Acacia Hotel: Instagram-ed!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Howdy guys! :) How's your week so far?

Though it's mid-week (aka crunch time), I'll consider this one of those lucky weeks for me wherein I spent my Wednesday and Thursday savoring an overnight accommodation to feature Acacia Hotel in Alabang. I've seen this fairly new 5 star hotel every time my family goes to ATC from Festival Mall, passing by Commerce Avenue. Who wouldn't notice Acacia Hotel!? Its impressive exterior and grandeur made me so curious of what's to be seen inside, that when Ate Maye Ilagan of When in Manila texted me weeks ago if I want to review Acacia Hotel in Alabang, I didn't bat an eyelash! YES OF COURSE!

I really enjoyed the luxury life of staying in Acacia Hotel with one of my closest friends, whose name is also Ana (!), since originally I planned to schedule this for her birthday salubong. But then I am sure Ana wouldn't mind a belated birthday gift! 

Before I get carried away blog-blabbing again, this is just an intro to my actual kwento on our Acacia Hotel experience! For now, I'll just share the Instagram pictures I took and uploaded real time via Acacia's wifi--which I can access from my room down to the lobby!

I already felt at home:

I LOVE the bed! The pillows and sheets are THE BEST, Ana even noted the brands para she can buy for her room!

We stayed in Acacia Hotel's Junior Suite:

Beautiful outdoor site where debuts, weddings, and other celebrations may be held:

With Ana, by the pool:

Spent lots of time in the The Lobby at Acacia--where we had our coffee breaks and kwentuhans :)

Don't you love the paisley prints of these canvass high chairs?

Haha! Ang sarap matulog!

The view, the sheets, I wouldn't want to get up na kanina!

Outfit: Gray Matters. Postura Piece: Flats by My Katies!

I slightly miss those times when I was a kid, my mom LOVES booking the gang in a fancy hotel for our birthdays. I remember celebrating my birthday in Intercon or Westin Philippine Plaza--takeout food and all. Those were the good ol' days when money has been more kind to us. Anyway, I can't wait to divulge the great deals of Acacia, and share more pictures of what's inside this southern hotel that I am pretty sure you'll be convinced of considering Alabang as a "vacation site"! Maybe someday mom would consider blowing candles in a hotel again!

That's it for now! More kwentos soon!
This may sound OA, but I actually miss Acacia Hotel already!

If you want more info na, you may visit:


  1. Hi Ana, is this Acacia Hotel very near the malls you mentioned? I mean, walking distance near? I am from north kaya medyo hindi familiar with south malls. I'm scouting for hotels to celebrate my son's birthday (just like when you were a kid) and your entry is very timely. :) Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey! Might be a long walk, but they provide shuttles to anywhere in alabang :) convenient huh!: ) and wow sweet, hay i really miss those times! :)


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