Top Ten: Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Had a really awesome experience last Saturday morning, when I visited Elite Studio in A. Venue Makati for the Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party!

Rode the shuttle they provided from Greenbelt going to the venue, reallyreally convenient for the commuter bloggers! Thank you Parisian for this!

When I got there, these are the Top Ten Awesome-ness that greeted me, and I got to experience! -

1) A table dedicated to each of the bloggers, where our pre-chosen Parisian summer shoes were showcased:

My special corner, they provided three shoe options for me! Very thoughtful, as Ms. Marielle of Parisian said to me: "I know how hard it is to be plus-sized!" Felt the love! Haha!

Every girl needs a pair of Nude Wedges!

I had a special pair of Floral Wedges from the Parisian Plus line!! FLORAL! My heart just stopped, lol.

2) They also provided racks for our clothes! I brought with me several tops and bottoms because I had styling mental block the night before the event, haha. Oh, and I heard they have steamer din in case our clothes got lukot lukot! Winner! (Special thanks to my beb and blogger Tracy Ayson for helping me come up with what to wear!)

3) FOOD! Can't stress enough my big love for food, haha! Parisian made sure we weren't starving models that day, they had BIZU catering the whole time! Yum!

4) A cool display of other Parisian Shoes and Bags! More options for us, because Parisian knows we girls are fickle minded! :D I love these fab finds when I saw them in their Summer Lookbook, but how I drooled when I really saw them up-close!

5) A huge mirror (and, not in photo, a convenient dressing room!) where we can check, modify, and recheck our look for the shoot!

6) MAX FACTOR made sure we all have the perfect hair and makeup before going in front of the camera! Special thanks to Ms. Analynn, Jamie Sy, and Sir Bobby Carlos for my 50s look, they made my dream come true and transformed me into my current peg: Marilyn Monroe!!!

My Marilyn Monroe hair c/o Jamie! I super LOVE it!!! <3 Kilig na kilig ako!

7) And then finally, our few minutes of fame! Got our pictures taken by MEGA's top fashion photographer Niko Villegas! While the super helpful shoot director Ms. Lora guided me through different pegs and poses! THANK YOU! I wouldn't know what to do (naka statwa lang ako nun haha) if not for you guys!

8) I don't have photos of the really helpful people of SM Parisian Team during the whole event, but I would like to send my BIG THANK YOU (and hug!) to everyone I got to talk (and laugh!) with during the whole experience! I am not the model and showbiz type, and even my outfit pictures for this blog were not "pose-y", but seeing the others entertained with my wacky pre-shoot reactions and awkward poses during the pictorial made the whole affair memorable and FUN.. The whole point of this event, anyway! :)

9) The Parisian goodies!!! :) We didn't just went home empty-handed: Makeup, shoes, and bags rained last Saturday! I love my new Parisian and Max Factor items!!!

10) And last but not the least, of course we get to have really cool photos!
Sabi nga ni Pax "Pang one year worthy of profile pic!" Hahaha!

Check out more BTS happenings and Parisian designs here:
...And follow them on Twitter for more updates!

Again, a big thank you to SM Parisian for this event! You truly know how to make girls really HAPPYYY!


  1. I love your look, Ana!! Bongga! :)


  2. Woow Ana!! i like your peg ;)

    -Hazel aka dressmeupbuttercup :)

  3. Ohhh I'm envy with that nude wedge. :(

  4. Huhuhu! I'm super inggit. Kelan ko kaya marereach ang ganitong ka-epicness. Hehe. INFER, I love your pose!!! :D

  5. The best talaga ang Parisian. Generosity at its best!! :) Haha! Ganda ng shots mo, babe! Super excited to see the outcome. Goodluck!!! ♥♥


  6. Ang covergirl ng dating! Also, ang guwapo naman ng nag-aayos ng hair mo dun sa pic. Ayeeee :))

  7. thank you for appreciating guys! :) cant wait for the pics to come out! :)
    Claire: TRUE!!! Ayun din sinabi ko sa ibang bloggers, haahha!


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