Itinerary-less Trip

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First day of SG trip flew so fast, dahil nadin sa late flight ang binook ni Ate (she booked cheapest time). Then came Friday, the day na WALANG WALA kaming plan. Saturday is for Wicked, so that makes Friday our SHOPPING DAY!!!

The beautiful streets around Tanjong Katong, the place where we stayed:

They have a church nearby:

Ate figuring out which bus and train we have to take:

 Checking out her research on maps and addresses (oc lang)

And me, being a free rider, as usual (hehe).

We took the bus and train:

Then the bus again...

Then finally, our first stop! IKEA!!!!

Lunch first! Yehey, caf food!!!

Asa Ikea na nga ako :)

Cakes! Can't decide! :P

Ganyan umorder ang mga tao dito: stroller kung stroller!

Finally settled and ready to dive sa food! Pretty ng place!

What Ate ordered:

Bottled juice, spag with meatballs, and chicken wings:

What I had! :)

Yummy dark chocolate cake, spag, and potatoes :P Feast kung feast!

 Went around after eating, para bumaba ang kinain:

I want this "corner" in my room! Lovin' the curtains:

Dogs!!! <3

Kaloka sinong matutuwa sa doll nato, lol. Afraidy!

I want abacus! :P

Ate loves the kitchen products:

Pretty rooms:

Pop art ang feel!

I want this! Parang princess ako nyan! Di kaya mainit?

Outfitey opportunity sa mirrors section:

Nautical Obsession:
Yellow Headband - SM
Blue Striped Tee - Penshoppe
Red Pants - Terranova
Gold Toms
Polka Dots Envirosax Shopping Bag
Anchor Necklace - Anagon Collection
Watch - Timex

I really love plants! Lalo na cactus! But wala ata akong green thumb! :P Bought cactus before at nilalagay ko sa room ko or sa CR namin, lagi namamatay :(
If only I can buy some, but bawal nga pala magtake home ng plants?

Pretty plant containers <3

I also covet these colorful carpet for kids!


Grabe! Nalurkey ako! Although lurks din ang price tag, super unique naman!

Ate on the other hand fell in love with the throw pillows, but she can't decide on what design to get for the sala:


On my last visit, I got complete plates and mugs for the family, which almost caused excess baggage. Kaya for this trip nagpaka conservative ako, I only bought markers and scissors just because parang rainbow! Hehe!

Why we love Ikea:

Later on went to the mall across Ikea and saw that Cotton On and Charles and Keith are both on sale! Ate got a pair of C&K flats for office, while I rummaged the racks of Cotton On!

Tried the striped skirt (Nautical Obsession talaga :P) Patawa lang:

 Then we headed to Singapore's Divi: BUGIS!!!

Finally it was sunny when we got there...On my last SG trip ga-bagyo nun nag Bugis kami!

Met up with Ate's friends:

Shopped ng wagas, kaya NO PICTURE! Ate and her friends left me, and gave me 2 hours of shopping (dahil mas effective ako pag solo hehe) plus a meeting place after. Nalurks ako sa nice finds!:) Will not post them here, sa future outfitey pics nalang. Though panay nautical parin haha!

Met with Ate, Rosie, and Tina post shopping:

YUM! Ate Tina treated us with merienda, ang sarap nun kape and bread together :P

Went home to drop off our shopping finds, then went back on the road to Orchard, dahil may gusto daw bilhin si Ate sa isang chocolate store dun. But before that, we bought 1SGD ice cream sandwich we spotted sa streets:

Literal na tinapay, yung rainbow tinapay! :)

Ate got the chocolate, while I tried the choc chip! :P 

Where we bought most of our pasalubongs for the fam: Choc Spot!

Friday night was intended for dinner with another cousin who works in SG: Ate Ginj! After our stop-over in Orchard, we headed to Marina Bay Sands to meet her.

