ASUS launches the most colorful laptops!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I think I was the last one in this planet (ok exagge, lol) to get a laptop, I've always relied on my old school desktop computer--which I bought with the money I won from a design your own flip flops contest eons ago. This year though, my dad got hold of second hand laptops for selling--He gave one each to me, mom, and one for my ate and Cea. Ever since, I didn't open na my PC, can't get enough of the convenience of a laptop!

Since I always spend time in front of my laptop--being a blogger and an online seller--I was excited to attend the ASUS blog event in Bizu Greenbelt 2 few days ago. Aside from the kikay look of the new ASUS laptops, you know how much I love BIZU!

Win ang set-up! Love the rocking horse. For my room? Haha.

I love our PRETTY FOODS!

ASA HEAVEN NA ATA AKO!!! I have super high tolerance sa sweetness, sweet tooth kung sweet tooth! Coffee and sweet treats are my comfort foods!

 When I got in the venue, I saw this really quirky corner:

The Funny Mustache! What a cute brand name! :D

Angel (with the "ang cool mo gurl" new side-shaved look) and I had our photo booth pictures taken!
I wanna be a pirate....Or have pink hair! ;P Haha!

The fun company: Cool girls Angel and Kaye! 

Then a sobrang-pink presentation of the ASUS laptops:

Rainbow, Technicolor Laptops!! Angel said she'd love the Paris Pink, or the Lipstick Red....Or the Plucky Purple!
Hahaha...In short, ang hirap naman mag decide! ;)

ASUS Philippines launched the next generation of PCs that are colorful, stylish and powerful enough to flare up this summer season. In the event, ASUS unveiled 4new fashionable models: the Eee PCX101H, Eee PC1025C, Eee PC1225B and UX31 Zenbook Hot Pink:

ASUS 1225B
ASUS’s bestselling 12” netbook the 1215B is now upgraded to the FLARE design concept, incorporating a more stylish and corporate look. With a metallic paint texture theEee PC 1225B is equipped with an AMD E-450 APU processor which brings stunning visuals in an energy efficient netbook. The 1215B is now equipped with a smart webcam with 4x zoom functionality for better webcam experience. The SRP for the 1225B is Php22,995 and its available in Matte Gray and Matte Red.

ASUS Eee PC 1025C
The Eee PC 1025C/Eee PC 1025CE has a new FLARE design concept, having a stylish look with its metallic side body and metallic paint texture. ASUS made the 1025C more responsive with Instant On – an attribute that allows user to turn on the PC from sleep in two seconds. Battery life is now up to 12 hours with the 1025C as its also using the latest Intel Atom Cedar Trail N2800 processor for better video, processing and battery saving. The 1025C is available in the Philippines in two colors -- Paris Pink and City Gray with the SRP of Php16,995. 

TheEee PC X101CH is ASUS’s most affordable netbook, its body is texturized to give a better grip and feel while having a sleek 1” thin body makes it easy and light to carry around since it’s just one kilogram. Also with the new Intel Atom Cedar-Trail N2600 processor, the X101CH has no exhaust fan since it can dissipate heat on its own effectively and adding HD capabilities, the X101CH can play FULL HD 1080p videos for better multimedia entertainment. The X101CH is available in Black and Red for SRP Php13,995 and Php15,995 with Windows 7 Starter.

And, of course, the favorite of the three of us: 


The popular ASUS Zenbook is now available in a fashionable HOT PINK color, bringing true beauty and balance for performance and portability in one stunning machine. The ZENBOOK Hot Pink boast a neon pink color on the lid while the inner body is coated in black for a seductive look and prints of the keyboard are printed in pink to stand out against the crowd. The ASUS Zenbook Hot Pink still boasts of incredible speed with 2 seconds Instant On, incredible performance with 2nd Gen Intel Core processors and incredible beauty with a 3mm height in front and 9mm height at the back.The ZENBOOK Hot Pink will be available by 1st week of April with the SRP of Php59,995.

Look at the pretty keyboard! PINK and matte!!!

Sleek, LIGHT, and pink! Perfect for the on-the-go bloggers!

 We girls might just LOVE the LOOK of the laptop, but the techie boys love its specs and features too!
(That's Henry, Angel's friend, who made friends na with the tech bloggers! Haha!)

Kaye was picked for the contest

ASUS team with their pretty laptops

Para kaming colors lang ng ASUS laptops! Haha! With the bright summery girls Angel Rodriguez and Kaye Awatin :)

I went as a rainbow that day! Haha!
|Fstop green polo, Landmark carrot top, SM Parisian Fuchsia Bag, Australian Violet Flats, Human Jeans, Anagon Necklace and Belt|

What's your favorite from the laptops? :) And in what color? :D


  1. Silk White Glossy, Paris Pink, Lipstick Red, Plucky Purple, Tuxedo Black, City Gray, Gentleman Blue, Midnight Blue, Expresso Brown! Siyempre memorized ko parin! Hahaha. Had a great weekend hanging out with you, Ana! :)

  2. I like the Espresso Brown <3 I have a thing for brown laptops I'm currently using a Sony Vaio CS in Brown <3 hmmm now I am thinking of trying this new ASUS laptop :D

    1. Ang interesting how you love brown laptops! :) Made me want to see one, parang ang cool nya dahil very unusual color for laptops!: )

  3. I like Espresso Brown also :) but I also like the Paris Pink

    1. i have a thing for coffee-named things, contacts ko noon Coffee ang name ng color hehe! :) Cute lang!: )

  4. Nice seeing you again Ana! Namiss kiya ka chika!

    Kaye Awatin

    1. kaye awatin namiss din kita! :) first time di tayo "date" a! ;) See you soon!

  5. thanks for sharing! :) loving the pink laptop. great photos by the way!

    The Pink Margarita

  6. Replies
    1. rainbow bright! haha! thanks claire for noticing! :)

  7. you and your friends are so cute! ♥

    I'm giving away FREE Summer accessories, hope you visit my site:

    Thanks! ☺

  8. I want the paris pink! So girly and its keyboard ha. Matte pink :)) ganda langs!

    1. Natatawa talaga ako sa LANGS or LUNGS hahahaha ;D Panalo! :) And true true a musthave! :)

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