball date mo ah! Haha. Candy girls for life! :) And btw, I wore my gold "crown" during one of the days I was backstage in Sound of Music and so many people wanna order. Gave them your link na. :)


  7. Congrats for the feature on your accessories! you deserve it, sana dumami pa buyers.


  8. i had that same prom issue too anagon! hahaha!

    -Lara :)

  9. Thanks for the well wishes guys! :)) nakakamiss prom noh, kung pwede lang magka prom ng lets say 30 years old, bonggels nun! Hehehe :D


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