One-on-One Accessories 101

Friday, January 06, 2012

I went to the residential part of Serendra (ang entrance ba naman near the fancy restos!) to teach the basics of accessory-making to an interested housewife:

Just some of the tools and things I brought for this session:

Dining table converted into work station for just a few hours:

I've learned that my student, Tita Rina, lives in US and is just here for the holidays. They have this unit just for vacations and if a family from abroad needs a place to stay here in the Philippines! A relative referred her to me, a senior citizen daw na interested daw sa mga crafts and new hobbies. I was actually excited to go about this kasi madalas kong students ay the young ones (DLSU kids! Invite me uli sa LEAP niyo a!), and usually classroom set-up so madami sila (aka sore throat at the end of the day, hehe). Ang maganda sa ganito is tutok sa student, and very laidback lang ng setting so marami-rami rin kaming nagawa:

First project: Simple drop earrings:
This pair is a creation of my student! Bihira ko ituro ito dahil easy lang, but syempre dapat ibagay ang "lesson plan" sa student! :) Love ni Tita Rina ang classy pearl earrings nya, especially the nice hooks. :)

Basic string bracelets with toggles. The point of this is to teach Tita Rina how to place the locks (ng matibay and neat) sa end ng nylon strings, na maaapply narin sa pag gawa ng necklaces:
She made the dark bracelet. :)

And for our final project, of course hindi pwedeng di matuto ng wire accessories ang student ko! :)
I thought her how to make her own ring cap, and how to design a wired flower--which she can also apply in making brooches, necklaces, headbands, etc! :)

Tita Rina, happily modelling her pearl earrings! Yun talaga favorite nya, hihi!

After our lessons, she served me with merienda (bait) and toured me around Serendra. Malaki pala dun!

Playground for the kids:

First pool, baka tambay ako dito kung dito ako nakatira!

May golf course pa! Shoshal!

Second pool area: (dalawa dapat talaga ang pool??? :D luuurks!)

Tita Rina: Ay dun may mga malalaking isda na colorful!
I wanna live here! :D Someday... :)

Me: Edi palagi po kayo kumakain sa Conti's?
Tita Rina: Ay nung umpisa palagi jan! Pero eventually magsasawa ka din, iba parin pag magluluto ka.

With my student, Tita Rina! :)

I really enjoyed that afternoon! Sana I can make this "home service" (nyahaha) a regular thing, kasi enjoy siya talaga for me. Grade 1 dream ko talaga maging teacher, and although isang malaking fail ako last year with attempting to tutor kids ng math and English, I guess asa maling playing field lang ako non (hahaha, MATH ba naman!!!). There's more to learn in teaching accessory-making, pero at least for now I've found my niche! You think I can turn this into a part-time job? Haha!


  1. Cute! Gusto ko rin magpa "home service" sometime Teacher Ana! Nagulat ako sa photos na malaki pala ang Serendra. Susyal ang golf course! :)

  2. Aww thank you Czar! :) And wow may blog ka pala! Will follow!!! :)))

  3. Wow! Congrats, Ana! Sosyal nga ng serendra! Kung diyan rin ako nakatira, lage akong magsswimming para pumayat naman ako. Haha! :P

  4. what fun! She looked really happy with the one-on-one!!!

  5. I also want to have 1on1 session with you haha :)

  6. Vina: Thank you! :) The dream noh? :D Hindi lang shoshal, very safe pa ang feeling pag jan nakatira! :)) Hayyy someday! ;) Benta yun para pumayat hahahaha, ako diiin! ;D

    Aiz: Thank you! :)) I love your crafty blog it's nice to see you here! :))

  7. Khyutee: Hahaha! :D Nakakatakot pala yun 1on1 na term parang susugurin hehehe ;)) Thank youuu! I hope ill have a place na convenient to go to so i can conduct classes :)

  8. Aww. Fun! Yes, you can turn this into a part-time job! You're great, Ana! :)

  9. hahah wow! a very interesting part time job! That's great!

    And you mentioned Conti's. I used to work there. I've heard my branch na nga daw sila jan sa Serendra.

  10. Hi Anna! Hoping you can conduct din a simple meet and greet + accesories making session for your readers!Hitting 2 birds with one stone

  11. This is so cool, Ana! Bongga ng "home service" girl! Congratulations! ♥



  12. hey, you definitely should teach accessory-making! i think that one-on-one sounds like a great idea since it's something new & untapped! go, Ana! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  13. Ang cute naman ng student mo, game sa lahat! Magbbusiness rin ba siya girl?:)

  14. love ko maging student mo Ana! hihi :)

  15. Wow! Ang soshal! Ganda ng pools ng Serendra. Yun lang ang mahal ng units nila for sure :(


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