Parang Songs of the Sea:

Ate Ginj told us that the Chinese New Year was very fun and kaguley and festive daw dun :)

There were rides installed just for the celebration. Gusto ko sana itry to pero wala sa mood si Ate for sure, hehe:

Ate Ginj decided where we will have our dinner. She showed us to Makansutra Gluttons Bay:

An outdoor place with lots of lined up food stalls, parang very Mercato lang ng feel nya! :)

 I really like it here! Though downside ang paghanap ng seats...Dapat parang vulture nakaabang sa patapos (or kahit halfway done palang) para di maagawan! :P

Ate and our cousin Ate Ginger:

Treat ni Ate Ginj samin (daaami!)

Ang sarap ng SG fooods! Kahit street food (hawker) nila super malasa. I love ma-sauce dishes, that's why I always look forward to our SG meals kasi parang lahat ng ulam curry ang appeal hehe :P Panalo!

 Strolled by the bay:


Ang tunay na Merlion! The last time I was there, ang pic ko was the Merlion in Sentosa, hindi pala yun yun haha!

One day I will stay here! :)

Left with Ate Ginj by 10pm, while Ate headed to her friends na nagpipicturean daw sa Merlion (lol). Medyo malayo ang house ni Ate Ginj from the city (Jurong East--half an hour bus ride), but exciting din yung experience of house-hopping, kaya game ako! I also wanted to see Ate Ginger's SG life.

Parang slumber party! :) I missed my hardworking cousin! :)

I love looking back sa pictures after a trip. Made me miss our stay there, tipong kumikeep-left parin ako pag mag eescalator (haha). Hangover! Pero steady lang, at least with the bazaar kaagad na kabusyhan hindi ako nabakasyon mode post-vacation (haha what is redundant). Still daydreaming about SG though from time to time! Aside from the shopping, I will go back in SG for the FOODS! Haha!

Realized that although we have no jotted down plans for Friday, the day ended jam packed! Sakit lang ng paa ko! Haha! Compared to last SG trip na tourista mode (Universal, etc)...I love that different yung visit ko this time, thanks to our friends in SG!

More stories tomorrow on our third day (last day!) aka Wicked Day in SG:)

PS: Nakakahiya lang langawin! Lol. Pls like: Ty! :) <3


  1. Wiiiieee! Ang saya naman! Hoping to travel on my own din soon! :D

    Voted for you sa Super Sale Bazaar na! Good luck! :D

  2. Ana ang saya lang!! :) Kainggit lang! Wow suot mo F-STOP yiheeee :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Naiinspire ako sa mga pags-share mo ng trips mo, friend. :) Bet ko na rin lalo mag-travel! Nakakamiss super! :) Gondo rin ng lights in SG! ♥ Missed you!


  4. Hi Ana,

    Can't help but comment regarding the afraid-y doll. I bought one for my almost 2 yr old son (the blue one) -- he loves it, as in seriously. Haha, kaya natawa talaga ako sa post mo na "sino kaya ang matutuwa dito".

    I love your posts btw. Very entertaining. Parang kwentong pambahay lang.

    -kat (an anonymous reader who stumbled on your sg-ikea post)

    1. Wah Im so sorry hope I didnt offend you!!!

    2. Hahaha! No, you didn't. I was amused :p

  5. yung curtain na sa taas that you've said na mainit? you can find that at 168 mall.. we have that in in two colors! less than 500 ata un.. kaloka binigay ko na info haha... mukhang nagenjoy kayo sa mga food! drooling! looks delish1 :0

    1. Interesting!! Gusto ko nyan :D Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

  6. your ate looks young. hehe. about the draperies yung sa ikea, i have one sa bedroom and hindi siya mainit lalo na pag may aircon, it doubles as a fancy mosquito net para safe from the lamok. nice pala green floral shorts niyo yung sa dinner...

  7. Thank you sooo much for the comments guys! :)

  8. i love SG tlga.. sa mga kwento mo parang gs2 ko na bumalik agad agad.. naka relate ako sa naka keep left sa escalator.. hahaha :)) at ang doll parang si chaka doll eh. hihihi :DD

  9. Wah! Isa sa mga travel dreams ko ang Singapore, along with whole Europe! Enjoyed reading this post hihi

    Almira :)

  10. awww talagang binasa ko from top to end yung post na 'to! wish ko makapunta sa sg soon hahaha :D

  11. almira and hazel: i appreciate this thank youuu!
    Thank you for reading guys! :) Mwah!


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