Whole Day Affair!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Summer Gypsy! 
Thank you BB Chicks for taking my pictures! :)
Green Sheer Top - Hand-me-down from relatives in the States! Yey for free clothes, haha.
Shorts - Herbench
Knit White Vest with Tassels - Forever 21
Necklace and watch - SM
Bracelets - Anagon
Black Flatforms with Leopard Heels - Secret store nyaha
Vintage Sling Bag - Thrift find

Yehey for a bright, happy, new week! Deleted all the bad vibes, appreciate the many love sent whether published or unpublished (na parang mabisang gamot! SALAMAT!). Start of the week was actually spent the whole day in Ayala with my friends! 

First on the agenda, breakfast with my bb Chicks and Myey in Starbucks 6750:

Not a morning person, but pano ko naman matatanggihan ang friends ko? They're some of the closest people to me that I met nung highschool... I missed them!

Alam nyo yung iba iba yung IKAW sa iba't ibang sets of friends mo, not na plastic ka ha, yun bang different place in time mo lang sila nakilala kaya everytime you meet your highschool barkada ngayon, parang bata ka uli! No inhibitions, no pretentions, and walang pakels! I love myself when I'm with them---nuknump! ;P

With my bb Chicks! Alam mo wish ko mapanindigan natin ang ibig sabihin ng BB hahahaha, repeat please! :D DB naman! ;))) 

Spent the day store hopping and eating (haha). Went with Chickie in the toys section of the department store because she'll need some activities for her patients. My friend is an OT and she specializes in teaching kids with autism. Naaaaapaka noble profession talaga knowing na malaki ang impact niya sa lives of these special kids. By 3pm, Chicks had to leave for a few hours for work, so I was able to get my gift from Accessorize in Greenbelt 5:

Yehey for a new turquoise clutch! HAVEY ang color! :D And the metal side deets, lovet! Thank you Accessorize PH for being super supportive of the Pinoy Fashion Bloggers! :) We love you!

When Chickie came back, I realized I went through the great FOUR malls of Ayala (SM-Glorietta-Landmark-Greenbelt)... Exercise-mode lang? Walang upo-upo, haha! Opted to just hangout for the rest of the night, so I treated BB with the Red Mango gift card the bloggers received during Bloggers United! :) 
Thank you Red Mango PH!!! :D
Like Chicks, eto talaga ang favorite froyo ko.

Chicks: Buti di sila lumaos noh?
 Me: Oo nga e, buti hindi sila yun tipong fad food lang
Chicks: Kasi kahit yun yogurt lang and walang toppings masarap siya talaga e!

Then we started to analyze the Red Mango branch in GB hahaha, best in critic! ;D Later on Mitch came, another highschool kabarkada! :) Isa sa aming lawyer, at ako na ang proud friend! ;)
More kwentuhans next time, nabitin naman ako! :P 

The parentals plus Cea fetched me in Landmark at around 8, so I called it a night to my friends. Dinner with the fam in Shell Magallanes (thank God for that place!):

Tired but happy. Di sanay na whole day out hahaha!

Cea bought ensaymadang monggo while waiting for our dinner. Mala MMK lang? Hahaha:

Leaving you with photos of our dinner, dahil mahilig ako sa food....and magpagutom, hehehe:

Tofu sisig... My faaaavorite! :)

Have a great week guys! <3


  1. ang sarap maging blogger na blogger.. damih gips! heheh =))


    help with my consistency project! heheh

  2. hahah!!u have such a pretty sister and mom!!:)) i love max!!and agree ako sa red mango convo!!ndi cya mawawala sa uso!!:))

  3. Shine: Thank youu! :) Where makikita the project? :) Checking your page :))

    Gie: Thank you! :) Ay ang salaaap talaga kumain noh sis!!! :))

  4. i love the top!!! imagining myself wearing it to visit the temples in BKK! ah.

  5. ate ana share mo na san yung show nung flatforms hehehe super nice and bagay sayo :)

  6. ate ana share mo na san yung shop nung flatforms hehehe super nice and bagay sayo :)

  7. Bet ko your whole day affair, Ana! Bongga ng foodtrip. Haha I love Red Mango!! Tried a lot of froyo's already pero I keep on coming back for Red Mango! Trulybels na yogurt lang, wala nang toppings, masarap pa rin! :) Tara froyo soon ha!!


  8. Agree ako sa iba't ibang tao ka sa different set of friends mo and hindi sa pagiging plastic! Pero you act appropriately lang sa kung anong age at sa situation kung kelan kayo nagmeet. Ay ansabeh! Ang lalim ko ha. Hahaha! Pero totoo, di naman din sa bias but I think Highschool friends are forever! :) Siguro dagdag narin yung magkakalapit usually ang houses niyo! Good day to you, Ana! :)

  9. The top and shoes are winners! Nice rin ang necklace! Might try that look, so summery! =)

  10. Love the print of your top Ana!


  11. Apol: Hahaha! Will you be going to bkk anytime soon?:))

    Anon: They have this in Primadonna! :))

    Arnie: Game! :)

    Vina: Thank you Vina! :) Good day din to you! :)) And yes!! High school friends are forever!!!

    El Lector: Thank you so much!!! :)) Presko yan! ;) Hehehe!

    Kaye: Thanks! :))

  12. Saan kaya yung secret store hahaha!
    Ang cuute :) May suki din ako na not-so-secret pero limited lang flatforms nya e. Bet ko yan para kahit matangkad, hindi mahirap maglakad :)


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