Pink Ombre Hair at the Azta Urban Salon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

July of last year, I decided to try out a different hair color. Thanks to Azta Urban Salon in SM San Lazaro (which celebrate its first birthday just a few days ago! :)) I finally got "reverse ombre hair"...Or the Two Tone Hair!

A few weeks later, I got the courage to sport the REAL uso hair style... Yung hair color na palagi kong nakikita lang sa Tumblr (hehe). Amused with the lighter hair tips style, but not sure on how I will do this myself, I am glad to know a salon willing to do Ombre Hair for me (with all the hardcore bleaching and hours of coloring!) :

Just last week, I am happy when I found out that Azta Urban Salon already offers OMBRE COLOR TECHNOLOGY. As in part na siya ng Menu nila! How cool is that? I tried out their new service offering in the Alabang Town Center branch again. First of all check out the rates here:

Like my every visit in Azta, they dry-shampooed my hair first. Procedure started at around 1:30 pm (see reversed clock in pic! :D)

Meet Gosh! He assisted in the whole process of my ombre makeover. Shampooed and banlaw my hair:

Blow-dried my hair: (hehe)

Meanwhile, meet Sir Jot Quero, my hairstylist. He cut and styled my messed up hair:

I decided the tone for my base color, which I chose in their swatches. Though Sir Jot also suggests colors that may suit me. I picked a brownish tone:

As for the tips of my hair or my "ombre", I wasn't planning talaga on any WILD color, but when Sir Jot recommended pink, I thought why not!? 

Sir Jot mixed the hair color himself (Galing!)

It was really a loooong procedure, so make sure when you're planning on going Ombre, talagang you set a day na wala kang ibang gagawin. Finished everything for almost mag 5 hours!

Meanwhile, Gosh recommended to me this Nourishing Repairing Mask for my damaged hair. Perfect daw to for bleached hair! It's for P1700, can be used 7x daw kahit at home lang. Parang power conditioner.

After nth banlaw, finally!!!!! (Kabado ako nyan)

Ate Nori again! She blow-dried my hair before when I had my first ombre there! :D

Para suspense lang muna, some photos of Azta ATC:
Sundays are jam-packed!

Something I'd like to try in the future: Lycopene Hair Treatment!

In between my hair coloring, I saw a girl in her gown and thought baka prom nya tonight!
Azta's hair and makeup service is at 25% off!

More hair products you can buy in this salon:

"We Liberate Style"--indeed!

Thank you sooo much Gosh and Sir Jot and Azta Urban Salon Alabang Town Center for giving me the best and most exciting hair makeovers! :)

And of course, my new look! :) Meet the mermaid (hehehe)

Fenk! Hehehe, in time for Valentines Day or Avril Concert? Joke!

Mapapakanta ako nito ng Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un! Hehe, lakas maka set ng happy vibes! :)
I like the results! It is discreet, but still different! :)

While endlessly tweeting during my whole Two Tone Hair Procedure, my dear neighbor Megann told me: 

 Grabe idol na talaga kita! So experimental w/ your hair! :D
4:35 PM - 12 Feb 12 via web · Details

My Art Appreciation teacher way back in college told my class that we always have to have a reason for the things we choose. Maybe the reason for getting pink hair is me telling myself to not take life too seriously. :) And besides, you wouldn't really know if bagay sayo yung hair style or color unless you try it (sabay lunok), so just risk it. And if fail, pagkatandaan na hair grows...and sometimes, sooo fast! So kung bet nyo mag green or purple, go go go lang! :)

Here's my reply to Megann:

 hahaha thanks! :)) we only live once!;)

I wonder what's next in my hair makeover adventures! 

Celebrities sporting the Pink Hair Tips:

Nicki Minaj

Avril Lavigne

Dakota Fanning

and Katy Perry!


  1. ANAAAA! Pangarap ko yang hair na yan! Haha! Kaso I cannot DIY coz yung Pink Dye sa hortaleza hndi saturated. Nyaha kinwento talaga? Ganda ng hair mo loveeeet! :)

  2. i like your necklace! pabili? :) haha. love your hair too!

  3. Ow, finally a salon that offers ombre! Hirap kaya i-explain sa Bench Fix nung ombre... my hair ended up weird T_T

    Ganda ng pink tips mo! I like flashy colors din sana kaso hirap lang i-maintain >_<

  4. wow! risk taker ka nga talaga :D i wonder if it will look good to me :D

  5. WOWWWWW! Im thinking of having an ombre hair for a long time! =)

    Love, Asia

  6. Oh emmm!!! So scared to try this pero since you already did, I might reconsider!! :p Ang ganda sayo, friend! See you soon please!


  7. I love it! gusto ko din magpa dye ng ganyan! :)


  8. Subtle lang :) I like!!


  9. yey finally may azta na sa atc!!! that's good news for south peeps..anyway I love your ombre hair I agree its discreet pero astig pa rin! and kurak you only live once kaya make the most out of it :)

    love your blog ana :)

  10. Super love!! One day I'll do this, pag pumayag na si mama haha!

    Almira :)

  11. Thank you for appreciating guys! :))

  12. Waaah! I want that Ana pero bawal sa work )):

  13. Ana! You surprised me! Didn't know you'd pick out pink! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  14. for the win! :D glad you took the plunge. it looks good. :D

    xx, Nix

  15. Love the hair!! :)


  16. I liiikeeee! Bongga lang in a major way!

    Out of Neverland

  17. how much did it cost you for doing this? :)

  18. i used to have pink hair as well :3

  19. cute! i used to have pink hair as well :3

  20. Thank you so much for the good comments guys!!

  21. Anong brands kaya ng hair dye ang nag bebenta ng colors like blue or pink? Please reply anyone! Thanks! :)))

  22. How much did it cost? I wanna try it too! :)

  23. How much did it cost? I wanna try it too! Please reply. Thanks a lot! :)

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