Multiply Bloggers' Picks: Aisa Ipac!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Steal that modern vintage, casual glam vibe of Aisa Ipac! All in Multiply.Com!

1) Leopard Wedges from Chick Flick Fashion, P1420
2) XOXO Black Dial Watch from Your Fab Finds Online, P1400
3) Charm Pocket Brush Set from Digital Traincase, P500
4) Weekender Pants with Red Belt from The Posh Wardrobe, P850
5) Blue Pumps from Asian Vogue Shop, P1330
6) Linen Shorts from Bags in the City, P680
7) Pearls Necklace with Leopard Lace from Chick Flick Fashion, P350
8) Red Buttondown Polo from Hawte Shoppe, P985
9) Mulberry Buckle Bag from Shop a Bag! Your #1, P70000
10) Black and White Heeled Oxfords from Chick Flick Fashion, P1630
11) Detachable Collar from Miss Sartorial, P380
12) BKK Belt from Bags in the City, P380

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  1. Uy, grabey! love ko ung new collection!



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