Sunday's Best :)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Food I always look forward to come Sunday:
Snack time with Cea!

Yesterday though Ate treated the fam for no reason! :D Feel ko dahil Three Kings? Hehe! Anyway, yey for Pizza Hut! :D

I love soup!

Looks tasteless, but ang spicy niya pala! :D

Aba may sarili narin silang Mojos! Haha!

Then we attended the Feast and mass, both in Festival Mall. During the Feast, a particular line from Bro. Arun struck me: Life will make you smaller, but God will enlarge you. Situations and people will stretch us and hurt us in the process, but at the same time, it will also make us bigger. And I believe, we will be better and stronger the next time. :)

After GGV (hehe)
Spent the night reading a newly downloaded ebook: Murakami's 1Q84:

Then I started craving for Tamago... (in the middle of the night, I know :P)

So I searched for Youtube videos on how to make them, haha:

Thought of birthday pegs:

Listened to feel good Katy Perry and Lady Gaga songs...

Then "researched" and Swiss Miss till I fell asleep...

Life's little pleasures. <3


  1. such a fun-filled day Ana! nagutom ako sa mga food photos hehe :)

  2. sarap! what a way to spend your sunday..great post! :)

  3. That is some delicious Sunday! So chill. I wish my sundays were like that! Hehe :) Have a great week, anagon. x

    ♥ Cat
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  4. I love how you share to us your family's ganaps! Feel ko belong din ako! Hahaha yummy dishes in this post, Ana!! ♥♥


  5. Life's little pleasures = best escape from everyday stress kasi little by little at pwedeng iincorporate sa routine and hindi one time big time haha! Ganda ng Sunday mo :)

    Almira :)

  6. Thanks guys!! :)) Sundays with family are the best! :) Simple but comfortable and happy! :)

  7. Hi Ana! I adore your blog so much, and even your personal life. Lol. I guess you have everything that a woman needs.

    Also, I want to suggest chuck's Choke. The words used are a little bit explicit and even the whole plot itself, though there is really a value and lesson learned in the end.

    xoxo Asia

  8. Hey Asia! :) I really appreciate your kind words! Sobrang katouch when you mentioned even personal life siguro mas may value yun more than the clothes etc! :) And yey for recommended reads! Will download Choke na! :D


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