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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scans from Kaye Awatin - Inquirer Feb 13, 2012

Photos from Primadonna

I will never be the showbiz-y type, but whenever I see myself in "unusual places" like the broadsheet, I feel giddy and happyyy! Thank You Lord a hundred times over for these blessings! :)

Anyhooo! Happy Sunday guys! Few more days to go before ze real birthday! Although I love getting the Tweet greetings na, haha!
I want it simpler than before, just a test if kaya ko maging happy without exerting so much effort. Yup, ganyan ako kabaliw hahaha! I am open for suggestions! Weird happy things to do on your eezpeysyal day! ;D Haha!



  1. Bonggang congratulations to you, dearest friend!! :) You deserve to be recognized! ♥


  2. i have always been a big fan of you. you have been such an inspiration to me. ♥♥♥

  3. Ay wow! meron din pa tayo sa Primadonna.. pa grab! :D


  4. How about doing something you've never done before? Haha! On my 18th bday I planned to go to MoA with friends, have a studio pic because I never had one before (ever!), go ice skating then eat at Vikings and see the sunset! Then diretso uwi sa bahay and magpadeli ng Jugno's, treat ko! Kaso di natuloy 'coz of time/money restrictions hehe. What we did instead was to eat at TGIF and Gelatissimo at Trinoma (anlayo ba haha), pero I'm happy kasi I got the studio pics! :D

    Congrats sa feature! ^^

    Almira :)

  5. wow you already :) keep the blessings coming in ;)


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