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Monday, February 20, 2012

Spent Valentine's Week in La Salle, where I had an Anagon Collection stall for their Univ. Week. Been doing this for countless of years already, but every time I participate here, I always always feel nervous and excited...As if it's my first time! Definitely one of my favorite bazaar-ing venue.

Stall-look changes everyday, as I set them up and put them down daily. We have an assigned "parang pang job fair" booth set up, para akong may instant office! They placed my friend's name VERN in my stall, haha! Ang daming naka recognize kay Vern! 

Bigger and "mas parang tindahan" space:

With a different signage:

Syempre, food trip!

My favorite this year: Strawberry Snow Cone! :P

My dear blogger friend Vern Enciso, thank you for helping me get a stall again! :) Vern is definitely one of the nicest and sweetest popular blogger I know! Love you girl!

Another blogger friend from DLSU: Efril Lagman! :) She's sooo busy I seldom see her na, unless it's a La Salle event na palagi siyang active--in organizing! Bongga!

Tuesday, I also saw bloggers David Guison, Lissa Kahayon, and Patricia Prieto. They taught in a LEAP class daw :)

And again, the Enciso sisters dropped by my booth! :) Ang cute nila, pulang pula, samantala ako Black Valentine ang peg, hahaha!
With the cutest: Verniece and Vern Enciso!

I always make sure I establish good relationships with my bazaar neighbors. The ates and stall owners and kuyas will always help me whenever I am selling alone--pag kailangan ko bumili ng food or mag CR or ng barya, to the rescue and neighbors! This year, I found nice bazaar friends in KATIE:

I love this campus :) Did you know na both my sisters studied in La Salle? Ako lang nag USTE, pa rebelde (without a cause, haha!)

Pacute, haha:

My mom helps me man my stall, and will even be left there to sell whenever I have to go out on meetings:
Magaling na mag sell yang si Mommy! Well-trained! Haha!

I also met the nicest sweetest blog readers from La Salle :)

Entrep friends: Ickay and Jazz, always made sure I am okay! Thank you!!!

Jazz's Green Fusion:
 DLSU apparel should be bought HERE lang! Haha!

Gimmicks during the last day of the Univ Week:

Micah came to visit me too! :)

They transferred us to a different venue nung Friday, to accommodate other stalls. Sucha hassle, lalo mag isa ko nilipat lahat nito :P  
It's nearer the restrooms though, so okay nadin at least daanan talaga ng mga tao :) 

At dahil daanan ng lahat ng tao, I chanced upon Boys Night Out's Sam YG! :) My friend wanted a picture with him, so I took it for her. I thought Sam YG wouldn't remember me from my BNO guesting last year, but then he looked at me and said: "Uy kilala kita a!" :) Ang bait!

And of course, my beb Ava Te and Gersh also dropped by DLSU and visited me! :) I love my supportive friends! Nakakatouch!

What a week! :) Thank you DLSU for always supporting Anagon Collection! I always have a great time selling in my sisters' Alma Mater! Ang kukulet ng mga studyante! Naeenjoy ko, feeling ko student din ako hahaha, sana pasado pa sa looks, lol! Thank God for technology, too, bihira na ako mabored, lalo pag dead time. Anjan lang si internet, at syempre, si Temple Run! Aba naka 2 million nadin ako sa kalalaro ko dun! Haha!

I am currently in another bazaar (MTC, formerly MADOCS), so medyo pagoda mode na (tuloy tuloy!!!). Buti nalang I thought of bringing my laptop ng yung mismong box-internet ko sa bahay hahaha, keeps me entertained and (feeling) productive. How are you guys? Grabe mag susummer na wala pa akong beach trips (unlike last year na tatlo tatlo kaagad, haha)!!! Though ang bagyo-mode lang kasi ni Mother Nature noh, kaya baka waley sa mood mag plan ang barkadahan, lol!

Yun lang! Have a great week! <3


  1. You already ang workaholic, sis!! But congratulations for another successful bazaar! :) We love Anagon kaya tuloy-tuloy ang business sis! ♥


  2. hahaha winner ang CR moment ni sam YG.. hindi tuloy ako nakapag pic =P Congrats sa bazaar beb! more to come!!

  3. I was so shy. I can't even approach you. :( Awww. First day palang umaaligid na ako sa booth mo.

  4. Ava - ahahhaha win!
    marie -WHYYY!!! Sayang naman ang loner ko kaya nun hahaha :D


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